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How Plastic Boxes Make Ideal Packaging For Summer Occasions & Events

plastic boxes for summer

Ah, summertime! A season of swimming pools, popsicles, fireworks… and plastic boxes. If that last one sounds a little odd, you might be surprised to learn that plastic packaging is a true summer staple, housing supplies, gifts, and many other seasonal essentials.

Here are a few of the fun, useful and unique things that our customers package in our plastic boxes – hinged and unhinged, round and rectangular, single and multi-compartment. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

round plastic boxes for claw game prizesBoardwalk Games

What summer image is more iconic than that of the boardwalk, with its ice cream vendors and arcade games? And what arcade game is more of a perennial favorite than “the claw?” Those inviting toy machines grace doorways and game rooms everywhere, enticing children and adults alike to try their skill at grabbing a treat.

Our plastic boxes are perfect companions to special game prizes like jewelry and watches, candy, tiny trinkets, and even money.

Package toys and other special wins in our unhinged round 705R or 702R, or use our square, hinged 1×1 or 2×2 plastic box with custom flock board inserts to secure earrings, charms, pins or keychains.

Our boxes will keep prizes clean and secure, tempting vacationers with their elegant display.

smores on a straw in plastic boxBackyard Barbecues

Summer is an ideal time for grilling and patio entertaining. From daytime pool parties to evening soirees, a good barbecue is a familiar hallmark of summer. And that often comes with fond memories of s’mores melting over an open flame.

But what if you could turn tradition on its head and impress the kids (and grown-ups too!) with something really unique? That’s exactly what one of our customers did with s’mores on a straw – the whole s’more experience without a campfire!

This extra-special summertime treat is sure to impress, whether you’re hosting the neighbors for a weekend burger, or adding a smile to a rainy day indoors. And it’s just one of the ways that our boxes can be used to package specialty items and make them shine.

Bonus fun fact: did you know that August 10th is National S’mores Day? Enjoy one in its honor!

dice hinged boxCasino Fun

Casinos are a year-round destination for game enthusiasts but they really bustle during the summer as boardwalks fill up with tourists and as people look for fun weekend getaways.

And where there is a table game, there are plastic boxes! Our crystal clear boxes can be used to display, store and protect everything from poker chips to dice.

The hinged G800 series is a favorite for holding special dice. With a custom foam insert to protect and showcase them, dice have never been so comfortable.

family reunion gifts in plastic boxesFamily Reunions

The summer season is synonymous with family reunions, whether they’re held in an aunt’s back yard, at a vacation destination, or at a special restaurant.

Wherever the family gathers, the party hosts are certain to make it a memorable occasion. How? With special gifts, décor and party favors, of course. And wherever there are gifts, there are plastic boxes.

There are so many ways that our boxes can be used to elevate party gifts and favors that it’s only a matter of how creative you want to be. Our customers have packed everything from cookies to bottled juices and water, stuffed animals and flowers.

Our 735 round box can be filled with candy and topped with ribbons and balloons for a fabulous table centerpiece and take-home gift. Use our OMNI 558 to house gourmet party favors. They’re seamless and hinge-less and look great with a custom insert, label or ribbons. Or, try stacking our OMNI boxes for an impressive tiered effect that can serve both as table décor and as reminders of that special occasion.

fidget spinner in plastic hinged boxAfternoon Amusement

When the kids are home for summer, parents can quickly become overwhelmed with requests to go places and do things to keep the kids busy. Wouldn’t it be great if they had simple options to entertain kids, rain or shine, without resorting to long drives or major undertakings?

That’s when toys, puzzles and games come in handy. And that’s when there’s an ideal opportunity to include a plastic box for packaging.

The G1585 clear, hinged plastic box, paired with a custom foam insert, is the perfect size to hold one of the more modern toy obsessions: the fidget spinner. These boxes look great and make durable storage containers when it’s time to put toys away for the day.

Other classic toys like jacks, brain teasers and logic puzzles look great when showcased in a clear box, too. And parents will love how sturdy and reusable they are.

golf ball markers in hinged plastic boxGolf Clubs

Summer comes with sports, from team sports like baseball to solo endeavors like fishing. And we’ve got boxes to cover them all – the OMNI 558 for catching a collectible or treasured baseball, and compartment containers with varying slots for storing and protecting fishing flies and other tools.

We’ve even got boxes to accommodate that most discerning of sports enthusiasts: the golfer. For the passionate golfer, everything from tees to ball markers are a sacred part of the game, and our boxes offer the elegant packaging required to protect and display them.

Our OMNI collection is great for tees, with the G2600 being suited to balls. And the G790 with a custom foam insert is exactly the right size for golf ball markers.

Our boxes have proven versatile for sporting goods in industries ranging from hunting to horseback riding. It’s only a matter of imagination.

bridal shower gifts in plastic boxesBridal Showers

With autumn wedding season approaching, summer is a popular time for bridal showers. And bridal showers are accompanied by myriad gifts and party favors.

Surely, the bride-to-be and her family and friends want the occasion to be special and memorable, which means ensuring that every detail is perfect.

With plastic boxes that’s possible, as everything from candies to candles, jewelry to table arrangements, are presented flawlessly. Our OMNI 564X makes for a charming presentation filled with tiny rosettes. Fill any OMNI box with florals, candies or other unique items and you’ve got a stunning display that’s lightweight, easy to transport, and elegant in presentation.

Our hinged boxes shine here, too. They’re perfect for jewelry gifts for bridesmaids, for protecting corsages and more. Plastic boxes are durable, reusable, food-safe and infinitely configurable for everything from the most traditional to the most whimsical celebrations.

candy in a round plastic boxSummer Camp

Whether it’s sleep away camp or just a week in a back yard tent, these lively events are primed for memorable treats. And what better way to present those treats than in a protective, reusable plastic box?

Our tall 590 round unhinged container is popular for kid-friendly fare like lollipops, rock candy, licorice, and those all-time favorites, pixy stix. Add a custom imprint or label, and you’ve got a summer goody worth giving.

The summer season is full of events and occasions where plastic boxes prove beneficial. They can be customized with imprints and inserts to suit specific packaging needs, they’re cost-effective, they’re lightweight and easy to manage, they can be stacked and beribboned to suit just about any need, and they provide a simple stage from which to highlight the contents inside.

If you have a packaging need or want to know more about our products and services, call us or contact us online and we’ll work with you to find a solution that fits.