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Summer And Plastic Boxes: A Sunny Combination

By July 15, 2022July 18th, 2024Rigid Plastic Boxes
summer and plastic boxes

We’re in a summer state of mind, deep into a season of parties, celebrations and events. Whether they’re held seaside or table side, there’s one thing that a successful occasion needs, and it may not be what you think.

In fact, it’s something that may not be truly noticed at all, but that’s part of what makes it so important. You best party guest, if you haven’t figured out where we’re going with this, is a plastic box!

You may be wondering how a humble box can play a role in summer occasions, and that’s what we’re talking about today. This is part two in a two-part series that showcases unique, interesting and fun ways that plastic boxes can make summer days more special.

If you missed part one you can read it here. But be sure to come back, because we’ve got five more experiences to share right here, all of which highlight just how central a good box can be, whether to showcase, store, or protect the products, gifts and accessories that play the starring role in summer events.

balloonFamily Reunions

Summer is the perfect time to host a family reunion, whether at a back yard pool party, dining on a restaurant patio, or enjoying games at a park. Wherever the gathering is held, a party atmosphere calls for party decorations, and rigid, reusable plastic boxes can be an excellent foundation.

Fill a 735 round box with colorful candies, miniature seashells, sea glass, or another thematic decoration, then top with bright, bold ribbons and even balloons. The flush lids will keep items secure while making for a pleasing presentation, and boxes can go from tabletop décor to take-home party favor in an instant.

Or use boxes to create special favors, like an OMNI square with it’s crystal clear sides and flush lids, ideal for holding a small candle, etched drinking glass, framed photo, a care package that includes lip balm and sunscreen, or another unique item like a handmade memento.

OMNI boxes can easily be stacked for an impressive multi-tiered presentation that will adorn a party as easily as it can be transported home. Our rigid boxes will keep items clean and protected, can serve as a permanent showcase, or be reused or recycled afterwards.

gem stonesVacation Memories

For preserving memories, it’s hard to beat a clear, rigid plastic box. Choose any box with a flush lid to keep items clean and safe. Our boxes are sturdy enough to hold up to stacking and shipping, and so clear that they won’t stand in the way of showcasing the items inside.

Our OMNI collection is particularly prized for housing collectibles and memorabilia, from dolls to baseballs, coins to stamps. If it can be collected on a summer vacation, it can be preserved in a plastic box!

The hinged G690 is a great size for showcasing a prized golf ball to commemorate that last hole in one, while the hinged 700 series can store treasures collected at a local museum, like gemstones, shark’s teeth or fossils.

The OMNI 800, one of the largest boxes in our collection at just over 12”x8”, can hold an entire collection of items, from wine corks to seashells. Use it to protect items as effectively as display them for years of memories and enjoyment.

yoyo plastic boxRainy Days

Not all summer days come with blue skies and sunshine. But that doesn’t mean the party has to stop! Plastic boxes can deliver the fun during the rainiest of occasions, whether they’re serving up snacks or housing games and toys.

The G1585 hinged box fitted with a foam insert is just the size for the popular fidget spinner. When weather keeps the kids indoors, these little gadgets can keep idle hands busy and parents sane!

Our hinged 800 series can hold everything from decks of playing cards to dice. Choose sizes and shapes for games and puzzles of all kinds, like dominos, puzzles, jacks, yo-yos and more. The best part is that these sturdy boxes will be there for cleanup and storage after the games are over. As an added bonus, they’re immune to sticky ice cream fingers and spills, keeping items inside clean and safe.

plastic box display case collectibleSummer Camp projects

You might be surprised by how well plastic containers can make summer camp more fun. Paired with our unfinished pine wood bases, they’re excellent additions to any craft table or art class.

Our pine bases are sanded and smoothed, and pair perfectly with OMNI boxes like the rectangular 570X or 590 round, both of which serve as excellent showcase containers for those prized dolls, collectible bobbleheads, autographed baseballs, action figures, and more.

Simply place the open edge of the box into the pre-etched grooves in the base, and you’ve got the ideal platform for preserving memories. Pine bases can be painted, stained, or decorated with glue and other crafty items like sequins, beads, seashells, buttons or whatever else you can imagine.

Campers can imbue their own creativity into the project over one or more sessions, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind memento.

And for storing and organizing all those tiny crafting items, our compartment containers can’t be beat. With up to 18 individual compartments, they’re ideal for keeping tiny items separated during use, and safely tucked away afterwards. With compartments that can house additional items like ribbons, scissors, glue sticks, and other larger items, these boxes can be an invaluable addition to any craft room.

school photo plastic boxBack To School

All good things come to an end, even the lazy, hazy days of summer. But before it goes out in a blaze of glory, there’s one more event to celebrate – back to school!

And what’s more iconic during those late summer school days than class photos? Those well-groomed moments in between art classes and soccer games are some of a parent’s most treasured memories, and they deserve to be preserved and showcased as such.

Our hinged G800 boxes can hold one or a full stack of wallet-sized photos, perfect for handing out to doting relatives or showing off on a kitchen countertop.

Rigid boxes will keep photos from getting crushed in backpacks and purses, and make a great presentation as a gift for grandparents or favorite aunts and uncles.

We’ve reached the end of the summer series, but we haven’t exhausted all the ways that plastic boxes can show up at summer events to showcase, preserve, store, ship and protect everything from food to party favors, memorabilia, crafts and more.

If you have a product to package or want to learn more about how plastic boxes can play a role in your events or occasions, contact us and let us know. From boxes to inserts, imprints and other customizations, we can explore solutions and provide beautiful, durable, reusable packaging to suit your needs.