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Rigid Plastic Boxes For Purim Gifts That Impress

By January 29, 2018April 6th, 2022Rigid Plastic Boxes
purim gifts plastic boxes

As Purim approaches, friends, families and colleagues consider their gifts of Misloach Manot. Gifts traditionally include food and drink, but they can also include toys or small games for children. Whatever the gift, their givers want to share them proudly and know that their recipients’ eyes will light up with joy.

Purim gifts can be presented in any container, from boxes to bags or baskets. And while different types of packaging can dress up gifts in different ways, only rigid plastic boxes have some unique qualities that make them ideal for those special holiday gifts.

purim gift stacked plastic boxesOMNI Boxes Are Purim Packaging Favorites

Our OMNI collection has been a Purim gifting favorite for decades, offering beautifully designed packaging that showcases gifts while protecting them.

OMNI boxes can be tall or low, narrow or wide, rectangular or square. Their crystal clear sides stage gifts beautifully and will make any gift-giver proud to present one.

With either flush lids or raised lids, there is packaging solution for all gift types. Boxes with flush lids are often selected to be used “upside down” – the gift is placed on the lid, with or without a custom foam insert to hold and anchor it, and the box is placed over it. This is great for collectibles or gifts of special toys like dolls.

OMNI boxes are airtight and food safe, which makes them ideal packaging for popular Purim gift choices like candy, cookies, dried fruit, popcorn, chocolate bark and other treats.

purim food giftsTheir rigid exteriors protect food from breakage during shipping and travel so they arrive to their recipients in impeccable condition. This is especially important for gifts of artisan chocolates, delicate candy confections, or glass bottles of grape juice and other beverages.

OMNI boxes can be presented alone or stacked and wrapped in a favorite color ribbon, imprinted with a special message or labelled with a distinctive sticker for a memorable experience.

Round Containers For Unique Gifts

When you want different packaging with softer edges, our round boxes with lids are an ideal choice.

They have all the advantages of OMNI boxes, including crystal clear design, rigid materials to protect contents, and they’re food safe for edibles. And just like OMNI boxes, they’re reusable and recyclable. That’s great for collectors, crafters, organizers, bakers, or just the environmentally-conscious among us.

purim cake in a boxOur round 735R is a favorite for unique gifts like “cake in a box.”

This little gem provides everything a budding chef needs – cake mix, frosting, sprinkles and even the accompanying party favors – to bake the perfect little cake for the occasion.

Another unique use for round boxes is as the base for a balloon display and gift. Fill the container with candies, top with a billowy bow in a complementary color and add a celebratory Mylar balloon. With a few simple components, a special gift is born!

purim gift candyTall round containers are uniquely advantageous as a vase for flowers, whether as a gift or a centerpiece for a party table. They’re lightweight and durable, which makes them cost-effective and easy to ship.

And finally, like their OMNI cousins, round boxes can be stacked and adorned with ribbons, bows and customized imprints and stickers, too.

Rigid plastic boxes make great packaging choices for Purim gifts. Whatever shape you need, whatever lid type you prefer, and whatever size suits your products, we can provide a solution for you. Download our catalog to browse our full selection of products and call us or contact us online and let us know how we can fulfill your packaging requirements.