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Why Are Polystyrene Boxes An Ideal Choice For Storage And Display?

By January 9, 2017October 4th, 2022Benefits & Uses Of Plastic Boxes
polystyrene boxes for storage and display

When it comes to choosing packaging materials for product shipping, display, protection or storage, you have plenty of options. From common cardboard to glass, stainless steel and myriad plastics, there’s no shortage of containers from which to choose.

But sometimes, the clear winner when it comes to packaging is the polystyrene plastic box. Here are 9 reasons that they make excellent containers and the advantages they have over other materials.

Ideal Visibility

Polystyrene can be molded into crystal clear plastic containers that make the perfect choice for displaying products. Whether they’re used to store and showcase collectibles, or stage items for sale on a retail shelf, these boxes will protect without getting in the way of the viewer.

Their clear plastic sides allow light to filter through from all directions, creating an ideal setting to highlight the product inside.

polystyrene box flocked insertRigid For Product Protection

A rigid plastic box protects far more effectively during shipping and storage than its cardboard or soft plastic counterparts. It won’t collapse, bend, flex or sag, but will keep its items safely tucked inside, reducing the likelihood of damage and loss.

Add in a standard or custom die-cut insert and you have an ideal protective environment.

Saves On Shipping Costs

Rigid polystyrene is lightweight enough to control shipping costs and sturdy enough to be stacked, saving on storage and transport space. Unlike glass, which is also much heavier and can be costly to ship, it won’t shatter under bumpy conditions.

polystyrene plastic box food safeSafe For Food

Crystal clear polystyrene boxes not only make a great display platform for food products but they don’t retain any unpleasant styrene smell and they are considered safe to be in contact with food according to FDA standards.

Plus, consumers buy with more confidence when they can see the product inside a container, and these containers – whether round, square or compartment – can be reused and repurposed by crafters, hobbyists, collectors or just enthusiastic bakers and candy makers.

Inexpensive Compared To Other Materials

Not only is it more cost effective to ship these lighter weight containers, but they are also less expensive to produce than, say a glass or steel product. Polystyrene is also less expensive than many other types of plastics.

Can Be Imprinted

If you want to create a branded or truly custom experience, polystyrene plastic boxes can be imprinted with your logo, artwork, message or just about anything you can imagine. You can choose from hot stamping, pad printing, silk screening, and digital imprinting.

Whether you want a single color or many, your image will stand out on its own against the clear container, allowing you to literally leave your mark on every box.

plastic box yoyo displaySpeaks To Quality

You’ve probably been told not to “judge a book by its cover” but the truth is that we do exactly that every day. People are quick to make snap decisions, and who can blame them, when their choices are so extensive and varied?

There’s no doubt that the quality of your product packaging speaks to the quality of your product and may just mean the difference between a good first impression or one that sends a customer moving on.

Display products in a crystal clear, rigid container – perhaps with the perfect foam insert – and quality is immediately imprinted upon your customer’s mind, giving your product a higher perceived value.

Can Be Shaped

Polystyrene can be molded into various shapes to perfectly suit your packaging needs. Choose from a wide variety of heights, widths, depths and sizes, hinged and unhinged, square, rectangular, compartment and even round. Looking for something entirely custom? Chances are you can get exactly what you need with molded polystyrene.

Can Be Recycled

Much is made of plastic’s impact on the environment, but these boxes can not only be reused but also be recycled. Environmentally conscious companies and consumers can rest easier knowing their products are safe and the plastic that protects them doesn’t need to end up in a landfill.

We’ve been providing the rigid plastic packaging that our customers need since 1963. If you have a packaging need, let us know how we can accommodate you.