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An April Fools’ Joke? Nope! Plastic Boxes Are Really Used For These Things.

An April Fools' Joke? Nope! Plastic Boxes Are Really Used For These Things.

April Fools’ day has been bringing pranks and mischief to unsuspecting folks for centuries, and while the exact origin of this tradition isn’t completely known, it dates at least as far back as the 1700s when it became popularly celebrated.

There are plenty of ways to catch someone by surprise, from rubber snakes in drawers to whoopee cushions on chairs, but sometimes the best surprise is a good old fashioned hard-to-believe fact.

In honor of the trickiest holiday of the year, we’re sharing some products that are stored, housed, preserved and protected in our plastic boxes. They’re unusual and surprising but they’re no joke! Does at least one of these raise an eyebrow? Do you use our boxes in any other unusual ways? We’d love to know!

shark teethShark Teeth

You might be more inclined to expect these to be in the shark’s mouth, but for collectors, museums, and scientifically inclined kids, our hinged plastic boxes keep these impressive treasures safe (and maybe even keep you safe from them!)

Sturdy hinges make it easy to open and close the boxes for closer examination, and crystal clear lids showcase these spiky souvenirs in all their glory. Like all of our boxes, these hinged boxes can be fitted with custom foam inserts in various standard colors, including red, black, blue and gray.

teethPeople Teeth

Sharks aren’t the only ones with teeth in boxes. Some of our boxes hold teeth meant for human mouths, too. Dentists love our hinged boxes for teeth and crowns, from our tiny 1×1 inch hinged plastic container, to larger boxes like the G1550 or the G2280, which can be fitted with custom trays to keep cuspids separate from molars and incisors.

Our boxes can be printed with logos and artwork for a uniquely branded experience, and can stand up to the rigors of shipping and transport. They’re also easy to stack, making them easy to store in areas with limited space.


Teeth aren’t the only people-parts stored in our boxes! Our G1110 hinged box is a popular choice for eyelashes – faux eyelashes, to be specific.

The beauty and fashion industry loves our boxes for their crystal clear and rigid sides that both protect and showcase products inside. Fitted with a custom foam or flock board insert and imprinted with a logo, these boxes will showcase your brand as much as your products.

beverageBottled Beverages

Would you be surprised to learn that bottled beverages from juice to liquor and even water are packaged in our plastic boxes? After all, beverages come in unique containers of their own, so isn’t another container a bit redundant?

Turns out that our boxes are the perfect choice for complementing and elevating bottled beverages. Keep in mind that when it comes to retail products, especially those as common as beverages like water and juice, there’s a lot of competition. And premium, stand-out packaging is one way to grab attention, increase purchases, and even enhance satisfaction with your product.

Our boxes are often chosen for gifting occasions like Purium, where beverage gifts are common. They’re also selected to house premium brands or higher end liquors and gift sets to give them a more sophisticated display case.


You’re probably most familiar with this summer treat being toasted over an open campfire. But that didn’t stop one of our customers from packaging them in our boxes. This fun product, nicknamed “s’mores on a straw”, is all of the s’more deliciousness with none of the mess.

Packaged beautifully in one of our OMNI boxes, recipients are treated to a clear 360-degree view of this artistic creation. With flush lids, these boxes make ideal showcases. They’re easy to stack with other boxes of the same size, or in tiers for an impressing gifting effect.


Our plastic boxes may often be used for festive occasions, but they’re well suited for occasions of mourning, too. Veterinarians and animal hospitals often offer the remains of cremated pets to their bereaved owners, and our boxes offer a safe, sturdy, and respectful way to present them.

Our specialty OMNI boxes come in an elegant opaque white ideally suited for delicate occasions. They come in a variety of sizes suitable for the ashes of pets of all kinds, and their tightly sealed flush lids keep contents safe.


First shark’s teeth, now tarantulas! It sounds unlikely but we’re not fooling around today. Our boxes can double as everything from a temporary enclosure to a permanent home.

When it comes to housing living creatures, it’s important to ensure that their living quarters are sturdy, safe and shatter-proof – everything that makes our plastic boxes so ideal. Our large OMNI 800X has been used for habitats and aquariums alike. They can easily be customized with drill holes depending on the environment you need to create.

Whether it’s an OMNI box with a flush lid or a tall round container to give critters a bit of height for climbing, our boxes are perfect for keeping those crawly pets protected. And of course, they provide a full 360-degree viewing, and are easy to clean.


We started this topic with a nod to collectors, and we’re ending it that way, too. For everyone from the skilled lepidopterist to the casual enthusiast, our boxes have been used to showcase and display the beauty of these fluttering insects.

Our hinged boxes are easy-open and easy-close, while keeping contents protected. With the myriad sizes available, you can find a box to suit everything from the tiniest moth to the boldest butterfly. Fit boxes with foam or flock board to make it easy to pin insects for display, and your collection is bound to grow.

These are just a few of the unusual things that our boxes are used for, and we haven’t tried to fool you once! If you need to package, protect, showcase, store, or ship a product, contact us to speak to one of our packaging specialists. We can work with you to recommend options, customize projects and find a solution for your unique needs.