Plastic Boxes Showcase This Season’s Holiday Gifts & Treasures

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Fall and winter occasions present the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the special qualities of rigid plastic boxes, from compartment containers to hinged boxes, unhinged boxes and our seamless OMNI collection.

Here are a few seasonal uses for plastic containers that will make any event or holiday sparkle and shine. Do you have a special packaging need for your products? Let us know and we’ll design a solution for you!

candy cornTrick-Or-Treat

The kids on the block may get paper bags stuffed with bite-sized candies, but for the grandkids or any special someone, Halloween candy packaged in a crystal clear plastic box is a real treat.

Our hinged square boxes and unhinged round containers are two favorites for packaging everything from classic candy corn to trendy novelties.

Or choose one of our OMNI boxes with their flush lids and rigid exteriors for protecting and gifting that perennial and glossy favorite, the candy apple.

Even grownups can get in on the fun, with hot new candies like rum-infused gummies or champagne truffles. And science says we eat with our eyes first, so any sweet treat will look superbly enticing in beautiful packaging.

makeup in plastic boxesSpooky Supplies

For those who covet the perfect zombie face or labor over a flawless clown complexion, makeup supplies are more than just a fleeting novelty. Protect, store and display these costume treasures in a plastic box that is molded in a resin designed specifically to store and protect makeup.

This makeup-friendly resin won’t react with the contents inside the box or cause chemical breakdowns. It’s also crystal clear, giving costume-lovers visible access to all their supplies.

When more than makeup is required, our G1110 hinged plastic box is the ideal complement for storing and showcasing false eyelashes. Custom inserts keep these faux fringes in place and make a lovely backdrop for display.

candy gifts in plastic boxGiving Thanks

Fall is time for family gatherings, and that’s often accompanied by feasting. The turkey may be in the oven, but special gifts look their best in clear, durable plastic boxes. From delicate cookies to specialty items like artisanal chocolate-and-candy-covered pretzels, rigid plastic boxes protect their contents and add a touch of class to food gifts.

They’re also recyclable, which is a plus for the environmentalists in the family, and they’re reusable, which means they can become a kitchen staple or even a re-gifting favorite for the creative baker!

Tabletop Décor

Rigid plastic boxes aren’t just for gifting. They make great containers for display, too. When you need a durable, lightweight, and reusable vase for flower centerpieces, our 590 round container and OMNI 570 square container are cut out for the job.

These tall containers are also ideal for more unique centerpieces and decorations, providing just the right vessel for filling with fruits, mini-pumpkins, small gourds or natural grapevine balls.

jacks game in plastic boxesGift Giving

When it comes to Hanukkah and Christmas gift packaging, the possibilities are nearly endless.

From the simple – like our hinged 800 series for packaging everything from a full deck of playing cards to a single cherished collectible card – to the unique – think puzzle games, yoyos, and princess dolls – our plastic boxes come in sizes and shapes suitable for myriad gifts.

Grownups and kids alike will appreciate gifts packaged, imprinted and displayed in a beautiful box. Plastic boxes elevate everyday gifts to something sophisticated and enticing, from candles to candy, toys to trinkets, costume jewelry, craft supplies and more.

cake in a plastic boxUnique Surprises

Our plastic boxes are food-safe, but did you also know that they can be microwaved? In a truly unique use, one confections company packages cake ingredients inside our 735R round container so that they can be “baked” right inside in only a few minutes.

The accompanying spoon, icing and decorations make this a holiday gift idea that will delight all ages.

Winter Weddings

Fall and early winter are popular wedding seasons, and weddings are big industry. From wedding favors to gifts for the bridal party to containers for housing delicate corsages, plastic boxes are perfect for protecting and showcasing their contents.

Our 4×4 OMNI is a favorite for wedding favors and make for an elegant display on any dinner table. Or, choose our 1×1 hinged boxes for jewelry and small gifts. Fit with custom flockboard in bold reds and blues or neutral blacks, they’re perfect for containing and displaying earrings, cufflinks, charms, brooches, and other tiny treasures.

If you have holiday packaging needs, we have a solution for you. Round or square, single or 18 compartments, flush lid or hinged, all of our products are food safe, recyclable, reusable and perfectly suited for custom imprinting with your logo or branding artwork.

Download our catalog or contact us online to ask how we can support all your packaging needs.

7 Products You Might Be Surprised To Find In Plastic Boxes

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Plastic boxes are a great way to package, protect, and ship products, from sugar cookies to high end laboratory equipment. Hinged boxes are a favorite of hunting supply shops for packaging turkey and duck calls, and they’re trusted by medical companies to protect delicate optical components.

But there are some products that you may not be used to seeing in plastic boxes – and a few you may never have thought of at all! Today we’re sharing seven unique and interesting products that our customers use our plastic boxes for. Do any of them surprise you?

1. Awards

Not quite the Oscars – but awards in the form of pins and medals like those used in military celebrations and graduations, are beautifully showcased in our hinged plastic boxes. Our 1×1 container is popular for just such occasions.

They’re ideally sized, and custom foam inserts make the perfect place for sticking a pin to keep the medal in place.

pool cue tips plastic boxes2. Pool Cue Tips

If you’re a pool player, then you know that the cue tip is arguably the most important part of the cue.

The cue tip is responsible for accuracy, speed and spin, and much has been written about proper care and maintenance of this invaluable part.

That’s why plastic boxes make an ideal display and storage container. They’re strong, sturdy, and can be fit with foam inserts to hold each piece in its place.

They can even be imprinted with your logo or artwork for memorable branding.

oboe reed plastic boxes3. Oboe Reeds

The most delicate part of the oboe is the reed – and also the most important, since it’s what produces the sound.

It’s also expensive, and no musician wants to replace one unnecessarily or take one home to find out it’s been damaged from the start.

Hinged plastic boxes make excellent containers for both protecting and showcasing these fragile instrument parts.

And they’re not just good for oboe reeds – clarinet and saxophone reeds are served just as well. Soft foam inserts keep them in place and protect them from breakage. And our G425 and G540 are the perfect sizes. Imprinted with your logo they make for a beautiful and high end presentation.

fidget spinners plastic boxes4. Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are all the rage. They’re marketed as aids for everything from anxiety to attention deficit disorder and they grace store shelves everywhere.

And what better way to secure them and entice shoppers than with a crystal clear plastic box?

Foam inserts keep them nicely in place and clear lids show off the product without obscuring it. They’re easier to store and stack and can be shipped cost-effectively, too.

eyelashes plastic boxes5. Eyelashes

Those long, luxurious lashes don’t always come courtesy of Mother Nature. For those who want a more dramatic look, cosmetic eyelashes do the trick.

They’re tiny, delicate and since they’re used near the eye, it’s important to keep them clean.

Plastic boxes are suited for keeping lashes clean, safe and stored when not in use. It’s also easy to see and find them when they’re needed. Your logo or artwork on the lid makes your brand stand out on vanity counters in stores and homes everywhere.

urns plastic boxes6. Ashes

It’s common practice for veterinarians and animal hospitals to offer the ashes of cremated pets to bereaved families, and our specialty OMNI boxes offer a subdued and elegant way to store them.

Molded in opaque white, these seamless containers are a proper tribute to lost pets. They’re available in a number of sizes to accommodate ashes from pets of all kinds, and are an inexpensive yet tasteful way to honor those special individuals.

smores plastic boxes7. S’mores On A Stick

To end on a lighter note, what’s more fun than this iconic treat? Not much, except perhaps a s’more on a stick – in a box!

Turn what is otherwise an ordinary chocolate dessert into a memorable treat with this upscale display.

Kids will love it and adults will covet it. Add a logo, ribbon, or custom printed insert to make this special treat your own.

We hope this list has sparked some ideas for how you can take an ordinary product and turn it into an extraordinary treasure with the right packaging.

If you have questions or want to know more about how our boxes can be designed for your product, get in touch with us and let us know. We’re available to service all your packaging needs.

Plastic Boxes For The Fashion And Beauty Industry

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There are so many ways to use plastic boxes to store, ship, showcase and protect products that some may surprise you. From orthodontists to hobby suppliers, high-end laboratories to retail gift shops, industries across the spectrum are finding unique uses for their own products.

The myriad sizes, shapes and styles of polystyrene boxes coupled with their light weight, which makes them cost-effective for shipping, and their durability, which makes them ideal for packaging even the most fragile products, means plastic boxes are favored by manufacturers, retailers, and distributors everywhere.

One industry that has enjoyed the benefits of plastic boxes is fashion and beauty. Here are just a few of the ways that these rigid boxes are used to safeguard and highlight products, from clothing to accessories to beauty products and more.

nail polish in plastic boxesMakeup & Cosmetics

Our line of round plastic containers can be molded in a special resin that is ideal for housing makeup, from eyeshadows to powders, blush, foundations and more.

This makeup-friendly resin is beautifully transparent, durably rigid and smooth to the touch. It is excellent for printing and affords you a variety of design options for customizing and branding your products.

These specialty boxes are perfect for creating attractive packaging that won’t react with the makeup inside or suffer a chemical breakdown. The contents of the boxes are easily visible and their packaging make them welcome additions to cosmetics counters and bathroom vanities everywhere.

plastic boxes for eyelashesEyelashes

For those who want red-carpet-ready celebrity lashes, our plastic boxes are the perfect complement.

Our G1110 is a favorite for storing and highlighting those long, luxurious lashes until they’re needed. Choose a crystal clear cover with a black base for stylish display.

We can also provide custom inserts, whether it’s for a full fringe or individual lash extensions. Imprint with a logo or design for brand recognition and add a touch of class.


One of the products that started it all for us 50 years ago was the tie rider, and to this day, it’s still part of our collection.

In addition to the traditional rider, we also have boxes suited for showcasing ties. The OMNI 564 is perfectly sized to contain one artfully folded necktie for a tasteful – and protective – display.

plastic boxes for collar staysTies aren’t the only accessories for men that can be contained in one of our specially designed boxes. The OMNI 531 is exactly the right size for accommodating collar stays. Whether simple plastic stays or high-end stainless steel ones, our boxes will keep them tidy, safe and easily accessible.

Our round containers are another great option for the trappings of men’s fashion. They’re well-suited for that most familiar accessory of all – the belt. Rolled up into a neat curl, a belt will fit snugly and handsomely for a neat presentation and chic display.

And any fashion accessory will benefit from being sealed in a plastic container, protected from dust and inquisitive hands.

flockboard in plastic hinged boxesJewelry

What’s more iconic in the fashion and beauty industry than jewelry? Rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, charms – all can be strikingly displayed in a simple plastic box.

Perfectly transparent polystyrene means that the focus is on the beauty of the product inside. Rigidity means products can be easily shipped, stored and showcased. And custom cut flockboard in a variety of colors, including blue, black and red, can be used not only to highlight a piece of jewelry but to secure it carefully in its container.

Popular choices for jewelry include our 1×1 and 2×2 hinged plastic boxes. Choose any size and shape to best suit your packaging needs.

Upscale jewelry will benefit from the elegant simplicity of velvety flockboard inside a crystalline display, and costume jewelry is elevated by attractive packaging.

From fashion accessories to beauty products, we have plastic boxes that can meet your needs. Download our catalog or contact us online and let us know how we can elevate and protect your products.

Rigid Plastic Boxes Are Ideal Companion For Games, Toys, Hobbies

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diceLooking for a high-quality, cost-effective solution for packaging, shipping and displaying games and game pieces, toys and collectibles, and all the supplies and materials cherished by hobbyists and sportsmen everywhere?

Rigid polystyrene plastic boxes are the favored choice of manufacturers, retailers and distributors for good reason. They’re lightweight, which makes them less expensive to ship than other materials; strong, which makes them ideal for protecting delicate parts; crystal-clear, which means that products stored inside are on full display; and they can even be imprinted with a logo, text or other artwork to highlight your company or brand.

Here are just a few examples of products that are packaged, shipped, stored and displayed in our rigid plastic boxes. Have questions or want a sample of our boxes for your products? Contact us online and let us know how we can provide for your plastic packaging needs.

plastic boxes for toys

For The Kid In All Of Us

You’re never too old for toys, and whether it’s a single yo-yo or a collection of pristine Barbie dolls, plastic boxes are perfect companion pieces. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes suitable for everything from dominos to puzzles, pickup sticks, playing cards and more.

jacksOur hinged 800 series, for example, has sizes that can accommodate one or more decks of playing cards, whether they’re intended for kids or casinos.

Plastic boxes keep products safe during shipping and handling, make them stand out on a store shelf, and elevate the value of even the simplest product by enhancing its visual appeal. And parents love them because they serve as ideal storage containers to keep toys clean, dust-free and organized.

For The Collector

Plastic boxes, especially those in our OMNI collection, are an excellent choice for protecting and displaying collectibles. They keep grown-up toys and prized possessions dust-free and safe from younger and less-careful hands. And without hinges or seams, they put the full focus of attention on the object inside.

Dolls and figurines, model cars and trains, first edition books or valuable baseball cards can all find a safe and graceful home in a perfectly sized plastic box.

plastic boxes for hunting

For The Outdoor Person

For the sportsman, plastic boxes come in myriad sizes and styles to suit different outdoor needs.

Our G250 hinged plastic boxes are favored for hunting calls. From turkey and duck calls to big game calls, it’s easy to ship, store and display products. Add your company logo for a special branding touch, from one to four colors, or choose a foil imprint for a high-end look.

Golfers will appreciate the OMNI 539 filled with tees or our hinged G2250 set with a few special or custom imprinted balls. Any box can also be inset with custom-cut foam to enhance the display and protection of its contents.

Hinged compartment containers work well for fishing supplies, including storing and organizing bait, tackle, bobbers, lures and more. They come in a variety of configurations with varying numbers of compartments which means they work well for everything from small parts like hooks, to larger tools like pliers.

Plastic boxes are lightweight and durable, which means they can go from store shelf to fishing boat to hunting blind with ease, keeping products safe during transport.

For The Crafter

Crafters are notorious for the sheer number of supplies that they purchase and store, many of which are tiny parts like beads, buttons, foam pieces, “googly eyes”, sequins, pompoms and a whole lot more. What better way to organize and showcase these supplies than in a clear plastic box that’s easy to ship, display and store, and convenient for the crafter to open and close as needed?

Hinged compartment containers, especially those with 12 to 18 compartments, are a beautiful way to showcase and organize small crafting supplies, whether it’s a container full of the same product (like pompoms in every color of the rainbow) or one housing diverse products, like the variety of stick-on letters, flower petals, foam shapes and faux jewels favored by scrapbookers.

From glitter and glue to needles and thread, clear, hinged plastic boxes keep crafting supplies neat, visible, and make it a snap to grab what’s needed.

plastic boxes for musical instruments

For The Musician

Much as they do for crafters, sportsmen and collectors, plastic boxes offer a great way for musicians to store, protect and easily identify small parts like guitar picks and strings.

Boxes like our G425 are ideal for larger parts, like reeds. Fit with a custom foam insert, they provide an elegant resting place for musical components and protect delicate parts.

Imprinted with your company logo, they elevate mere supplies to musical treasures.

Whatever the game, toy or hobbyist’s supply that you want to package, plastic boxes are ideally suited to satisfy the needs of manufacturers, distributors and retailers by keeping shipping costs low and quality high, and satisfy end consumers with an appealing first impression and long-term convenience for storing, organizing and using products.

If you want to elevate and protect your products, contact us and let us find a solution that suits your packaging needs.

Plastic Boxes Are Valued Containers For Dentists & Orthodontists

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We’ve covered some unique industries that appreciate the clarity, durability and quality of rigid plastic boxes for packaging and protecting their products. From laboratory supplies to electronics, our boxes have been used in myriad applications.

Today we’re sharing how yet another industry finds value in plastic boxes: dental and orthodontics. If this is your niche, you can see how the dental industry is using plastic containers to package some unique items. Even if this isn’t your area of specialty, some of these examples can inspire you to consider how plastic boxes, from compartment containers to hinged, unhinged containers, and more can benefit you.

Whatever your industry, let us know how we can help with your packaging needs.

orthodontic brackets in plastic boxesPlastic Boxes Come In Many Sizes For Many Supplies

If there’s one industry that can benefit from a variety of sizes in packaging, it’s the dental industry! From tiny orthodontic necessities like separators, ligatures and brackets for braces, to larger tools like mirrors, distal cutters and pliers, there are boxes sized to suit your needs.

Our 1×1-inch hinged boxes are a popular choice for teeth and crowns. And even some of our larger hinged containers, like the G2280, are preferred for small parts since they are easily customized with your choice of insert.

From large items to small, adhesive kits to bridges, retainers, implants, wires, surgical instruments and more, you can find a box to package and protect your dental supplies.

plastic boxes for crownsCustomizable Interiors Make Packaging Simple

Many of our dental customers enjoy the flexibility to insert their own custom-crafted interiors into our plastic boxes.

Our hinged containers are ideally suited for plastic trays that separate cuspids from molars and more. The G1550, for example, can be inset with trays to keep everything from brackets to crowns neatly organized.

Some customers choose our soft ether foam inserts to support products, and still others choose custom die-cut foam specifically prepared to enfold and protect delicate and valuable components.

plastic boxes for orthodonticsProducts Are Protected

Customized interiors combined with the rigid exterior of our plastic boxes makes them a good choice for keeping everything from small parts to expensive equipment clean, safe and secure during storage. And the crystal-clear polyethylene makes it easy to see and identify products without constantly opening and closing boxes and potentially damaging or losing parts.

Consumers may be more familiar with the soft plastic containers for housing their bridges and retainers at home, but professionals and manufacturers in the dental and orthodontics industry know that these delicate components need to be secured and protected during shipping. That’s what makes rigid plastic boxes so vital. They’re durable, easily stacked, and can withstand the sometimes-rough conditions of shipping and handling.

plastic boxes with waxPlastic Boxes Can Be Imprinted

For dental labs, manufacturers, distributors and dental suppliers, custom imprinting can be an important way to make your brand visible and recognizable. Our plastic boxes can be custom imprinted with your logo, tagline or other artwork in a variety of methods depending on your needs.

Choose from hot stamp, pad print, silk screen and digital printing, in one color or full color. We also offer 50 standard foil colors for most printing methods (20 foil colors for hot stamping), including metallic gold and silver for an exclusive, high-end look.

Whatever your packaging needs, Gary Plastic Packaging has a solution. If you have questions about sizes, customizations or imprinting, contact us and let us know how we can fill your plastic packaging needs.


Plastic Boxes For Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Gifts

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It’s the time of year when we celebrate the unsung heroes of our families. The mothers and fathers who work, who play, who tie shoes, run along behind bikes, manage carpools, arrange playdates, and care for their families year-round without expectation of thanks.

So during this time of year it’s only fitting that we recognize those mothers and fathers with tokens of appreciation and gifts that remind them that we are truly grateful.

Here are a few ways that plastic boxes can elevate those gifts and ensure that they are delivered safely and elegantly to their recipients.

Old Favorites: Candy, Nuts & Other Food Items

Food is a universally valued gift, and beautiful packaging can help make it that much more enticing.

OMNI boxes are the ideal vessel for making cookies, chocolates, dried fruits, hard candies, mixed nuts and more look mouth-wateringly appealing. Their crystal clear plastic will showcase products inside, and their air-tight lids will keep food items fresh. They’re BPA free and reusable, which means when mom and dad are done enjoying their gift, they’ll have a beautiful, sturdy box that can be refilled any day of the year.

Plastic Boxes For Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Gifts

Clever Uses: Flowers

Plastic boxes aren’t just for storage. They’re great for display, too. Why go for the same old vase that every other florist uses, and try a plastic container to house floral arrangements instead?

Our round 590 container is the perfect width and height to accommodate her favorite bouquet and will showcase flowers fully in all their elegance. Wrap a bow around it, or even custom imprint a few words to say “I love you” or “Thanks for being a great mom” and you’ve got a gift with a little extra touch of something special.

The Traditional: Jewelry & Accessories

What better way to present a gift of value than in a beautiful box? Whether it’s a gold necklace for mom, or a pair of silver cufflinks for dad, hinged plastic boxes inset with velvety flock board are the perfect canvas.

Not only do they display items beautifully but they’re durable and sturdy enough to make it through shipping while protecting the contents inside.

Handmade and other distinctive items lend themselves to imprinted boxes, with unique graphics or text.

If chic fashion is what you’re going for, our plastic boxes make ideal containers for other accessories, too.

Collar stays for dad help keep him looking sharp, and can be kept in our OMNI 531, with its sturdy design and flush, tight-fitting lid.

Round containers are perfectly suited for belts, rolled up and securely fitted.

Or showcase an artfully designed tie in a flat, hinged box.

Everything from socks, to scarves, hats and bow ties are all products that our customers have found creative ways to showcase and secure in one of our plastic boxes.

collectibles and toysFor Fun: Games, Collectibles & Hobby Items

You’re never too old for toys. But the older we get, the more careful we tend to be with our treasures. That’s why plastic boxes are great for toys, games and collectibles of all sorts.

OMNI boxes make a lovely showcase for dolls, model trains or cars, even prized books or a set of baseball cards. Their hard casing protects the items inside, and they keep collectibles free from dust and inadvertent damage from curious young hands.

For the avid golfer, the OMNI 539 makes for ideal storage and display of tees.

Choose a hinged plastic box for highlighting a few golf balls, or an OMNI box for gifting a bunch. Much like the balls themselves, their containers can be custom imprinted with a special image or message.

hunting callsFor the sportsman, present a hunting call in one of our G250 hinged plastic boxes. From turkey calls to duck calls and more, they’re easily imprinted with your company logo.

Or choose a hinged compartment container for displaying and storing fishing tackle.

There are boxes suited for playing cards, guitar picks, puzzle games or just about anything that you want to display and protect. Whatever their pastime, mom and dad will enjoy having a place to store it securely and beautifully.

Our plastic boxes come in myriad styles, shapes and sizes and can be fit with custom foam or flock board inserts to suit your product’s needs. Whatever your packaging needs, contact us and let us elevate your product display to gift-worthy levels.

Laboratories Use Plastic Boxes To Safeguard Optics, Mirrors, More

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We’ve written often about common uses for our polystyrene plastic boxes, from winter holidays to springtime gifts, spanning industries from retail to sports, electronics and more.

But the rigid, clear boxes that we manufacture have many specialized uses, too. One of the unique applications for our boxes is in the medical field, specifically for laboratories that manufacture and distribute high-end, sensitive specialty equipment. These are examples of the options they choose and why our hinged plastic boxes are ideal for shipping and safeguarding some of the most delicate, and valuable, components in the industry.

Rigid Plastic Boxes Protect Fragile Components

Laboratories Use Plastic Boxes To Safeguard Optics, Mirrors, MoreManufacturers of laboratory components for the medical industry know how important it is to protect these vital products. The tiniest chip, ding or dent can go unnoticed yet compromise and destabilize results for customers down the road.

Packaging for laboratory components is more than simply practical – it is key in assuring that the products that affect healthcare outcomes are delivered to their end destination flawlessly.

Our rigid plastic containers are ideally suited to protect sensitive parts including optical elements like lenses, dielectric mirrors, filters, prisms and more. Our G1400 series is the most popular option for optics and lenses, and come in a variety of heights from 1/2 inch to 3 7/8 inches to accommodate a range of products. Our 1×1 and 2×2 hinged boxes are also popular and are available in multiple heights depending on your needs.

The hard plastic keeps components safe, while the crystal clear nature of the boxes makes it easy to see contents without obscuring them.

Hinged boxes are especially beneficial because they comfortably snap open and closed without the risk of dislodging components inside. Where a box without hinges poses a risk that the item may be ejected if the lid is pulled off too forcefully, hinged boxes make it easy to open lids and remove items safely.

With the price points of some of these specialty components ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars for a single two-inch mirror, for example, it’s easy to see why the right box is so important.

Rigid plastic boxes are ideal for protecting products during shipping, too. As an added benefit, the square and rectangular shapes make them easy to stack and store, cutting down on shipping costs and saving on storage space.

For environmentally conscious companies, our boxes are also reusable and recyclable, making them a good choice for saving money and keeping them from landfills.

You can visit our full line of hinged plastic boxes here.

Customize Boxes To Suit Your Needs

With their smooth, crystal clear surfaces, our boxes are perfect for custom imprinting. Add your logo, artwork or design in any standard color with pad printing, hot stamping or silk screening. Hot stamping can also be used for gold or silver foil. Learn more about custom imprinting options here.

If you need foam inserts, we have a variety of options including ether foam, ester foam and anti-static foam. We can also custom die-cut and size foam inserts to work with your requirements.

For sensitive laboratory components, we find that our customers prefer to design and produce their own inserts. Our boxes are versatile enough to be custom-fit with the insert of your choice. Thermoformed plastic clamshell inserts are a popular choice among our medical customers because they are ideally suited to keep components protected and dust-free.

At Gary Plastic Packaging Corp., we understand that laboratories and medical customers have timely and specific needs. That’s why we are committed to a continuous production schedule for the boxes that our customers require most, so that they can fulfill their obligations to their customers. We also provide volume discounts so if you have a question about how we can provide your medical lab with rigid, hinged plastic boxes for the protection, storage and shipping of your products, contact us online or call our New York manufacturing facility at 718-893-2200. We’re available to work with you and provide for all of your plastic packaging needs.

7 Industries That Love Plastic Compartment Containers For Display & Storage

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Our hinged, plastic compartment containers have myriad uses across industries from retail to manufacturing, medical, automotive and more. They’re reusable and recyclable, making them a favorite of consumers, and can be imprinted with your logo or artwork, making them completely customizable and memorable.

They’re crystal clear, which means products displayed within are easily seen and highlighted. They are also food-safe and can be used as-is, or with foam inserts that can be custom-sized and die-cut to fit any product that you need secured.

Here is just a sampling of some of the industries that use our compartment containers and the unique uses that showcase and store their products.

7 Industries That Love Plastic Compartment Containers For Display & Storage

1. Food

We recently talked about how our OMNI boxes are often the ideal choice for food storage and display, due to a seamless and air-tight design that keeps food fresh.

But even compartment containers are highly popular among food retailers, thanks to individual sections that make it easy to display items separately. From individually flavored jelly beans to hard candies, colored sugars or sprinkles, even mixed nuts and chocolates, it’s easy to see how compartment containers can make products stand out and delight the recipient.

Since these boxes are hinged rather than fitted with flush lids like OMNI boxes, they are best used when shrink-wrapped with food items inside. Add a logo, custom label or decorative bow, and any item showcased in these boxes makes a great gift.

2. Arts And Crafts

Crafters know that any project can be accompanied by endless small pieces. And what better way to organize and display craft items than in the individual sections of a compartment box?

Compartment containers are ideally suited for beads, jewelry-making items like clasps, gems or thread, tiny scrapbooking items like lettering, stickers or adhesive tape, and even sewing or needlework supplies like spools, buttons, zippers, pins and more.

Plus, because these boxes are crystal clear, a view of the items inside won’t be obscured.

3. Sports

Hinged compartment containers are a perfect solution for shipping, storing and organizing fishing tackle. Hooks, lines, bobbers, sinkers, lures and even pliers can all be kept in a designated compartment and safely transported.

Plus, these containers are available in a variety of compartment configurations, which makes them versatile enough to store everything from small pieces to long tools.

4. Industrial Supplies

For everyone from contractors to home improvement DIYers, compartment containers offer an easy way to organize and store small parts. Separate the nuts from the bolts, and organize different sizes of screws, washers, nails and other supplies.

Store and organize networking supplies like Ethernet jacks, modular plugs, termination tools and testers.

From janitorial to electrical, compartment containers can house anything from utility knives to wire connectors. Choose ESD containers to store or ship static sensitive parts.

5. Music Companies

Guitar players know how easy it is to lose and even break picks. Add to the mix the myriad styles, colors, sizes, thicknesses and materials, and it’s clear where compartment containers fit in.

In addition to keeping small music supplies organized, the clear containers make it easy to find exactly the desired item inside.

Different configurations of compartments make room for other accessories, like strings, tuners, strap buttons, humidification supplies and more.

6. Office Supplies

Forget “the junk drawer” – our plastic compartment containers will keep an office stocked, supplied and organized, too. Compartment containers can’t be beat for offering easy display, storage and access to small office supplies like tacks, binder and paper clips, rubber bands, Velcro tabs, staples, and just about any small part you can imagine.

Uniformly sized compartments are great for separating similar items – whether paper clips from binder clips, or purple tacks from green ones.

For even more versatility, variable sized sections make it easy to store larger items like pens, scissors and tape strips.

7. Medical

Our two- and four- compartment boxes are a favorite of optometrists, labs and hearing aid suppliers.

Coupled with foam inserts, they are ideal for safeguarding and securing delicate items like lenses and other medical supplies.

Our crystal clear, plastic compartment containers are suited to many industries for many purposes. If you would like a catalog or a sample of one of our boxes, contact us online. We’re available to help with all of your product packaging needs.

OMNI Boxes Are The Perfect Packaging Choice For Spring Occasions

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omni bottle gift packagingAs the daffodils bloom and the weather warms up, there’s plenty of social activity going on. Mailboxes are filled with invitations to Christenings and Graduations. Families make plans for Purim and Easter. And along with the parties, holidays, and events, go gifts. What better way to package, protect and showcase those gifts than with beautiful, durable plastic boxes?

Our OMNI collection is exactly what retailers, party suppliers, and food companies need to create stunning gift and holiday displays worthy of any recipient. Here are just some of the reasons to love OMNI containers, and how they can be used for springtime festivities.

Package, Protect & Display Food

OMNI boxes are food-safe and BPA-free. They also have airtight lids which makes them ideal containers for preserving freshness. And they are made from durable, heavy duty and crystal clear plastic so their contents will really stand out.

Some of the food gifts that customers have assembled in OMNI boxes include specialty pretzel rods, caramel or chocolate drizzled popcorn, individually wrapped candies, whole or shelled nuts, gourmet cookies and more.

Our tall boxes even make great containers for specialty or customized water bottles, juices and other bottled beverages.

omni gift smoresOMNI boxes are the ideal companion to the Purim and Easter holidays. For gifting holiday foods, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Turn Packaging Into Art

The flat, clear surfaces of OMNI containers are well suited for custom imprinting so your gifts can be branded with your logo, personalized lettering or artwork.

From silk screening to pad printing, one color or four, printing on a single side or all sides, with standard inks or metallic foils, we have options to turn your boxes into masterpieces.

Plus, the shape and the smooth, seamless design of OMNI boxes makes them perfect for embellishing. Add bows, ribbons or even cellophane wrapping to turn any gift into something unique that will bring joy to its recipient, and keep them coming back for more.

omni plastic boxes candy giftsDesign Great Looking Gifts

Packaging is an important component of any gift. Choose wisely, and the gift will impress and delight. In fact, the right packaging adds class and elegance to even the humblest of gifts.

Our plastic OMNI boxes do more than just safeguard and showcase gifts. The brilliantly clear plastic turns any item into a high-end gift, whether you’re packaging chocolate bark, lollipops, bottled water or toys.

Just as their harmonious design makes for ideal imprinting and even embellishing, it also adds a touch of refinement. Hinged boxes have myriad uses but only the smooth design of OMNI boxes truly delivers style!

OMNI boxes have been a favorite of food companies, retailers, gifters, Kosher markets and specialty grocery stores for decades. Airtight, crystal clear, available in multiple sizes and shapes and perfect for imprinting – visit our collection and imagine your products showcased inside.

If you have questions or would like to discuss ordering these plastic boxes for your next holiday or event, let us know. We’re here to service all your packaging needs.

Why Are Polystyrene Boxes An Ideal Choice For Storage And Display?

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When it comes to choosing packaging materials for product shipping, display, protection or storage, you have plenty of options. From common cardboard to glass, stainless steel and myriad plastics, there’s no shortage of containers from which to choose.

But sometimes, the clear winner when it comes to packaging is the polystyrene plastic box. Here are 9 reasons that they make excellent containers and the advantages they have over other materials.

Ideal Visibility

Polystyrene can be molded into crystal clear plastic containers that make the perfect choice for displaying products. Whether they’re used to store and showcase collectibles, or stage items for sale on a retail shelf, these boxes will protect without getting in the way of the viewer.

Their clear plastic sides allow light to filter through from all directions, creating an ideal setting to highlight the product inside.

polystyrene box flocked insertRigid For Product Protection

A rigid plastic box protects far more effectively during shipping and storage than its cardboard or soft plastic counterparts. It won’t collapse, bend, flex or sag, but will keep its items safely tucked inside, reducing the likelihood of damage and loss.

Add in a standard or custom die-cut insert and you have an ideal protective environment.

Saves On Shipping Costs

Rigid polystyrene is lightweight enough to control shipping costs and sturdy enough to be stacked, saving on storage and transport space. Unlike glass, which is also much heavier and can be costly to ship, it won’t shatter under bumpy conditions.

polystyrene plastic box food safeSafe For Food

Crystal clear polystyrene boxes not only make a great display platform for food products but they don’t retain any unpleasant styrene smell and they are considered safe to be in contact with food according to FDA standards.

Plus, consumers buy with more confidence when they can see the product inside a container, and these containers – whether round, square or compartment – can be reused and repurposed by crafters, hobbyists, collectors or just enthusiastic bakers and candy makers.

Inexpensive Compared To Other Materials

Not only is it more cost effective to ship these lighter weight containers, but they are also less expensive to produce than, say a glass or steel product. Polystyrene is also less expensive than many other types of plastics.

Can Be Imprinted

If you want to create a branded or truly custom experience, polystyrene plastic boxes can be imprinted with your logo, artwork, message or just about anything you can imagine. You can choose from hot stamping, pad printing, silk screening, and digital imprinting.

Whether you want a single color or many, your image will stand out on its own against the clear container, allowing you to literally leave your mark on every box.

plastic box yoyo displaySpeaks To Quality

You’ve probably been told not to “judge a book by its cover” but the truth is that we do exactly that every day. People are quick to make snap decisions, and who can blame them, when their choices are so extensive and varied?

There’s no doubt that the quality of your product packaging speaks to the quality of your product and may just mean the difference between a good first impression or one that sends a customer moving on.

Display products in a crystal clear, rigid container – perhaps with the perfect foam insert – and quality is immediately imprinted upon your customer’s mind, giving your product a higher perceived value.

Can Be Shaped

Polystyrene can be molded into various shapes to perfectly suit your packaging needs. Choose from a wide variety of heights, widths, depths and sizes, hinged and unhinged, square, rectangular, compartment and even round. Looking for something entirely custom? Chances are you can get exactly what you need with molded polystyrene.

Can Be Recycled

Much is made of plastic’s impact on the environment, but these boxes can not only be reused but also be recycled. Environmentally conscious companies and consumers can rest easier knowing their products are safe and the plastic that protects them doesn’t need to end up in a landfill.

We’ve been providing the rigid plastic packaging that our customers need since 1963. If you have a packaging need, let us know how we can accommodate you.