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Features And Benefits Of ESD Plastic Boxes

esd plastic boxes

Since 1978, the Stat-Tech division of Gary Plastic Packaging has specialized in the development and manufacturing of injection molded, rigid plastic packaging for the protection of static sensitive electronic parts.

Our ESD boxes have been used across industries from the military to aerospace and engineering, protecting and securing highly sensitive and valuable components. They are ideal for tools, fiber optics, electronic components including memory chips, motherboards and hard drives, semiconductors, laser diodes, high precision resistors, circuit breakers, cabling and more.

We combine function and aesthetic to offer the highest quality products trusted by some of the largest names in top industries. Here is some important information about our ESD boxes and how they can be used for the safety and protection of your static sensitive products.

ESD plastic boxESD Boxes Are Available In A Wide Array Of Options

Our rigid and protective anti-static plastic boxes are available in over 65 sizes and a variety of materials, with a choice of four foam inserts, including low density, medium density and high density black conductive foam, and pink antistatic foam. Our full catalog has over 350 stock sizes that can be designed to perfectly suit your needs with custom die cut foam inserts.

Our ESD plastic boxes are also available in black conductive or transparent, amine-free AFSD.

Foams Can Be Die Cut To Your Specifications

All foams are anti-corrosive and can be sized and die cut to precisely cradle and protect your products. Foams are available in 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ thickness.

Our customers often choose the pink foam for its cost effectiveness and black for its display qualities, variety of densities and elegance. Whatever you choose, each type is designed to provide maximum protection for your sensitive items and components.

Each Foam Has Unique Characteristics

Our static dissipative foam is manufactured from polyethylene in the pink traditionally associated with ESD protection. It contains an additive that continually migrates to the surface of the foam, creating an anti-static layer that both dissipates electronic charges and repels dust. It is characterized by its long lifespan, uniform thickness and durability.

Our low density black conductive foam is manufactured from polyurethane. It is non-corrosive, displays antistatic properties even in humid conditions and has an indefinite lifespan. It’s an ideal choice for protecting components from vibrations and physical shocks during handling.

Finally, both our medium density and high density black conductive foams are made using nitrogen gas, rendering them C.F.C. free and H.C.F.C. free. Their purity and anti-sloughing characteristics have earned them a leading position in the electronics industry. Both are non-corrosive and engineered specifically for use in electronics industries.

Hinged ESD boxESD Boxes Can Be Imprinted

Enhance ESD protection with a custom imprint using the ESD warning logo on each box. Additional information can also be custom imprinted to suit your specific application, including your company name and address, logo and even product-specific information.

ESD Boxes Provide Surface Resistivity

Black conductive packaging has a surface resistivity of <10(5) ohms/sq. For high antistatic properties, our AFSD boxes are made of acrylic and have a surface resistivity of >10(5) and < 10(12).

If you have a static sensitive product that requires specialized ESD packaging, you can download our full catalog of plastic boxes and containers. Then call us at 718-893-2200 or contact us online and let us meet your packaging needs.