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Rigid Plastic Boxes Make Ideal Display Cases For Collectibles

By April 7, 2016July 3rd, 2023Rigid Plastic Boxes
rigid plastic boxes for collectibles

From dolls and toys to precious antiques, books, model aircraft and more, the art of collecting – and displaying those collectibles – is a trend among old and young alike, seasoned collectors and one-time admirers, the truly diehard and the casual flea market shopper.

Displaying a collectible comes with its own unique challenges and a quality, rigid plastic box can provide the ideal solution. These are a few reasons that plastic boxes make the perfect display case.

Rigid Plastic Boxes Make Ideal Display Cases For CollectiblesPlastic Boxes Make It Easy To Stage A Collectible

Staging can be a particular challenge for the newcomer to collecting. Too often, precious items get left on a mantle or ignored in a corner or worse – stuffed into a cardboard box in the closet or attic. But as any interior decorator will advise, staging is vital to enjoying your items and works of art.

Plastic boxes create the space to highlight items, also offering a platform for display. They can mitigate the effects of overcrowding by keeping items sufficiently separated and delineated. Plus, collectibles can be easily moved and enjoyed or tested in another display location without disturbing them.

They Allow Light To Filter In From All Directions

In any staged environment, lighting is important for an effective display. Buy sometimes it’s impossible to know what kind of lighting – or from which direction – will be most effective.

Clear plastic boxes provide the ideal staging medium because lighting can be angled from the top, bottom or back to create the ideal effect.

Plastic Boxes Keep Collectibles Clean

Dust is the enemy of every collector, turning items dingy and even making it difficult to clean delicate items that may easily be damaged. Plastic boxes seal collectibles against dust and keep them protected.

No more close encounters with a cleaning spray and dust cloth, no more worries that fabrics will turn grimy with soot – collectibles are safe and sound behind their plastic enclosure.

They Won’t Compete With The Display Item

With their crystal clear surfaces and 360-degree display capabilities, plastic boxes won’t draw attention to themselves as other display platforms might. They are there to protect and showcase, but not to become a visual distraction.

They can, in essence, become invisible, leaving only the collectible to delight the viewer.

Plastic Boxes Go Easily From Display To Storage

Interior designers advise displaying only one or a few precious items at a time. Especially for those with large collections, showcasing everything at once can be overbearing and even impractical or impossible when space is limited.

The conundrum arises in what to do with items that are not on display. Rigid plastic boxes provide an ideal solution. They are strong and durable and can easily be stacked safely in storage, which is great for protecting items and for managing collections when storage space is limited. When it’s time to swap out an item on display, the old item can be stacked and stored and the new item easily moved along with its enclosure into its new home in the spotlight.

If you’re interested in quality, rigid plastic boxes that are crystal clear and made for display, try our Omni Collection. If you have any questions or would like to inquire with a special order, contact us and let our in-house design and engineering team work to meet your needs.

You can also download our online catalog here.