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Plastic Boxes Are Perfect Packaging For Sports Enthusiasts

plastic boxes sports

Spring is in the air and that means sports enthusiasts everywhere are preparing for a season of outdoor – and in some cases indoor – fun. They’ll be stocking up on everything from fishing bait to athletic tape, purchasing from trusted vendors and looking for products that are packaged well.

But what does good packaging mean for the sports lover? Strong, sturdy, attractive, functional, reusable and even recyclable – those are some of the key features that suppliers of sporting goods and games want in the packaging that they use for their consumer goods. Here’s why our plastic boxes fit the bill and how they can be used for supplies and equipment for popular sports, hobbies and games.

plastic boxes for fly fishingGone Fishing

Our compartment containers are ideal for those foggy mornings out in the middle of the lake. They’re also perfect for the fly fisher closer to shore. Ranging from two to eighteen compartments, these hinged plastic boxes can contain everything from lures, bait, bobbers, hooks and thread, to larger tools like scissors.

Our G700 series, which includes the 2-compartment 702, the 3-compartment 703 and the 4-compartment 704, are all favorites for storing and carrying larger bait in neat, individual sections.

Our G1157 and 1177 both have 7-compartments of varying sizes that can carry a variety of supplies in one box.

The G750 in particular is a single compartment hinged box that is not only perfect for storing and showcasing fishing supplies but makes for an impressive display when it is custom imprinted with your logo.

hinged plastic boxes with foam insert for golf markersTee Off

Golf tees may commonly be sold in plastic bags or cardboard packaging, but for serious golfers, plastic boxes can be a better way to store tees long-term.  Our OMNI collection, with their flush, tight-fitting lids make ideal containers for bristle tees, which are made to be kept and reused. OMNI boxes are also a great idea for gifting a collection of standard tees, and they will protect tees from the elements far longer than if they were simply left scattered around the shed or garage.

But plastic boxes are for more than just tees. Our hinged 2x2x2 G690 box is just right for housing a single, special golf ball. Whether it’s a collector’s item or a prized ball collected from a pro game, this box is the perfect size.

For special collectibles, like an autographed ball, an OMNI box is the right choice. A taller box can be placed on its lid as the base, and the golf ball placed inside on a raised stand in recognition of its importance.

The G2600 is a good option for storing or showcasing up to 18 golf balls and the G790 is perfectly suited to showcase and store golf ball markers. Add a custom foam insert, available in a variety of colors, as a base for the marker and you’ve got a gift that is worthy of any sports enthusiast.

hunting calls in hinged plastic boxesOn The Hunt

From wild turkeys to big game, we have boxes that hold hunting calls for the avid hunter. These specialty products, some of which are made with uniquely trademarked parts, deserve packaging that is suitably unique.

Our hinged plastic boxes with crystal clear surfaces are perfect for showcasing products. They’re also ideal for adding a special touch with your custom imprinted logo or artwork.

The G250 is a particular favorite for turkey calls. It’s ideally sized, protects and highlights its contents, and stacks and ships beautifully.

From deer and duck, to their wilder companions like hog and elk, we have boxes to suit calls of all sizes and shapes. Ask us to recommend the exact style of box to suit your packaging needs.

Batter Up

Not all sports enthusiasts play the game. Some simply enjoy the thrill of watching. For baseball fans, few things are as thrilling as catching a ball in the stands, and the OMNI 540 or 558 is perfect for just such occasions. It is a crystal clear cube with a smooth, flush lid that is just right for showcasing that special prized ball.

It’s also great for collectible and autographed balls, and can be fitted with a custom insert as a special touch.

omni box for collectible footballKick Off

The beauty of the OMNI collection doesn’t end with golf and baseball.

For football fans, the 800X is a leading choice for showcasing and protecting a collectible football.

Our boxes are versatile enough to hold products in a variety of configurations.

For some collectibles, the lids can be used as a base, with the box placed over the item, and in the case of the cherished football, the lid can serve as a back panel and the ball placed inside, resting on a stand just as it would out on the field.


round plastic box with beltEasy Riding

Horse riding may not come with hot dogs, peanuts and the national television fame of other sports, but for the equestrian, it is every bit as beloved. And plastic boxes are just as suitable for favorite items.

Our round containers are ideal for protecting and showcasing equestrian belts. Depending on the length and width, and any embellishments or special buckles, we have sizes to accommodate just about any belt.

In fact, our boxes can accommodate any article of clothing that can be rolled, including specialty equestrian socks.

For styles that are better suited by folding, our square hinged boxes make a lovely display case. The smaller styles in our OMNI 500 collection also make excellent showcases for socks and even ties.

In Shape

There are team sports and individual sports, and then there are those that fall under the umbrella of fitness. They’re no less athletic, and require supplies and equipment all on their own. Fitness is a huge market, and the products are myriad. Naturally, we have boxes to suit the need.

The OMNI 536 is the perfect size and style for holding fitness watches. With the lid as a base, a custom insert or watch stand can be placed on top and the watch displayed beautifully behind crystal clear and protective plastic.

The 735 round container is just the right size for rolling up and showcasing other popular fitness items like colorful exercise bands and even jump ropes.

From bait to bands, and even collectibles, plastic boxes are a cost-effective and classy way to ship, store and showcase products in the sporting goods industry. If you have a product to package, let us know. We will help you choose a solution and can discuss everything from custom inserts to imprinting.