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Plastic Boxes Showcase This Season’s Holiday Gifts & Treasures

plastic boxes for fall products

Fall and winter occasions present the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the special qualities of rigid plastic boxes, from compartment containers to hinged boxes, unhinged boxes and our seamless OMNI collection.

Here are a few seasonal uses for plastic containers that will make any event or holiday sparkle and shine. Do you have a special packaging need for your products? Let us know and we’ll design a solution for you!

candy cornTrick-Or-Treat

The kids on the block may get paper bags stuffed with bite-sized candies, but for the grandkids or any special someone, Halloween candy packaged in a crystal clear plastic box is a real treat.

Our hinged square boxes and unhinged round containers are two favorites for packaging everything from classic candy corn to trendy novelties.

Or choose one of our OMNI boxes with their flush lids and rigid exteriors for protecting and gifting that perennial and glossy favorite, the candy apple.

Even grownups can get in on the fun, with hot new candies like rum-infused gummies or champagne truffles. And science says we eat with our eyes first, so any sweet treat will look superbly enticing in beautiful packaging.

makeup in plastic boxesSpooky Supplies

For those who covet the perfect zombie face or labor over a flawless clown complexion, makeup supplies are more than just a fleeting novelty. Protect, store and display these costume treasures in a plastic box that is molded in a resin designed specifically to store and protect makeup.

This makeup-friendly resin won’t react with the contents inside the box or cause chemical breakdowns. It’s also crystal clear, giving costume-lovers visible access to all their supplies.

When more than makeup is required, our G1110 hinged plastic box is the ideal complement for storing and showcasing false eyelashes. Custom inserts keep these faux fringes in place and make a lovely backdrop for display.

candy gifts in plastic boxGiving Thanks

Fall is time for family gatherings, and that’s often accompanied by feasting. The turkey may be in the oven, but special gifts look their best in clear, durable plastic boxes. From delicate cookies to specialty items like artisanal chocolate-and-candy-covered pretzels, rigid plastic boxes protect their contents and add a touch of class to food gifts.

They’re also recyclable, which is a plus for the environmentalists in the family, and they’re reusable, which means they can become a kitchen staple or even a re-gifting favorite for the creative baker!

Tabletop Décor

Rigid plastic boxes aren’t just for gifting. They make great containers for display, too. When you need a durable, lightweight, and reusable vase for flower centerpieces, our 590 round container and OMNI 570 square container are cut out for the job.

These tall containers are also ideal for more unique centerpieces and decorations, providing just the right vessel for filling with fruits, mini-pumpkins, small gourds or natural grapevine balls.

jacks game in plastic boxesGift Giving

When it comes to Hanukkah and Christmas gift packaging, the possibilities are nearly endless.

From the simple – like our hinged 800 series for packaging everything from a full deck of playing cards to a single cherished collectible card – to the unique – think puzzle games, yoyos, and princess dolls – our plastic boxes come in sizes and shapes suitable for myriad gifts.

Grownups and kids alike will appreciate gifts packaged, imprinted and displayed in a beautiful box. Plastic boxes elevate everyday gifts to something sophisticated and enticing, from candles to candy, toys to trinkets, costume jewelry, craft supplies and more.

cake in a plastic boxUnique Surprises

Our plastic boxes are food-safe, but did you also know that they can be microwaved? In a truly unique use, one confections company packages cake ingredients inside our 735R round container so that they can be “baked” right inside in only a few minutes.

The accompanying spoon, icing and decorations make this a holiday gift idea that will delight all ages.

Winter Weddings

Fall and early winter are popular wedding seasons, and weddings are big industry. From wedding favors to gifts for the bridal party to containers for housing delicate corsages, plastic boxes are perfect for protecting and showcasing their contents.

Our 4×4 OMNI is a favorite for wedding favors and make for an elegant display on any dinner table. Or, choose our 1×1 hinged boxes for jewelry and small gifts. Fit with custom flockboard in bold reds and blues or neutral blacks, they’re perfect for containing and displaying earrings, cufflinks, charms, brooches, and other tiny treasures.

If you have holiday packaging needs, we have a solution for you. Round or square, single or 18 compartments, flush lid or hinged, all of our products are food safe, recyclable, reusable and perfectly suited for custom imprinting with your logo or branding artwork.

Download our catalog or contact us online to ask how we can support all your packaging needs.