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Advantages Of Plastic Boxes For Storage, Shipping & Display

rigid plastic boxes protect fragile contents

For everyone from consumers to hospitals, retailers, automotive suppliers, food services and more, plastic packaging serves a variety of needs, offering convenience, durability and the ability to adapt to myriad shapes and sizes.

It may sometimes get a bad rap but plastic has some significant advantages over other types of packaging materials and often its bad reputation stems from myths and misinformation.

Here are some advantages of plastic boxes and a couple of specifics that demonstrate just how superior and versatile they can be.

Advantages Of Plastic Boxes For Storage, Shipping & DisplayPlastic Boxes Are Strong And Durable

When it comes to shipping and storage, especially of delicate or sensitive items, plastic boxes have few rivals. They’re tear resistant, mold and mildew proof, and made well. They can be manufactured in sizes that meet specific needs, or molded with foam inserts to perfectly enfold and protect the items inside.

Rigid plastic boxes are strong enough for stacking during storage or shipping without bending. As an added advantage, they can even be real space savers due to the simplicity and ease of stacking.

Plastic Boxes Can Be Reused And Recycled

It’s a common myth that plastic boxes add exponentially to landfills and environmental hazards. When it comes to plastic waste, energy usage and environmental costs, water and soda bottles are the biggest culprits, along with construction materials like flooring and siding.

Plastic boxes, on the other hand, do not only perform their function indefinitely (for instance, for food storage or collectible display) but they are often reused after they’ve served their initial intent, keeping them out of landfills entirely. And ours are made of 100% recyclable polystyrene so they can be disposed of safely when necessary.

Rigid Plastic Boxes Protect Valuable Items

Given their strength and durability, plastic boxes are already poised to be ideal for safeguarding items during shipping, storage and display. But with the foam inserts we mentioned earlier, they can be designed to contour perfectly to anything inside.

Flocked and thermoformed inserts can also be designed to securely hold a product, and as an added bonus, the box can be inverted and the insert can serve as a platform to display your product.

With the right insert, plastic boxes can be designed to meet highly specific or sensitive packaging needs.

Plastic Boxes Can Create A Unique Branding Opportunity

A number of commercial methods can be used to custom imprint your box, including hot stamping, pad printing, silk screening, and digital imprinting. Each has its advantages, whether you’re looking for a cost effective imprinting method or one that produces the finest of detail.

Your options for customizing boxes are limited only by your imagination. Imprint a logo, graphical image, text – whatever you need to personalize and customize any or all surfaces. Plastic boxes are adaptable to foil printing, textured etching, single or multicolored images.

Whether you’re looking for a box in a standard size and shape or something completely custom, contact us and let us know. We have in-house engineering and design staff that work with you to meet your needs.