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Plastic Boxes For The Holiday Season

By November 21, 2016April 6th, 2022Benefits & Uses Of Plastic Boxes
plastic boxes for holidays

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again!

The holiday season is upon us, a time when everyone’s thoughts turn to festive foods and gratifying gifts. During holiday season when a surplus of gifts explode across shelves everywhere, the right packaging can mean the difference between one that makes it to checkout and one that lays overlooked amidst the chaos.

The right containers will not only provide the right packaging and provide the benefit of long-lasting protective storage for many holiday treasures, but they can also give products that bit of extra visual pizzazz on the shelf.

plastic boxes for food

Gift Boxes For Food And Candy

The holiday rush has begun and shoppers fill stores with their lists in hand. They fill their carts and head for the checkout, confident in their planning skills. But who doesn’t need to have an extra gift box of food or candy on hand for those last minute social gatherings or that hard-to-shop-for relative?

Containers of holiday food, chocolates and candy that are beautifully packaged will not go unnoticed on retail shelves and will delight recipients with their brightly colored contents, clearly visible through the crystalline plastic.

candy compartment containers

Our OMNI collection offers a wide variety of containers that can be festively transformed with colorful ribbons and seasonal imprints, giving a thoughtful gift that much more of an eye-catching sparkle and appeal.

Most importantly, you can be assured that these BPA free containers with air tight lids are safe for food items.

plastic boxes for collectiblesPlastic Boxes For Preserving Memories

Cardboard boxes are often considered the standard for gift packaging, but in practice they don’t go nearly as far when it comes to protecting contents. Get them wet, and they break down. Stack too many beneath the tree and they can be crushed. Dust and dirt can also penetrate so easily.

Our plastic boxes provide a practical and durable storage alternative for things like pictures, collectible cards and other valuables.

Not only do plastic boxes make these items look great on retail shelves but they add long-term value to the product.

For collectible cards, our hinged 800-series containers come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate one card or a pack of cards.

Foam can be added as an insert beneath that special card to secure it and display it more effectively. Say goodbye to bent cards and dog-eared corners – plastic boxes will keep even the most delicate collectibles from damage.


yoyoPlastic Boxes Showcase Toys And Games

Remember the games and toys that came in a million pieces? Today’s computer games may get all the press, but the old-fashioned games still appeal to kids of all ages.

The right container will not only make products jump out on the shelf but will also be appreciated long after purchase when your customers have to put the pieces of favorites like pickup sticks and dominos away.

Bigger toys need a place to go too, and down the road, may be just the sort of thing to protect and preserve. Barbie dolls, Disney princess dolls, model cars and train cars are just some of the many toys that people want to keep safe and sound, and storing them in protective plastic containers will create that collectible aura while keeping them safe from sticky candycane fingers.

Our many options in both square and round containers can protect, display and organize a wide variety of games and toys, and look great in the process.

Plastic Boxes House Ideal Stocking Stuffers

You know the saying “good things come in small packages.” How much better will it be if those small things are kept safe and protected with great packaging?

There are the typical stocking stuffers: yoyos, jacks, spinning tops and puzzles. And then there are the unexpected stuffers, those small items that surprise and delight, like that ring or pair of earrings that she glanced at longingly in the store window.

Our small hinged containers provide the ideal container for those stuffers, and items like jewelry can be displayed effectively using custom cut foam inserts that come in a variety of colors.

These are just a few of the many ways our hinged and unhinged, round and square, tall and flat plastic boxes and containers can help you package your products this holiday season. If you have a speciality use and would like more information about ordering or custom imprinting and design, or if you’d like to see a sample, contact us online.