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Ten Unique Ways To Use Plastic Boxes

plastic boxes for gifts

For 53 years, Gary Plastic Packaging has designed and manufactured boxes for everything from preserving happy memories, to making life a little more organized, to allowing for safe shipping and beautiful display. While there are myriad ways to put our plastic boxes to good use, we’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorites to show you just how versatile our boxes are.

1. Animal Calls

Need some help keeping your turkey calls separate from your deer calls? Lightweight enough to carry with you, and durable enough to survive being dropped, our hinged G250 box is perfect for simple and safe animal call storage.

2. Personalized Gifts

Plastic boxes for giftsWith Mother’s Day and Father’s Day rapidly approaching, gift-giving is on the mind. Our food safe plastic boxes make ideal storage containers for sweets and edibles, from our Omni boxes that are fully sealed without hinges to compartment containers for fun display. All of our boxes can be personalized through decorating and imprinting in order to give your gift a uniquely special feel.

3. Bait And Tackle Box

When the avid fisherman grows tired of taking time out of a fishing trip to untangle tackle, our compartment containers make the perfect tackle box, with room to comfortably store bait and tackle, fishing wire and hooks.

photo display box4. Baseball Card Storage

Our hinged plastic boxes are perfect for protecting these delicate collectibles. They’re ideal for storing, organizing, transporting and showcasing. Store and showcase a single card or a full pack of cards as well as a deck of playing cards.

5. Photo Display

Give school photos a cool, modern display with a hinged, clear-top, black-based box. While this serves as a unique way to display photos, it also allows for convenient storage and makes an impression on parents when it arrives at their doorstep.

6. Jewelry

Clear, hinged boxes make the ideal storage and display cases for earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, charms and any stylish bauble. They’re durable enough for shipping and can be imprinted with a custom design or logo. Plus our foam inserts can be selected in a variety of colors and sized to perfectly fit any box.

compartment boxes7. Arts And Crafts

Arts and crafts can get messy. Glitter, beads, string, and everything in between can become easily disorganized without the right storage. But with a hinged compartment container, crafting products can be beautifully displayed and perfectly organized, from beads to sequins, needles, feathers, safety pins, scrapbooking supplies and more.

8. Tie Rider

One of the products that started it all for us 50 years ago was the tie rider, and to this day, we still don’t think there’s a better way to store and display neckties. For easy storage of collar stays, our unhinged OMNI boxes make a perfect complement.

9. Cosmetics Kits

Make-up bags seem like a great idea in theory but can easily become a disorganized bottomless pit. Our plastic boxes provide a practical and durable storage solution that not only looks great on retail shelves but add value to the purchase.

plastic boxes for collectibles10. Collectibles Case

Show off signed baseball or football cards while simultaneously protecting them. Display dolls or plush toys while keeping them free of dust. Use them as shadow boxes and stage items beautifully. The possibilities are unlimited with our Omni boxes.

These are just a few of the many uses of our hinged, unhinged and compartment boxes. If you have a specialty use and would like more information about ordering, custom imprinting or have a sample request, contact us online.