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Summer And Plastic Boxes: As Good Together As Campfires And S’Mores

By June 15, 2022October 4th, 2022Rigid Plastic Boxes

The summer season is here, and with it, all of the events, occasions and celebrations that entails. There are boardwalks and ice cream cones, barbecues and pool parties, golf outings and baseball games.

If you’re wondering what this all has to do with plastic boxes, the answer is: everything! Plastic boxes may not be the star of the show, but they show up in supporting roles that simply wouldn’t be the same without them.

In this two-part series we’ll explore some unique, clever, and interesting ways to incorporate plastic boxes into summer events and recreation. Here are five summertime experiences where plastic boxes come in handy, whether for storage, protection, display or just plain fun.

plastic box showcases watchGraduations

The proud grad is probably not thinking about plastic boxes, but retailers who want to sell gifts should be! Plastic boxes can play a central role in showcasing, protecting and later storing special moments and memories.

Some iconic graduation gifts include watches and jewelry, both ideally suited to display in a beautiful, sturdy, and reusable plastic box. Our OMNI 536X is the perfect size and shape for a wristwatch, while our 702 round container pairs particularly well with charms and necklaces.

Both can be fitted with custom inserts, such as foam, flovkbaord, or a completely custom option of your choice, for a classy and memorable presentation.

Once the gift-giving is over, these treasures can be safely stored and protected in the boxes they came in.

wedding flowersWeddings

For the happy couple’s special day, plastic boxes play an important supporting role. They can hold everything from bridal party gifts to party favors, and their crystal clear sides ensure that the item inside – and not the packaging – is the showpiece.

In fact, you might be surprised by how versatile our reusable plastic boxes are, for presentation, for showcasing, and for preserving.

Our 8 1/2 inch round 590 container is a favorite of florists for its light weight and crystal clear sides. It’s easy to ship and essentially unbreakable, making it a great choice for table centerpieces.

The 4×4 OMNI 540 or 8 inch 570 can be fitted with a unique insert that holds four stemmed flowers. They can be used to protect and showcase boutonnières or other lapel flowers, or even to hold a unique table display. They are injection-molded and seamless, so you can add water without risk of leaking.

Beyond flowers, plastic boxes are perfect for housing party favors, from candy to candles. The square OMNI 570 is perfect for stacking, imprinting with a special image, or garnishing with ribbons.

Or choose the 735 round container as a treat-filled base for a balloon display and take-home prize that any guest would be happy to have.<>

The seamless OMNI 800, at just over 12×8 with flush lid, is hard to beat for preserving memories. It can hold a full bouquet, a set of Champagne glasses, or a diorama of memorabilia, from invitations to high heeled shoes. It will keep treasures free of dust, and its clear sides will ensure that there are no distractions when gazing on the memories inside.

plastic boxes for vending claw gameBoardwalks

Few things say summer as iconically as a beachside boardwalk, complete with ice cream and arcade games. And few games are as iconic as the “claw” – every child’s (and a few grown ups, too!) dream of snagging the perfect prize.

When small treasures are the aim of the game, containers can be just as important as the prize inside. They need to be sturdy enough to stand up to repeated grabs and falls, and worthy enough to showcase the item inside.

Whether it’s a piece of fashion jewelry, a puzzle, a tiny toy car or something equally tempting, we have boxes to suit the reward. Choose from our round 705R at 2 1/2 inches, or slightly smaller 702R round, both with flush lids and easily fitted with a custom foam insert. Or go square with one of our hinged boxes, like the 1×1 square or 2×2 container, which work especially well with a flockboard insert to hold earring, necklaces or pins.

All boxes can be custom imprinted with a special logo or message for additional branding and fun.

plastic boxes for fly fishingSports

Whether casting a fishing line or teeing off, plastic boxes can be a sportsperson’s best companion. Hunters will appreciate the hinged G250, perfect for housing hunting calls.

For fitness buffs, the 735 round is suited to showcasing and storing a jump rope, or a collection of colorful exercise bands.

Our 700 series of compartment containers will hold up to sun, sand and water for those summertime fishing expeditions, keeping tackle neatly compartmentalized and protected.

Golfers will enjoy the OMNI collection with flush, fitted lids for keeping tees together, instead of scattered in pockets or on shed floors. The G790 in particular, fitted with a custom foam insert, is just the right size for golf ball markers.

And for those most memorable moments, the hinged G690 serves as the perfect showcase for a single golf ball. With its rigid, crystal clear sides, it offers the perfect showcase for commemorating a special game or winning putt.

omni gift smoresCampfires

We promised a campfire, so here it is! And what better way to end a day at summer camp than with s’mores around the campfire?

Package up the real thing in a series of OMNI boxes, seamless and crystal clear for flawless display of the treats inside. Or get creative with campfire fun and offer ready-to-eat snacks, some kettle corn or a box of kernels for popping over an open fire, a few sugar cookies, or another indulgence.

With their customizability, boxes can be imprinted with a camp logo, slogan, or other message for a truly customized event that will last long after campers leave for home.

Want some entertainment with your snacks? Our 800 series of containers offers hinged boxes in perfect sizes for holding a deck of playing cards, a pair of dice, or a small puzzle. Plastic boxes are sturdy enough to stand up to being dropped or tossed in duffel bags, and secure hinges will ensure contents don’t spill.

And that’s just the beginning! In part two we’ll share more ways that plastic boxes complement summer moments, from family reunions to rainy day amusement.

If you have a product to package and want to explore how plastic boxes can be used to store, showcase and protect, contact our team for more information and insight. We’ll help you choose sizes, types, inserts, work with you on customizations, or even design a completely custom box that suits your exact requirements.

Can’t get enough of summer fun? Check out part two where we dive into five more occasions made more fun with plastic boxes!