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Plastic Boxes Are Perfect Wedding Guests

Plastic Boxes Are Perfect Wedding Guests

There may still be snow on the ground, but smart couples are already planning for their upcoming spring and summer weddings. There are flowers to choose, gifts to buy, cakes to taste. Thoughts of plastic boxes are surely not entering the minds of those soon-to-be-wed. But for retailers, gift companies, florists, caterers and other businesses in the wedding industry, a good plastic box can mean the difference between closing the deal and losing out to the competition.

Here are some ways that rigid plastic boxes are the perfect complement to weddings and how they can showcase, enhance and display your products to make this special time even more memorable.

wedding flowersFlowers And Boutonnières

What’s more iconic on a wedding day than flowers? Lovely, delicate petals and long, elegant stems become everything from table décor to party favors to corsages and boutonnières.

Flowers are fragile and perishable, and they need extra TLC to make a good impression. Fortunately, we have the perfect plastic box and insert to contain, preserve and display flowers.

The OMNI 540, at 4” x 4”, can be fit with an insert that perfectly holds four short-stem flowers. It makes great packaging and protection for lapel flowers for the bridal party. The OMNI 570, at 8”, is ideal for long-stemmed flowers.

These rigid boxes are fitted with flush lids and are crystal clear for a beautiful, protective display.

They’re injection molded without seams, which means that you can safely add a bit of water to the bottom to keep flowers fresher, longer, without the risk of leaking.


A bride’s day wouldn’t be complete without the perfect beauty products. And what better way to store and carry them than in boxes constructed from makeup-friendly resin that won’t react with the makeup inside or suffer a chemical breakdown.

The bride will be prepared with everything from eyeshadows to powders, blush, foundations, nail polishes and more.

Our 702 round container is a favorite for powders and eye shadows, while our OMNI 543 is just the right size for nail polish.

For brides with a serious beauty routine, our hinged G1110 is a favorite for storing and safeguarding eyelash extensions.

balloons gift round plastic boxParty Favors

Everything from bridal showers to rehearsal dinners to the wedding day itself comes with gifts and favors. When you’re looking for the right packaging to add a touch of class, rigid plastic boxes suit the need.

Choose any of our OMNI boxes in sizes as small as an inch, all the way up to 12 inches depending on the gift or favor you want to display. Use them to package custom candles, small photo frames, personalized champagne flutes, even candy and edibles.

All of our boxes are food-safe and BPA-free, which makes them perfect for gourmet chocolates, specialty candies, and snacks for guests to enjoy at home.

Our boxes are sturdy and strong enough to be reused long after the occasion, or recycled if the recipient prefers.

For ambitious party hosts, our OMNI boxes can be stacked and packaged together in myriad configurations to create impressive towers of gifts.

purim food giftsTable Décor

Beyond party favors, plastic boxes can be used to create stunning and unique table décor. Our round 590, at 8 1/2” tall, is a favorite of florists. It’s lightweight, easy to ship and essentially unbreakable, making it the ideal container for floral centerpieces. With its crystal clear sides, it can be filled with colored glass, seashells or other creative items for a truly customized and suitably themed display.

For an added touch and even more unique centerpiece display, choose our OMNI 570 for its squared edges.

Our 735 round plastic box is the perfect base for a balloon display. Fill it with complementary colored candies and top with ribbons, bows and balloons for fun tabletop décor and a take-home prize that any guest would enjoy.

Bridesmaid’s Gifts

For traditional gifts like jewelry, plastic boxes are the ideal packaging.

They’re lightweight, durable, protective, and gorgeously clear so that their contents can be highlighted on custom inserts of foam or flock board.

Pins, earrings, necklaces and charms can be showcased and presented in style to the bridal party, parents, even the bride and groom. Our hinged 1” x 1” box is perfectly sized for a small pair of earrings, or choose our hinged 2” x 2” for a larger pair.

These sturdy, reusable boxes are also the perfect storage cases for precious items long after the main event has passed.


The happy couple, and even parents and grandparents come away from weddings with memories that they’d like to preserve. From collectible items to handmade treasures, memorabilia can come in many forms, and we’ve got plastic boxes to suit the occasion.

Our OMNI 800 has been used as everything from a showcase for preserved wedding bouquets to a display case for the bride’s high heeled shoes. Turned on its side, it makes a lovely case for a cake topper or a vertical flower arrangement.

Choose our OMNI 570 or 580 to stage a bride doll, stuffed animal or similar cherished item.

These boxes will keep delicate memories free of dust, and their crystal clear sides won’t compete with the item’s beauty. They can easily be fitted with a custom stand or insert to hold special collectibles, and are lightweight enough that they don’t need special support for placement on wall-mounted shelves.

Rigid plastic boxes are versatile enough to be used as packaging for a diverse array of wedding treats, supplies and memories. They’re an inexpensive option, and go easily from shipping truck to retail shelf to banquet room. They’re strong enough to withstand even the bumpiest trip to the church, and satisfy the most discriminating eye.

They come in myriad sizes and shapes, with options for custom inserts designed to secure just about any product you can imagine.

If you’re involved in any aspect of the wedding industry and would like to know more about how plastic boxes can satisfy your packaging, storage and shipping needs, get in touch with us and let us know. One of our product specialists will be happy to answer your questions and design a solution for you.