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Clear Plastic Boxes With Inserts Hold Flowers, Gifts, Party Favors

Clear Plastic Boxes With Inserts Hold Flowers, Gifts, Party Favors

There’s a new trend in town, and it’s all about plastic boxes! Specifically, clear acrylic boxes with inserts designed to secure flowers by the stem, keeping them safely and beautifully upright.

This unique box design has uses across gift, party and event industries for flowers and a lot more. Here’s how we design our boxes, and some clever packaging ideas that take advantage of this unique style.


What event is better suited to flowers than weddings? Whether they’re centerpieces, used at place settings, favors, or worn by the groom and bridal party, perfect, fresh flowers are a wedding essential.

With our collection of polystyrene OMNI boxes and a specially designed plastic insert, flowers can be both showcased and protected. Choose the OMNI 570 for long stem roses or other blooms, and the OMNI 540 for shorter stemmed flowers, corsages and boutonnieres.

Hold four wedding-themed flowers in a 4×4 cube at a place setting, or five tall roses, gerberas or other blossoms as a centerpiece in an 8-inch OMNI. Add water to keep flowers fresh longer, or optionally fill the base with confetti, stones, glass beads or candy for truly unique table décor, gifts and favors.

plastic box with rosesShowers

From bridal showers to baby showers, plastic boxes turn the commonplace into something modern, chic and memorable. The holes in the inserts are ideal for flower stems but they can also be used to secure anything on a stem.

Cake pops, lollipops, chocolate pops, or small balloons on a stick fit perfectly into the inserts, which can be designed to hold a single item or several. OMNI boxes vary in height from two inches for miniature flower buds to eight inches for tall stems and gifts.

Tall OMNI boxes can hold multiple inserts so that candy, confetti or other decorations and party favors can be layered in. Inserts can be designed with or without holes depending on whether you want a simple layering effect, or layers around a stemmed item.

Be creative and use a layered box with thematic trimmings or candy at the bottom and a name card for a place setting secured in the center. Guests are sure to enjoy the display and can reuse the box long after the party is over.

Hostess Gifts

These special plastic boxes with inserts can hold gifts perfectly suited for the party host, Thanksgiving chef or holiday event organizer. Use them for drink stirrers, party picks, even special skewers for hors d’oeuvres.

In fact, our boxes are not only crystal clear, but they’re also food-safe and perfectly sealed for preservation, so even a fully built snack or fun appetizer on a stick will look great and be ready to serve on demand.

Our plastic boxes can be imprinted, or include your own printed label or insert for an added touch. They’re easy to shrink wrap or wrap with cellophane, and look great donned with ribbons, bows or topped with balloons.

From parties to holidays, showers, weddings, sympathy, get well wishes and other occasions, our plastic OMNI boxes with specially cut inserts make it easy to package creative gifts and favors.

Their sturdy design keeps contents safe and secure, and their crystal clear sides showcase items beautifully. Plus, a simple shift in package design can add value to products instantly. From roses to lollipops, a plastic box rather than a cardboard one elevates a gift from ordinary to extraordinary.

If you have a product than can benefit from this box and insert design, call us at 718-893-2200 or contact us online for details and pricing options. Whether you have a custom packaging need, or are looking for creative ways to highlight your products, our specialists are available to assist.