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Great Ways To Use Hinged Plastic Boxes For Packaging & Display

Great Ways To Use Hinged Plastic Boxes For Packaging & Display

Searching for just the right plastic containers to store, ship, and showcase your products? There are so many options that it can seem a bit overwhelming! But when it comes to versatility, a hinged container is one of the most reliable and popular choices.

An attached lid means there’s no risk of misplacing it, and hinges offer an easy-open alternative to fitted lids. Their locking capability secures items inside, ensuring that both container and product are safely joined.

But even hinged plastic boxes come in a variety of shapes, styles and options, so we’ve collected some common and even some not-so-common uses to inspire you. These are some of the products our customers rely on our hinged boxes to protect and showcase. See if any of these ideas inspire you to use this box style for your products.

golf ball markersGolf Balls And Accessories

At 2″ x 2″ square, our hinged G690 is a great size for showcasing a prized golf ball to commemorate a successful tournament or that last hole in one. Or for particularly avid golfers, the G2600 can hold an entire series of balls, making an excellent showpiece for collectibles.

The G790 is the just the right size for holding a golf ball marker and is particularly suited for retail display and shipping.

Fit any of these boxes with a custom foam insert available in a variety of colors and you’ve got packaging worthy of any sports enthusiast.

dice in a hinged plastic boxGame Pieces

For games and toys, our hinged 800 series can hold everything from decks of playing cards to dice. Whether they’re destined for casinos or kids’ parties, products are easily shipped, professionally displayed, and safely contained.

But that’s not all – when it comes to small parts, hinged plastic boxes can accommodate just about any shape and quantity. Use them for pool cues, jacks, puzzle pieces, dominoes and more. They can go from warehouse, to store shelf, to Christmas stockings, to birthday parties, to game tables with ease.

Our rigid, hinged, and beautifully clear compartment containers can contain everything from poker chips to bingo chips, marbles, board game pieces, and whatever else you can imagine. They can be imprinted and branded with your choice of logo or artwork, stacked, shrink wrapped and more.

eyelashes plastic boxesFashion, Costumes And Jewelry

Hinged boxes are a classic choice for earrings, pins, necklaces and other wearables. Our square hinged boxes, like the 1×1 square or 2×2 container, which work especially well with a flockboard insert, are ideally suited to hold earrings, necklaces or pins. Their locking feature keeps items secure and their crystal clear sides allow the product inside to shine.

For other accessories, our G1110 is a favorite for storing dramatic faux lashes. And our hinged boxes come in such a broad array of sizes that they can serve as home for Halloween and cosplay accessories like fangs, tiaras, long claws and nails. The hinges provide easy open-close access and the clear sides make contents easy to find when they’re needed.

hinged plastic box for hunting callsHunting Calls

Hunters will appreciate the hinged G250, perfect for housing hunting calls, from duck and turkey, to deer and big game.

These rigid plastic boxes are sturdy enough to stand up to being dropped or tossed in duffel bags, and secure hinges will ensure contents don’t spill. As with all of our boxes, they can be imprinted for a unique branding experience.

Craft Supplies

Our clear, hinged compartment containers have up to 18 individual compartments, perfect for filling with collections of buttons or other crafting supplies like needles, scissors, threads, and pins.

What better way to organize, showcase, and store tiny parts like beads, foam pieces, “googly eyes”, sequins, pompoms and other specialty items? Our boxes are recyclable and fully reusable, increasing their value over other types of packaging.

teethDental Materials

Retail isn’t the only industry where our hinged boxes stand out. Dentists love them for teeth and crowns, from our tiny 1×1 inch hinged plastic container, to larger boxes like the G1550 or the G2280.

Our dental customers appreciate the flexibility to insert their own custom-crafted interiors to keep cuspids separate from molars and incisors, or to separate orthodontic bands by color and resistance.

Consumers may be more familiar with the soft plastic containers for housing their bridges and retainers at home, but professionals in the dental and orthodontics industries know that delicate components need to be secured and protected during shipping. Our boxes are sturdy, durable, easily stacked, and can withstand the unpredictable conditions of shipping and handling.

pink anti static foamElectronics

From the tiniest microchip to the most high-end medical equipment, we have boxes designed to preserve and protect. Use them for mirrors, fiber optics, electronic components, memory chips, motherboards, hard drives, semiconductors, laser diodes, high precision resistors, circuit breakers, cabling and more.

Our hinged ESD boxes are specially designed for expensive, delicate, and high-end equipment and can be custom imprinted with the ESD symbol on each box. Imprint additional information to suit your specific application, including your company name and address, logo and even product-specific details.

Combine these boxes with a variety of foams to protect sensitive items, including the traditional pink static dissipative foam, as well as a high, medium, and low density black conductive foam for superior product protection.

jellybeans in plastic boxesTasty Treats

From cookies and gummies, to hard candies and artisan delicacies, our hinged compartment boxes are the perfect choice for collections of confections. Ranging from two all the way up to eighteen compartments, these boxes will keep hazelnuts separate from almonds, chocolate candies separate from peanut butter flavors, and red separate from blue.

Create collections of treats in a presentation worthy of a hostess gift, party favor, special event, holiday, or just an everyday special surprise. These boxes lend themselves to being shrink wrapped and decorated for special occasions – think red and green for Christmas, or red-white-and-blue for Fourth of July celebrations.

All of our boxes are food safe and BPA free, so your edible products will be displayed beautifully, contained safely, and delivered without crushing or breakage.

gem stonesGift Shop Goodies

From trinkets to collectibles, our hinged boxes make the perfect companion for gift shop goods. Museums love our hinged 700 series to store treasures like gemstones, shark’s teeth and fossils.

For everyone from the skilled lepidopterist to the casual enthusiast, our boxes have been used to showcase and display prized butterfly collections and other creepy crawlies. Sturdy hinges make it easy to open and close the boxes for closer examination, and crystal clear lids showcase souvenirs beautifully.

As with all of our boxes, they can be fitted with custom foam inserts in various standard colors, including red, black, blue and gray.

color boxesMedical Supplies And Labs

One of our smallest boxes, the G702 in a two-compartment configuration, is a favorite for medical hearing aids. Or choose one of our single compartment containers for storing everyday hearing accessories like wax earplugs.

Couple them with custom inserts to create the perfect environment for safely transporting and storing these important items, and ensuring that they remain clean and safe from contamination by dust or other debris. Hinges make it easy for your customers to access the contents of the box, and their clear sides keep contents visible.

Since our boxes are injection-molded, they are formed seamlessly, which makes them resistant to cracks, breaks, and weaknesses that plague products that are glued together. That makes them just as functional for lab use in the biosciences as they are for consumer use.

With sturdy hinges, they are easily opened and closed without breaking or spilling contents. They’re available in many sizes and shapes, with one or more compartments, as well as in a variety of translucent colors that can be used to categorize lab samples.

These unique boxes are resistant to corrosion, heat, compression, and organic impregnant, which makes them superior to other plastic options.

Baking Decorations

Our compartment containers are an ideal choice for tiny confections, from sprinkles to edible glitter, sanding sugar, confetti and other baking supplies. Divide items by type, color, or size for an attractive and elegant display in a fully recyclable, reusable, and food safe container.

Compartment containers in variable configurations can also hold other decorating necessities, like icing bags and decorating tips. Products can be safely shipped, enticingly displayed, safely stored, and easily accessed with a flip of the self-locking lid.

These are just some of the ways that our rigid hinged plastic boxes are used and reused to store, ship, protect, and display products across myriad industries.

Whatever the use, our plastic boxes will be up to the task and will perform it with a beautiful appearance in mind. If you have a product to package, browse our online catalog or contact us to speak with one of our specialists. We’ll help you find or design the ideal packaging solution for your needs.