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Plastic Boxes For The Fashion And Beauty Industry

plastic boxes for fashion eyelashes

There are so many ways to use plastic boxes to store, ship, showcase and protect products that some may surprise you. From orthodontists to hobby suppliers, high-end laboratories to retail gift shops, industries across the spectrum are finding unique uses for their own products.

The myriad sizes, shapes and styles of polystyrene boxes coupled with their light weight, which makes them cost-effective for shipping, and their durability, which makes them ideal for packaging even the most fragile products, means plastic boxes are favored by manufacturers, retailers, and distributors everywhere.

One industry that has enjoyed the benefits of plastic boxes is fashion and beauty. Here are just a few of the ways that these rigid boxes are used to safeguard and highlight products, from clothing to accessories to beauty products and more.

nail polish in plastic boxesMakeup & Cosmetics

Our line of round plastic containers can be molded in a special resin that is ideal for housing makeup, from eyeshadows to powders, blush, foundations and more.

This makeup-friendly resin is beautifully transparent, durably rigid and smooth to the touch. It is excellent for printing and affords you a variety of design options for customizing and branding your products.

These specialty boxes are perfect for creating attractive packaging that won’t react with the makeup inside or suffer a chemical breakdown. The contents of the boxes are easily visible and their packaging make them welcome additions to cosmetics counters and bathroom vanities everywhere.

plastic boxes for eyelashesEyelashes

For those who want red-carpet-ready celebrity lashes, our plastic boxes are the perfect complement.

Our G1110 is a favorite for storing and highlighting those long, luxurious lashes until they’re needed. Choose a crystal clear cover with a black base for stylish display.

We can also provide custom inserts, whether it’s for a full fringe or individual lash extensions. Imprint with a logo or design for brand recognition and add a touch of class.


One of the products that started it all for us 50 years ago was the tie rider, and to this day, it’s still part of our collection.

In addition to the traditional rider, we also have boxes suited for showcasing ties. The OMNI 564 is perfectly sized to contain one artfully folded necktie for a tasteful – and protective – display.

plastic boxes for collar staysTies aren’t the only accessories for men that can be contained in one of our specially designed boxes. The OMNI 531 is exactly the right size for accommodating collar stays. Whether simple plastic stays or high-end stainless steel ones, our boxes will keep them tidy, safe and easily accessible.

Our round containers are another great option for the trappings of men’s fashion. They’re well-suited for that most familiar accessory of all – the belt. Rolled up into a neat curl, a belt will fit snugly and handsomely for a neat presentation and chic display.

And any fashion accessory will benefit from being sealed in a plastic container, protected from dust and inquisitive hands.

flockboard in plastic hinged boxesJewelry

What’s more iconic in the fashion and beauty industry than jewelry? Rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, charms – all can be strikingly displayed in a simple plastic box.

Perfectly transparent polystyrene means that the focus is on the beauty of the product inside. Rigidity means products can be easily shipped, stored and showcased. And custom cut flockboard in a variety of colors, including blue, black and red, can be used not only to highlight a piece of jewelry but to secure it carefully in its container.

Popular choices for jewelry include our 1×1 and 2×2 hinged plastic boxes. Choose any size and shape to best suit your packaging needs.

Upscale jewelry will benefit from the elegant simplicity of velvety flockboard inside a crystalline display, and costume jewelry is elevated by attractive packaging.

From fashion accessories to beauty products, we have plastic boxes that can meet your needs. Download our catalog or contact us online and let us know how we can elevate and protect your products.