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Why Choose Our Polystyrene Boxes To Package Your Products?

By February 27, 2024July 18th, 2024Benefits & Uses Of Plastic Boxes
why choose polystyrene plastic boxes

Choosing the right packaging for your products is an important decision. Whether products need to be shipped, stored, or displayed (or perhaps all three!) packaging can make the difference between a positive and profitable experience, and an unfortunate or even disastrous one.

There are plenty of packaging options to choose from, but our rigid, reusable polystyrene plastic boxes have myriad advantages over other choices. These are some of the reasons that they make an excellent packaging option across industries from gift and retail, to food, sports, medical and dental, jewelry, hobbies and crafts, collectibles, and many more.

gem stonesExcellent Visibility To Showcase Your Products

Whether you’re showcasing a collection of gemstones in a museum gift shop, or showing off a striking pair of earrings, our plastic boxes will make your product shine.

They’re fully transparent and crystal clear, serving as the stage to set your treasures without competing for attention.

Showcase collectibles, feature a pack of baseball cards, or tempt buyers with the delectable sight of artisan cookies on a display shelf. Whatever product you want noticed, you can do it in one of these elegant boxes.

Food Safe

All of our boxes are BPA-free and have been approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as food safe and non toxic. That makes them an excellent choice for packaging everything from cakes and cookies, to nuts and candies, dried fruit, and more.

Health-conscious and savvy consumers will feel confident buying your products knowing that they are stored safely.

Reusable And Recyclable

Plastics have gotten a bad rap for clogging landfills and damaging the environment – and for some plastics this is a distinct problem. But our polystyrene boxes hit all three R’s of the EPA’s waste management guidelines – reduce, reuse, recycle.

They are durable, functional and attractive enough to be reused for myriad purposes, regardless of what the box originally contained. They can be used in the kitchen to store food, in the garage to organize nuts and bolts, in an art or craft studio to hold supplies.

With seamless sides that make them water-safe, they can even be turned into some unique projects, like an aquarium for small fish and other aquatic critters, a terrarium, or a home for pets like reptiles and spiders.

They’re recyclable, so when they’ve outlived their usefulness, they don’t have to end up in a landfill.

And their durability combined with their recyclability means a reduction in waste overall.

Rigid And Strong To Protect Contents

When it comes to product protection, it’s hard to match rigid polystyrene. Glass is fragile, paper and cardboard offer minimal or no resistance to crushing, and other packaging options – like wood or ceramics – can be costly to produce.

But these boxes can withstand shipping, handling, jostling and stacking. They protect contents during transit and keep them protected even as they are sorted, stored, or examined on store shelves.

They can protect everything from high-value electronics to fragile medical supplies, delicate confections to costly musical instruments.

They’re also great for assembling into unique display pieces. Our OMNI boxes in particular are an ideal choice for stacking with bows, ribbons and cellophane to build impressive collections, but any box can be stacked and packaged with others for a memorable visual experience.

plastic box for hunting call imprintedCustomizable For Branding & Decorating

Create a unique branding experience with a logo, message or artwork imprinted on the lid or any side of the box, All surfaces are equally viable for decorating and putting your unique spin on the packaging.

Imprinting methods include hot stamping, pad printing, silk screening, and digital imprinting. Choose from 15 standard foil colors, including metallic gold and silver, with a choice of over 20 standard ink colors for an integrated branding experience.

We also offer custom inserts designed to secure and display your product exactly the way you want it. Flockboard is a great choice for showcasing jewelry, medals, or other small items. Custom foam inserts make it easy to secure oddly shaped products, and to protect delicate ones.

Depending on your needs, you can take customization further with your own custom inserts, stacking, and wrapping. Everything from shrink wrap to ribbons, bows, and balloons can add value and personality to something as humble as your product’s packaging.

Offers A Range Of Styles

Sometimes a box is just a box. But if you want packaging that will truly suit your product, plastic boxes are the way to go. There are a broad range of styles available that can accommodate products of various sizes, shapes, and even quantities.

Boxes come in sizes as small as 1″ x 1″, perfect for a pair of earrings or a single tiny treasure, all the way up to one of the largest boxes in our catalog, the OMNI 12 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ x 9″, which is large enough to hold a collectible like an autographed football, or even a set of items, like wedding memorabilia.

For collections, compartment boxes are the ideal way to sort smaller craft items by color and size, or edible items by flavor. They can be used to house everything from hearing aids and dental crowns to fishing supplies, candy and nuts! And with options for compartments of various sizes, you can package everything from the tiniest ice cream sprinkles to a pair of small scissors.

But that’s not all – plastic boxes also offer a variety of lid styles depending on your packaging preferences and needs. Flush lids can create a seamless viewing experience to show off collectibles, fashion accessories, artisan food, crafts, and more.

Hinged lids make it a snap to retrieve contents that may require frequent access – jewelry, craft supplies, puzzles and sports gear to name a few.

And friction fit lids can be easily slid on and off to show off that baseball card collection.

From round to square, tall, short, large, small, wide narrow, and everything in between, you’re bound to find a plastic box that suits your packaging needs.

plastic boxes stacked with chocolate barkCost Effective

Polystyrene is a more cost effective packaging option than other materials, which can add up to big savings over time. Especially if you package in bulk, even small cost differences can have a substantial impact.

Plastic boxes are also lightweight, which can significantly reduce shipping costs over other, heavier options. Plus they are easy to stack, which can reduce the volume of space required for shipping.

And because they are so strong and resistant to cracking or breaking even under less than ideal conditions, they will protect your products and reduce losses.

Increases The Perceived Value Of Products Inside

The right packaging can actually make your product worth more. It’s easy to imagine how a beautiful package in an attractive display enhances the buying experience. But what you may not know is that in studies of different kinds of packaging, customers consistently rated products as more valuable – and ultimately would pay more for them – when they came in premium packaging.

The next time you’re considering a cardboard box with a cellophane window, reconsider how a crystal clear plastic box can change the perception – and value – of your product.

There are many reasons to choose polystyrene boxes, all of them in service to your product, brand, and packaging needs. If you have a product to package and would like to explore options, contact one of our design experts. We can assist with everything from choosing the right box to selecting the right imprint method and insert.

We make it easy to request a sample, get a quote, and ultimately package your products safely and beautifully.