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Plastic Boxes For Every Month Of The Year

By December 28, 2017April 6th, 2022Rigid Plastic Boxes
plastic boxes for occasions all year

Plastic boxes make great containers for product storage, shipping and display for many industries, from optical laboratories to toy retailers, orthodontists and beauty supply companies. They’re versatile, durable, lightweight, crystal clear and food-safe.

They are also perfect for every month of the year, showcasing and protecting products for events, holidays and all sorts of seasonal uses. Here’s how our plastic containers, hinged and unhinged, square, round, compartment and OMNI, can be used throughout the year.

plastic boxes bottled waterJanuary: Get In Shape

After an indulgent holiday season, everyone is ready to get back to healthy eating and living. Gym memberships increase, weight loss books fly off the shelves and everyone’s New Year’s resolutions last for at least a few hours!

It’s the perfect time of year to box up those artisan bottles of water and appeal to newly-energized health nuts everywhere. Let’s face it – bottled water is bottled water. But bottled water packaged in a plastic container, imprinted with artwork and wrapped with a bow, is a classy, inspiring gift that may just motivate your own inner health nut to stay at it a little longer.

compartment container cookiesFebruary: Everyone’s In Love

What better way to show devotion to a special Valentine than with the perfect box of candy? Skip the generic “red heart” styles and go for something special. Candy, cookies, even special treats like chocolate covered pretzels, or dried fruits and nuts (for those who are hanging onto their New Year’s resolutions!) make for a much more sophisticated presentation than fabric-covered cardboard.

Plus, the recipient can enjoy the sight of their treats before even opening the box. And they make great gifts that say “I like you” or “You’re special” without the over-the-top symbolism of the big red heart.

plastic boxes purim giftsMarch: Celebrate Purim

Falling in or right around the month of March, Purim is a holiday that pairs perfectly with an OMNI box. Our tall OMNI boxes have seamless lids for an airtight seal, and clear surfaces that highlight the gift inside.

They can hold a bottle of grape juice or other bottled beverage to give mishloach manot to teachers, friends, neighbors or anyone special. Add a striking ribbon or bow and an otherwise ordinary food gift is transformed into one that is holiday-worthy.

plastic vasesApril: Hopping Down The Bunny Trail

With Easter falling sometime in March or April, it’s the perfect time to celebrate with signs of spring. Plastic boxes filled with edible treats can make a fun alternative to the traditional basket, especially for more grown-up gift giving and hostess gifts.

Our tall OMNI 570  or our round 590  make lightweight and lovely vases for tabletop centerpieces. Just add flowers and you’ve got a perfect Easter centerpiece that will have everyone thinking spring.

chocolate gift compartment boxMay: Ode To Mothers

It’s that time of year when we honor those hardworking, dedicated mothers who love us year round and deserve a day of rest and recognition. Mother’s surely deserve more than the scarf or box of candy that we give them, but often the simple gifts are the most appreciated.

Plastic boxes can elevate those simple but heartfelt gifts and turn the everyday into the elegant. Candy, chocolate and other artisan food gifts grace shelves this season, and their packaging helps them stand out. A box of her favorite treats wrapped in ribbons and bows and showcased through crystal clear plastic is bound to put a smile on her face.

plastic box with tieJune: Dad Knows Best

Just like mothers, fathers deserve their moment of special attention and adoration, and their gifts deserve to be treated with as much care. Gifting dad a tie may be the butt of many jokes, but for dapper dads who want to make an impression at the party, a tie can make a great addition to his wardrobe.

It doesn’t need to be presented in a dull cardboard box, though. The OMNI 564 at 2-inches high is perfectly suited to hold one artfully rolled tie. They can even be reused and serve as storage to keep ties clean and neat until the next occasion.

balloons gift round plastic boxJuly: Party Time

The lazy days of summer lend themselves to celebration. From graduation parties to birthday bashes, it’s a great time to make a splash with special décor, party favors and gifts. Whatever the occasion, plastic boxes can bring a special touch to any party theme.

Our 735 round containers are a great accompaniment to centerpieces and gifts. Fill them with candy and top with a plush toy, balloons (or both!) and you have a delightful gift that will look great and add some fun to any event.

smore in plastic boxAugust: Gather ‘Round The Campfire

Summertime means summer treats, and what’s a more iconic image of summer than gathering around the campfire to make s’mores? These chocolate and graham cracker treats are a perennial favorite of kids and adults alike and everyone enjoys a gooey melting marshmallow!

But when the campfire isn’t available, or when you want to add an extra-special touch to a summer event like a birthday party, wedding or family reunion, a “s’more in a box” can be just what you’re looking for. It’s an unexpected way to package a fun indulgence that’s sure to grab attention. With our food-safe plastic containers you can turn any ordinary product into something memorable.

school photo plastic boxSeptember: Back To School

Back to school means back to school photos, those well-groomed moments in between soccer games and craft projects that parents treasure. But just because photos are commonplace doesn’t mean their presentation has to be.

Why not present something that’s a treasure in an appropriate fashion? Instead of sending photos home in paper envelopes to be shoved and crushed in backpacks, showcase them in a clear, protective hinged plastic box. Our hinged G800 boxes perfectly fit wallet-sized pictures – either a single or a stack – and can make a great gift for parents to share with grandparents and other family members.

makeup safe plastic containersOctober: A Spooky Occasion

It takes practice to perfect the creepiest zombie face on the block, not to mention a whole lot of makeup. Halloween costume supplies can be plentiful and they require proper protection and storage to keep them free from contamination, especially for products used near eyes and other sensitive areas.

Our makeup-friendly round containers can be manufactured in a special resin that will keep beauty (or ugly!) products safe from chemical breakdown and seal them against dust and general contamination.

hinged plastic box for hunting callsNovember: The Hunt Is On

Whether you know someone who is determined to bring home Thanksgiving dinner or someone who wants to mount the largest antlers on the family room wall, this month marks a popular hunting season for everything from deer to bear and wild turkey.

Our G250 hinged plastic box is a lightweight, durable choice for storing, protecting and displaying hunting calls. Imprinted with a custom logo or design, these boxes make a memorable accompaniment to calls for everything from ducks to big game.

plastic boxes for toysDecember: Deck The Halls

It’s that most wonderful time of the year, when retailers race to make their products the most attractive, most memorable, most desired. When it comes to elevating holiday gifts and making them stand out among their peers, plastic boxes save the day.

They’re great for stocking stuffers like puzzles and games, from classics like jacks and dominos to whatever the trendy toy-of-the-season is (think: fidget spinners). Our hinged boxes make toys easy to access and provide the perfect storage container for after the unwrapping is done.

That’s twelve months of boxes, and they are only a few of the uses for our plastic packaging. Our boxes are used across industries and seasons to protect, showcase, store and ship products. If you have a packaging need, contact us and let us know. We can help you choose the perfect size and style, provide custom imprinting, and custom foam inserts to tailor a packaging solution for your needs.