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Plastic Boxes Save Money, Improve Outcomes For Specialty Lab Use

specialty color plastic boxes

In biosciences from immunology to molecular biology, speciality plastic containers are required for popular protein detection techniques. In an industry where the cost of both biological materials and research supplies can be significant, it’s vital that the plastic containers used by research scientists meet stringent quality criteria.

Here are some advantages that our hinged plastic boxes have in the biosciences and why they are selected and used by so many labs.

clear blot boxPolystyrene Boxes Withstand Scientific Rigors

In a controlled scientific environment, there shouldn’t be any potential contamination by the materials used. Polystyrene suits biosciences perfectly because it is resistant to corrosion, heat, compression, acid, alkali and organic impregnant.

A common complaint when dealing with plastic is that it can be flimsy and easily broken. But the inherent durability of our plastic boxes makes them ideal for lab use. They are formed seamlessly in our proprietary injection molding machines rather than glued or pieced together like other boxes.

Their rigid sides are sturdy, and resistant to cracks and breaks. Smooth hinges reduce evaporation of the antibody solution, and make boxes easy to open and close, which means less likelihood of breaking and interfering with the incubation process.

Colors & Styles Suited For Varied Uses

Our plastic boxes are available in a variety of dimensions that fit nearly any size blot membrane available, including half, whole, strips, or mini blots. Sizing the box to the blot means that you can keep antibody use to a minimum and reduce cost.

You have a choice of box color, too, with clear and pink boxes for processing chemiluminescent blots or gels, and black for light sensitive samples. A variety of specialty opaque colors can be used to categorize different types of blots and strips, and keep track of separate blot projects.

Choose boxes with multiple compartments or lanes for processing multiple strips at once. Whatever the configuration of the research project, our boxes come in sizes, colors and styles that optimize the process.

black blot boxPlastic Boxes Are Cost Effective & Reduce Antibody Use

Our plastic boxes are cost-effective in lab situations where they are often treated as disposable materials, with quantity discounts available for additional savings.  As the manufacturer, we are positioned to control costs effectively and pass the savings on to you. Our boxes are molded on-site which means you don’t have to absorb added transportation or distribution costs, either.

The design of our boxes makes them cost-effective as well. With ultra-smooth flat surfaces and 90 degree corners, our boxes are designed for optimal membrane movement and efficient incubation. Flat bottoms reduce the volume of antibody needed to cover the strip, saving on one of the most costly components of the process.

Couple that with proper sizing and hinged lids, and that can significantly cut down on antibody use and cost.

Gary Plastic Packaging has been serving customers across industries including biosciences for over 50 years. Our products are synonymous with durability, strength and quality. If you have a question or would like to learn more about how our boxes can suit your lab needs, contact us online or call us at (718) 893-2200 .