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Choosing Food Safe Plastic Boxes For Display & Shipping

food safe plastic boxes

With a growing trend toward more health conscious consumers, plastics have come under fire for their role in contributing not only to environmental hazards but to health issues as well. Consumers have been advised to skip plastics entirely for fear of chemical contamination and switch to containers like glass instead.

Choosing Food Safe Plastic Boxes For Display & ShippingBut in the world of display, packaging and shipping, glass is entirely impractical – and unnecessary. It’s fragility alone makes it unrealistic to use glass containers and its weight makes it a luxury that most consumer goods retailers or gift suppliers can’t afford.

The benefits of using plastic containers for food display and shipping are myriad, from keeping shipping costs down, to minimizing damage and even being far more customizable in terms of shape, size and imprinting. Unlike glass, plastic food containers can be formed in tall or wide shapes, single-item containers or multi-item compartment boxes. They are also crystal-clear, providing the visual display that other accepted materials like ceramic or wood can’t.

And the good news is that plastic containers and boxes don’t have to compete with glass when it comes to food safety, because some plastics are just as safe and effective as their glass counterparts. Much of the time, the battle is in the education.

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