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Plastic Boxes Hold Perfect Gifts For Everyone On Your List

By November 27, 2017April 6th, 2022Benefits & Uses Of Plastic Boxes
plastic boxes for food and gifts

Holiday shopping has begun, and the competition for shelf space and attention span is only going to get more intense as the season wears on. If you want your product to catch the eye of the hurried, busy consumer then packaging can be as important as the gift itself.

Here are some ways that plastic boxes make gifts stand out for recipients of all kinds, delivering a memorable, elegant experience that is sure to please even the most discerning shopper.

cookies in plastic boxFor The Cookie Monster

You could deliver cookies in an ordinary cardboard box and risk showing up to the holiday party with nothing but crumbs. Or in a tin, and hide the delicious contents inside. But for a safe and attractive presentation, plastic boxes can’t be beat.

Our OMNI 8×4 rectangular plastic box is food safe, airtight and crystal clear, which is sure to entice cookie lovers everywhere. With a custom imprint, ribbon or bow, it makes a stunning presentation on a bakery or boutique shelf and is sure to stand out from other bland, everyday packaging.

chocolate compartment boxFor The Chocoholic

When it comes to pleasing foodies, plastic boxes offer myriad options to package gifts in a mouthwatering way. OMNI boxes are favored for their seamless lids and airtight seal. From chocolate covered pretzels to peppermint bark, these beauties will keep food fresh while protecting them from the bustle of holiday travel.

For the chocolate snacker, choose compartment boxes to offer a tantalizing variety of treats. Fill each compartment with a different indulgence, add your own label, and enclose in shrink wrap for freshness. You can bet these items will fly off shelves, whether they’re hostess gifts or stocking stuffers.

bassoon reed in hinged plastic boxFor The Musician

Special gifts deserve special packaging, especially when they’re delicate and often costlier and more personal than a box of cookies. For fragile parts like oboe and bassoon reeds, hinged plastic boxes are perfect for protecting and displaying them on shelves, and during shipping and transport.

Our G825 hinged plastic box is perfect for the bassoon player and our G425 hinged box is ideally suited to oboe reeds. Either one can be custom imprinted with your logo or artwork, with a custom-cut foam insert to securely cradle the contents inside.

dried fruit in food safe plastic boxesFor The Health Nut

When cookies and chocolate are a little too rich, a healthier alternative may do. All of our plastic boxes are BPA-free and food-safe, but our OMNI collection is a favorite packaging for food for a reason. OMNI boxes have seamless, airtight lids, which keep food fresh without additional wrapping, and they can mixed, matched and stacked to create uniquely attractive and special gifts.

Our 2×2 564 OMNI box, for example, is perfect for stacking. Fill individual boxes with dried fruits, nuts, trail mix and other healthy holiday snacks, then wrap with a ribbon and top with a bow for a striking gift that will literally tower above others around it.

makeup in plastic containersFor The Beauty Queen

Beauty supplies require special treatment when it comes to packaging and display. They can be pricey, which means they should be carefully protected from damage and loss. They can be tiny, which means they’ll need convenient storage that provides easy access. And they need to be kept clean to protect against contamination.

From cosmetic eyelashes to eyeshadows, foundations, press-on nails and more, plastic boxes are ideally suited to protect and display. Hinged boxes with their transparent lids make it easy to appreciate the lovely contents inside and the hinges make them easy-open for the recipient. Custom foam inserts offer an added layer of protection for small pieces and make products stand out.

fred water in a plastic boxFor The Fitness Buff

Take a fitness aficionado, add a touch of health-conscious fervor, and gift giving may seem out of reach. But with a great box and little out-of-the-box thinking, you can turn the ordinary into the gift-worthy.

Our OMNI boxes aren’t just great for food, but do wonders for bottled beverages, too. Just insert a bottle of artisan water or an upscale juice and you can turn something that might be otherwise overlooked in a kitchen pantry into a chic, modern gift that will stand out on shelves of high-end stores and make it onto everyone’s “Top 10” blog list of must-have holiday gifts.

jacks in a plastic boxFor The Kids

Plastic boxes and games go together like peanut butter and jelly. They protect, display, and are great for parents who lament of ever getting the kids to put their toys away.

From small treasures like hand-crafted puzzles, to classics like dominos and jacks, plastic boxes keep them safe, contain the pieces, and make cleanup a snap.

Like all of our boxes, they can be imprinted or fit with custom inserts for an extra-special touch.

dice in a hinged plastic boxFor The Big Kid

Toys aren’t just for the little ones. There’s a big kid in everyone, and plastic boxes can house those, too. For grown up toys that are more expensive and require secure packaging, custom foam inserts will hold them securely in place and provide an attractive display platform.

From a special pair of personalized dice to a set of pool cues and more, our hinged plastic boxes seal, protect and display toys and specialty game pieces from warehouse to Christmas stocking.

fidget spinners in plastic boxFor The Fidgeter

Everyone knows someone who just can’t sit still. Whether it’s tapping a foot or fiddling with a pencil, fidgeters are always in motion. That’s probably why fidget spinners made it onto this year’s “must have” list of latest crazes.

But just because they’re popular doesn’t mean they have to be boring – or ordinary! These little gadgets make great stocking stuffers, but if you want them to stand out then the right packaging can help.

Our G1585 hinged plastic boxes with clear lids and custom foam inserts are great for displaying, protecting and storing these hot toys. And as an added bonus, they give the die-hard fidgeter something else to play with!

boxed water in a plastic boxFor The One Who Has It All

Every year an abundance of shoppers stare at shelves and web pages racking their brains for that last gift for the hardest person on their list. Sometimes a great box of edible treats will do, but for those truly stuck moments, and for those looking for gifts of exceptional uniqueness, plastic boxes do their part to make the presentation of a distinctive gift extra-special.

Even an ordinary product packaged in an extraordinary way can mean the difference between someone purchasing that product or not. Crystal clear plastic boxes, with their ability to be imprinted in full color and wrapped with care for a personalized experience, are part of the gift-giving experience.

And they’re reusable, which means any gift is a bit like two gifts in one. A great box can become a container for everything from table décor to flowers to craft supplies or collectibles long after the original gift has been removed.

Using plastic boxes as packaging for holiday gifts is only limited by your imagination. If you have a product that you’d like to package, protect and display – from the wholly unique to the perfectly ordinary – contact us and let us know. We can help you design something that stands out and suits your needs.