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Why Choose Plastic Boxes From Gary Plastic Packaging?

By March 15, 2018April 6th, 2022Q&A
specialty color plastic boxes

When it comes to choosing plastic boxes for your packaging needs, you have many options and sources from which to choose. If you’re researching plastic boxes for the first time, the choices can be overwhelming. If you already have a supplier, you may not be interested in sourcing and vetting another one, and even if you are, the process can be time-consuming.

Wherever your business or organization falls on the spectrum, here are six reasons that Gary Plastic’s boxes would make an excellent choice for shipping, storing, showcasing and safeguarding your products. If you’re interesting in learning more, you can download our catalog, call us or contact us online with questions.

imprinted plastic box1. Cost-Effective Pricing Options

As the manufacturer of all our plastic boxes, we are uniquely positioned to control costs.

Our boxes are molded on-site, which means no additional transportation costs are passed onto you. We handle all of our custom imprinting on-site as well, saving you on outsourcing costs and ensuring timely and cost-effective delivery.

We also die-cut our own foam inserts to suit your product’s needs, whether ether foam, ester foam, flock board or anti-static foam.

Together, these advantages mean that you can expect a full service packaging solution from a single source. No need to manage or incur the costs for multiple vendors for a single, high-quality and efficiently delivered product.

2. Superior Materials And Production Methods

Our plastic boxes are manufactured using our own tooling and injection molding machines, which affords us control over quality from start to finish.

By forming boxes using resin in our proprietary injection molding machines, we produce a superior product in both function and design. Unlike a fabrication shop, where various pieces of plastic are glued together to create a single box, our boxes are seamless, strong and durable.

You reap the benefits of a high quality product that is designed to withstand the rigors of long-distance shipping and even long-term storage and protection, while still providing a beautifully aesthetic showcase for your products.

white plastic boxes omni collection3. Extensive Customization Options

Our packaging solutions are designed with your needs in mind, which means myriad options for making our boxes your own.

Our in-house design team can custom imprint any box using your artwork, logo or message. Imprinting can be done in a single color or in full color, on one side or all sides. We can even color-match a specific shade to your specifications.

You can choose one of four imprinting methods depending on your needs – hot stamp, pad printing, silk screening or digital printing – with a choice of 20 standard foil colors, including metallic gold and silver, plus 25 standard ink colors.

In addition to our imprinting capabilities, we can design custom box sizes and shapes. If you have a high-volume special order with explicit design, size, color or other requirements, we can build a steel mold to your specifications. For large businesses and organizations with specialty needs, we can custom design a solution for you.

But even if you don’t have the quantity needs or budget for a custom box, you can still choose from our extensive catalog of sizes, shapes, lid styles and even colors. Mix and match boxes, lids and colors to suit your needs. Choose a clear polystyrene cover and attach it to black conductive base, for example, if you want to protect a valuable electronics component while still being able to showcase it from above.

We offer both clear polystyrene and conductive boxes, so you can package everything from candy to expensive equipment and devices confidently, knowing they will be protected and secured.

4. Fast Order Turnaround

When you order from our manufacturing facility, you can be assured of the shortest possible turnaround time from order to delivery. Since we manage the entire process from design to production, imprinting and shipping, the delivery cycle is often shortened.

We also stock a large number of popular items and can ship them direct to your door. These include many OMNI boxes, most round containers and some commonly requested hinged boxes, like the 1×12×2 and more. In stock items are guaranteed to ship the next business day.

If you need to hit a specific delivery date with a specific turnaround time, let us know. We can put a rush status on many orders to accommodate your schedule.

translucent plastic boxes5. Myriad Color Options

The color of your packaging can have a dramatic effect on the perception of your product. Many of our customers choose white boxes, like the seamless OMNI 552 or 570X, for an upscale look, especially when combined with a stylish or subtle imprint. An edible gift like the humble chocolate bark, for example, is elevated to elegance in a white OMNI box.

A colored box is also beneficial when you want to gift its contents without necessarily displaying them. Solid colors also allow for attention-grabbing imprints that won’t conflict with the product inside.

All of our boxes are available in a standard crystal clear polystyrene, but many are also available in black, blue, white, and a host of semi-transparent colors including red, green, purple and more.

Hinged boxes in semi-transparent colors are a customer favorite. Dentists and orthodontists, to name two, use them to store and display dental components, tools, and medical and surgical instruments.

Other customers in the fashion and beauty industry choose different color boxes to represent different product lines, or choose a colored base with a clear lid and a foam insert to display jewelry, watches and specialty items like lapel pins.

As the product manufacturer, we afford you the ability to choose the colors that suit your packaging needs. For high volume orders, we can even PMS color match to your specifications and design a resin color that is uniquely yours. Also for high volume orders we can provide specialty boxes like the OMNI collection in custom colors as well.

6. A History Of Quality Workmanship & Service

Gary Plastic Packaging has a long history of providing excellence in products and service. We’ve been serving customers since 1963, in industries ranging from fashion and beauty, to food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, gaming, gifts, government, discount chains, automotive, sports, music and many more.

With 300,000 square feet of space for manufacturing, warehousing, imprinting and office space, we are equipped to handle everything from standard stock orders to high-volume specialty orders with efficiency and attention to detail.

We have received accreditation from the Quality Certification Alliance by successfully passing audits on both our headquarters and our supply chain. We enjoy an excellent relationship with our local union, Local 132, New York New Jersey Regional Joint Board, Workers United/SEIU and our products are made in the U.S.A. to the highest standards of quality.

colored plastic boxesVisit our website to learn more about our company standards and facilities.

From the resin we use to create our injection-molded boxes to the service with which we deliver them, Gary Plastic Packaging takes pride in excellence. When you work with us you can feel confident in your choice of a supplier, knowing that you are benefiting from optimal pricing and turnaround, extensive customizations and designs, and a commitment to long-term customer relationships.

If you’d like to find out how we can fulfill your packaging needs, call us at (718) 893-2200 or contact us online.