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Plastic Boxes Make Perfect Presentation Containers For Classy Graduation Gifts

By June 12, 2018October 4th, 2022Rigid Plastic Boxes
plastic boxes for graduation gifts

Graduation celebrations are a familiar sign of summer, with parties, congratulations, and of course gifts for grads everywhere. Whether students are leaving high school behind, saying goodbye to college, vocational school, or even kindergarten, friends and families gather for fun and festivities.

They’re almost certainly not thinking about plastic boxes, but smart vendors are. From party supplies to gifts, plastic boxes play a central role in showcasing, protecting and later storing special moments and memories.

These are just some of the products that are well served for gifting and display in a quality, rigid plastic box.

Watches & Jewelry

plastic box with watchWatches and jewelry are some of the most common graduation gifts, and they require packaging that not only that keeps them secure, but that is worthy of a gift with a higher monetary value and a more significant emotional one.

Our OMNI 536X is one plastic box that is up to the task of beautifully showcasing a watch. Its height and width perfectly accommodate a wristwatch on a custom display stand, and its crystal clear sides and lid make the gift the focus on attention. Recipients will appreciate the ability to store their precious gift in a durable container for years to come.

Plastic boxes are also ideal companions to rings, earrings and charms. Our hinged, 1×1 inch square plastic box is prized by jewelers and retailers for its light weight during shipping, its durable materials, its easy ability to be stacked and stored, and its flawlessly clear lid and sides.

round plastic box with charmsOur round 702R container pairs especially well with charms for necklaces and bracelets. With a custom insert, they make a lovely presentation for fashion enthusiasts.

They also work well with small earrings and even key rings.

With custom inserts available in a variety of colors like red, black and blue, and materials like foam, and the more commonly used flock board for securing earrings and pins, these containers can match the elegance of any high-value graduation gift.

Balloons & Candy

No party is complete without a little decorative fanfare! That may come in the form of balloons, centerpieces, or even candy gifts and favors.

balloons gift round plastic boxThe 735 round plastic box with lid is popular for centerpieces and special party favors. It can be filled with a favorite candy or a candy color that fits the party theme, and topped with a bold ribbon and balloon for something that looks as great on a table as it does leaving in a guest’s hand.

The round 590 and even the rectangular OMNI 570 are both suited to hold tabletop flowers. They’re lightweight, which makes them easier to manage and more durable during preparation and shipping, and they can be reused after the party as either vases or storage containers.
The OMNI 540X at 4×4 inches square with a flush lid, is great for candy gifts and favors, and can be custom labelled or imprinted, stacked, beribboned and offered beautifully.


What’s more popular at graduation time than gifts of money? Every grad needs it, but a couple of bills in an envelope doesn’t make the most impressive gift.

Creative packaging makes a gift more fun, and the OMNI 540 4×4 cube is just the right size for rolling, fanning, stacking and displaying money on a custom insert.
There’s really no limit to how creative you can get. Stack and tie them together with ribbons, add a custom label, imprint them with a special message, and turn a much-desired but often-uninspired gift into something memorable.

Unique Gifts & Party Favors

graduation cake in a boxWhile the grad is the center of attention, the best parties consider the guests, too. Party favors are common, but when they’re too common – think dollar-store-style plastic bags with some candy or a couple of trinkets – they’re forgettable and dull.

Instead of the ordinary, party hosts can go for the unexpected with fun gifts like “cake in a box”. No, not the powder mix kind, but one of our 735 round containers filled with all the ingredients, plus frosting and sprinkles, to bake the perfect single-serve memory cake. Add a graduation-themed label and a delightful party favor is born!

candy in a round plastic boxStill prefer to go with candy or trinkets? Plastic boxes up the ante there, too. The 590 round is tall enough to house engaging collections of favors, from artisan pretzel sticks and lollipops, to fun pencils and other items that are too cool for school.
Plastic boxes are a great complement to graduation season, showcasing gifts, offering storage and display, and providing packaging to please grads and guests alike. If you have a special product to display, let us know. We can make recommendations, provide custom imprinting services and fit boxes with custom inserts to achieve exactly the effect you want.

Contact us online or download our full catalog for more details.