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How Our Rigid Plastic Boxes Protect Your Fragile Items

By February 2, 2024February 6th, 2024Rigid Plastic Boxes
plastic boxes protect fragile items

Do you have delicate, fragile, or sensitive products to store, ship, showcase or sell? If you do, and you want them beautifully displayed and thoroughly protected, then our rigid plastic boxes are for you!

We carry a full line of rigid plastic boxes in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your most unique packaging needs, including options for custom products if you choose.

These are just a few products that our boxes protect from damage during shipping, storage, and display, and how they elevate products among the competition.


For everything from the tiniest microchip to the most high-end medical equipment, we have boxes designed to preserve and protect. They’re ideal for tools, fiber optics, memory chips, motherboards, hard drives, semiconductors, laser diodes, high precision resistors, circuit breakers and more.

Depending on your needs, we offer both conductive boxes and static dissipative boxes. Choose from black conductive plastic, or transparent amine-free static dissipative (AFSD) acrylic boxes for clear visual access to the product inside.

In addition, we offer packaging in a tutone option – clear lids with a solid color base.

These affordable boxes are valued in the aerospace industry for their highly reliable qualities. They are also used in military, technology, robotics, and medical industries to avoid irreparable damage to components that would be substantially costly to replace.

teethDental Supplies

Professionals in the dental and orthodontics industries know that delicate components need to be secured and protected during shipping.

From tiny orthodontic necessities like ligatures and brackets for braces, to larger tools like mirrors, distal cutters and pliers, there are rigid plastic boxes suited to protect and safeguard products.

Our 1×1-inch hinged boxes are a popular choice for teeth and crowns. Some of our larger hinged containers, like the G2280, are preferred for small parts since they are easily customized with a choice of insert.

Our boxes are sturdy, durable, easily stacked, and can withstand the unpredictable conditions of shipping and handling.

oboe reed plastic boxesMusical Instruments

Pricey and delicate parts like oboe, clarinet, and saxophone reeds require secure storage and careful shipping. No musician wants to replace one unnecessarily or take one home to find out it’s been damaged from the start.

Rigid plastic boxes offer a great way for retailers and musicians to store, protect and easily identify delicate instrument parts.

Our G825 hinged plastic box is perfect for the bassoon player, while boxes like our G425 and G540 are ideal for other reeds.

These sturdy, reusable, crystal clear hinged plastic boxes are perfect for protecting and displaying products on shelves, and during shipping and transport.

smore in plastic boxArtisan Food

From cookies to chocolate to artisan delicacies, our boxes are perfect for edible products.

Our OMNI collection in particular makes an excellent choice for showcasing tasty treats.

These boxes are crystal clear with flush lids, offering a tempting and delectable view of the products inside with a seamless presentation. Rigid sides protect the contents even if boxes are stacked or jostled. And they are perfect for stacking and wrapping, which means you can create a truly customized presentation while keeping items in pristine condition.

Our hinged compartment containers are the perfect choice for collections of confections. Ranging from two all the way up to eighteen compartments, these boxes can safeguard everything from nuts to hand-crafted bonbons, hard candy to soft marshmallow.

All of our boxes are food safe and BPA free, so your edible products will be displayed beautifully, contained safely, and delivered without crushing or breakage.

jewelry in round rigid plastic boxesJewelry

Rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, charms, pins – all can be strikingly displayed and thoroughly protected in a rigid plastic box.

Popular choices for jewelry include our 1×1 and 2×2 hinged plastic boxes. The smallest round box in our collection, the 701R with a flush lid and 1 3/8 inch diameter, is often selected for packaging and protecting rings, earrings and military pins. Slightly larger at 1 5/8 inch diameter, the 702R round box is a popular size for small charms.

These boxes are lightweight, durable, protective, and gorgeously clear so that their contents can be highlighted on custom inserts of foam or flock board. Most importantly, these boxes can withstand even a rigorous trip through shipping and handling, arriving safely and undamaged at their destination.


Plastic boxes, especially those in our OMNI collection, are an excellent choice for protecting and displaying collectibles.

Dolls and figurines, model cars, trains and aircraft, first edition books, precious antiques, and valuable baseball cards or other sports memorabilia can all find a safe and graceful home in a rigid plastic box.

Our boxes are strong, durable and can easily be stacked safely in storage for times when items may not be on display. They keep grown-up toys and prized possessions dust-free and safe from curious spectators and less-than-careful hands. They are also beautifully seamless and crystal clear, offering an unobstructed 360-degree view of of the treasure inside.

Rigid polystyrene plastic boxes are the favored choice of manufacturers, retailers and distributors across myriad industries. They’re lightweight, which makes them less expensive to ship than other options; strong, which makes them ideal for protecting delicate parts during transit, storage and display; crystal-clear, which means that products inside are on full, enticing display; and they can be customized to suit your needs, whether with a custom insert, or imprinted with a logo, text or other artwork.

friction boxesAnd now, coming soon in March 2024, we will have a brand new line of crystal clear two piece slider friction fit boxes. They can be used to store and protect trading cards, sports cards and 1 or 2 decks of playing cards. Boxes will be available for decks of 25, 50 and 100 cards. Join our email list using the form above to be notified of product news as soon as it’s available.

If you have a product to package and protect, let us know. We’re here to help you find the perfect packaging solutions for your needs.