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Celebrate National Dessert Month With Plastic Boxes Full Of Sweet Treats

By October 15, 2018October 4th, 2022Benefits & Uses Of Plastic Boxes
plastic boxes for dessert gifts

The United States is pretty prolific when it comes to inventing national days and events. Each month and day holds something unique, whether you’re a country music fan, a rock collector, an empanada aficionado, or have a certain fondness for umbrellas.

Internationally, you can celebrate, too; everything from wildlife to books to chocolate.

October is full of its own surprises, and not just tricks or treats! For those with a sweet tooth, October is National Dessert Month, with delightfully decadent days scattered throughout, from Chocolate Cupcake Day to Boston Crème Pie Day and lots in between.

This year, we want to show you how to celebrate desserts in style – with plastic boxes! Showcase, preserve and ship favorite desserts, and turn any ordinary cupcake or common candy into something magnetically attractive and doubly delicious when it’s presented with artistry.

jellybeans in plastic boxesPlastic Boxes + Candy = A Sweet Match Indeed

October is Halloween, and that makes it the perfect month to indulge in your favorite sugar gems. From candy corn to jellybeans, butterscotch to caramels, candy lovers will appreciate their treats presented elegantly.

Skip the uninspired plastic bags drooping from pegs on retail walls and highlight your candy products in crystal clear reusable plastic boxes. There are myriad ways to package candy in our boxes, from sealed and seamless OMNI boxes to the individual sections of our compartment containers.

All of our boxes are food safe and BPA-free. So fill them, stack them, imprint them and decorate them. With a little bit of imagination they’ll look almost as delicious as the candy inside!

plastic box with stem insertsThe Cookie Won’t Crumble With Rigid Plastic Boxes

Sure, you can package cookies in common cardboard bakery boxes or even slightly fancier cardboard boxes with clear plastic film on top, but when it comes to these delicate and often artisanal creations, wouldn’t they be better served by something stronger, more protective and sure to keep contents fresh?

Package several pounds of delectable delights in our OMNI 8×8 580X, or highlight just a few in our 4×4 840X.

And did you know that our boxes can be customized with special plastic inserts that can hold up to 5 stems? Just include the special insert in one of our boxes like the OMNI 570X and you’ve got the perfect display for a cookie bouquet or even cake pops. Use your imagination and add candy to the bottom layer for double the dessert!

cake mix in a boxCake Mix In A Box Is All Of The Fun With None Of The Fuss

A grocery store-bought box of cake mix just won’t do to celebrate something as important as National Dessert Month. So why not elevate even this simple treat to something whimsical and special? That’s what “cake in a box” is all about.

It combines mix, frosting and toppings in a single-serving container that can be used as both baking vessel and storage container. Try our 735 round, add a custom label and you’re ready to celebrate. Get creative and explore different DIY dessert kits that will turn any dessert course into a party that will be the talk of the town.

gourmet popcorn in rigid plastic boxesPoptastic! Take The Traditional To A Whole New Level

Did you know that Americans alone consume 13 billion quarts of popcorn every year? And fall is peak popcorn season! You may think of popcorn as a movie snack rather than a dessert but that can change with a little bit of creativity.

Popcorn has come a long way since the dawn of the traditional buttered-movie-popcorn style. Popcorn fanatics have long been popping more eccentric varieties into their mouths, from candy flavored popcorns, to peanut butter popcorn, caramel, cheese or chocolate popcorn, and kernels laced with sesame, wasabi, curry, chipotle and a whole lot more.

These gourmet concoctions deserve more than a foiled bag or even a tin. Plastic boxes not only protect each and every pop, but let this treat’s fans enjoy dessert with their eyes long before the kernels leave their packaging.

The OMNI 540X is perfectly popcorn-sized for a single serving of this crunchy dessert. Why not elevate any snack into a celebration-worthy dessert with a clear, sturdy, reusable and recyclable plastic box? Chocolate covered pretzel nuggets, spicy nuts, trail mixes and more will look decadent and tempting from their artfully decorated stages.

plastic boxes stacked with chocolate barkAll Bark, No Bite. Just Dessert Deliciousness!

Square or rectangle, low-profile or tall, our plastic boxes make dessert bark look good.

Whether bark is combined with nuts or caramel, raisins or peppermint, our clear, seamless boxes offer the ideal showcase so dessert-lovers can feast their eyes. Our boxes are suited for long, double-sized bark or perfect for smaller, square half-sized bark.

The display is limited only by your imagination. Stack multiple boxes of the same size and don with a custom ribbon or bow, or mix and match sizes to build your own custom dessert tower creation. All of our boxes can be imprinted with your logo or custom artwork for a truly unique experience.

brownies in round acrylic boxesDecadent Brownies: Heaven In A Plastic Box

Brownies are synonymous with dessert. Long before you take a bite, you anticipate that gooey goodness – every chunk of chocolate or nut, every drizzle of marshmallow or fudge, every ribbon of peanut butter or caramel. It would be crazy to hide all that delectable temptation in an opaque box or tin!

Our food-safe plastic boxes not only protect contents to keep them safe during shipping and storage, but they highlight the products inside, turning ordinary baked goods into dessert artistry.

Use one of our OMNI boxes to package several, or try our round 716R for individual creations. You can add your own labels, or we can imprint a custom design onto each lid.

dried fruit in stacked plastic boxesFancy Up Some Fruit And Add A Little Virtue To Your Indulgence

For those of us who enjoy traditional dessert fare like fruits and cheeses, or who want something a little less decadent but no less delicious, dried fruit is the perfect after-dinner treat.

These gorgeous and colorful creations deserve packaging just as elegant. Our OMNI 564X makes the ideal stacking-and-snacking size for showcasing different varieties of dried fruits. Get creative and include a box of nuts or even some fruit-flavored candies for an extra treat.

Whatever the combination, it will be well-served in packaging that highlights, protects and elevates.

These are just a few ways that you can use our rigid, reusable, recyclable plastic boxes to package your dessert treats. If you have a special candy, cake or specialty dessert or DIY kit that needs its own unique packaging, contact us and let us know. Our consultants are here to help you design the perfect packaging for your needs.