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OMNI Boxes Are The Perfect Packaging Choice For Spring Occasions

plastic boxes for purim gifts

omni bottle gift packagingAs the daffodils bloom and the weather warms up, there’s plenty of social activity going on. Mailboxes are filled with invitations to Christenings and Graduations. Families make plans for Purim and Easter. And along with the parties, holidays, and events, go gifts. What better way to package, protect and showcase those gifts than with beautiful, durable plastic boxes?

Our OMNI collection is exactly what retailers, party suppliers, and food companies need to create stunning gift and holiday displays worthy of any recipient. Here are just some of the reasons to love OMNI containers, and how they can be used for springtime festivities.

Package, Protect & Display Food

OMNI boxes are food-safe and BPA-free. They also have airtight lids which makes them ideal containers for preserving freshness. And they are made from durable, heavy duty and crystal clear plastic so their contents will really stand out.

Some of the food gifts that customers have assembled in OMNI boxes include specialty pretzel rods, caramel or chocolate drizzled popcorn, individually wrapped candies, whole or shelled nuts, gourmet cookies and more.

Our tall boxes even make great containers for specialty or customized water bottles, juices and other bottled beverages.

omni gift smoresOMNI boxes are the ideal companion to the Purim and Easter holidays. For gifting holiday foods, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Turn Packaging Into Art

The flat, clear surfaces of OMNI containers are well suited for custom imprinting so your gifts can be branded with your logo, personalized lettering or artwork.

From silk screening to pad printing, one color or four, printing on a single side or all sides, with standard inks or metallic foils, we have options to turn your boxes into masterpieces.

Plus, the shape and the smooth, seamless design of OMNI boxes makes them perfect for embellishing. Add bows, ribbons or even cellophane wrapping to turn any gift into something unique that will bring joy to its recipient, and keep them coming back for more.

omni plastic boxes candy giftsDesign Great Looking Gifts

Packaging is an important component of any gift. Choose wisely, and the gift will impress and delight. In fact, the right packaging adds class and elegance to even the humblest of gifts.

Our plastic OMNI boxes do more than just safeguard and showcase gifts. The brilliantly clear plastic turns any item into a high-end gift, whether you’re packaging chocolate bark, lollipops, bottled water or toys.

Just as their harmonious design makes for ideal imprinting and even embellishing, it also adds a touch of refinement. Hinged boxes have myriad uses but only the smooth design of OMNI boxes truly delivers style!

OMNI boxes have been a favorite of food companies, retailers, gifters, Kosher markets and specialty grocery stores for decades. Airtight, crystal clear, available in multiple sizes and shapes and perfect for imprinting – visit our collection and imagine your products showcased inside.

If you have questions or would like to discuss ordering these plastic boxes for your next holiday or event, let us know. We’re here to service all your packaging needs.