Plastic Boxes For Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Gifts

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It’s the time of year when we celebrate the unsung heroes of our families. The mothers and fathers who work, who play, who tie shoes, run along behind bikes, manage carpools, arrange playdates, and care for their families year-round without expectation of thanks.

So during this time of year it’s only fitting that we recognize those mothers and fathers with tokens of appreciation and gifts that remind them that we are truly grateful.

Here are a few ways that plastic boxes can elevate those gifts and ensure that they are delivered safely and elegantly to their recipients.

Old Favorites: Candy, Nuts & Other Food Items

Food is a universally valued gift, and beautiful packaging can help make it that much more enticing.

OMNI boxes are the ideal vessel for making cookies, chocolates, dried fruits, hard candies, mixed nuts and more look mouth-wateringly appealing. Their crystal clear plastic will showcase products inside, and their air-tight lids will keep food items fresh. They’re BPA free and reusable, which means when mom and dad are done enjoying their gift, they’ll have a beautiful, sturdy box that can be refilled any day of the year.

Plastic Boxes For Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Gifts

Clever Uses: Flowers

Plastic boxes aren’t just for storage. They’re great for display, too. Why go for the same old vase that every other florist uses, and try a plastic container to house floral arrangements instead?

Our round 590 container is the perfect width and height to accommodate her favorite bouquet and will showcase flowers fully in all their elegance. Wrap a bow around it, or even custom imprint a few words to say “I love you” or “Thanks for being a great mom” and you’ve got a gift with a little extra touch of something special.

The Traditional: Jewelry & Accessories

What better way to present a gift of value than in a beautiful box? Whether it’s a gold necklace for mom, or a pair of silver cufflinks for dad, hinged plastic boxes inset with velvety flock board are the perfect canvas.

Not only do they display items beautifully but they’re durable and sturdy enough to make it through shipping while protecting the contents inside.

Handmade and other distinctive items lend themselves to imprinted boxes, with unique graphics or text.

If chic fashion is what you’re going for, our plastic boxes make ideal containers for other accessories, too.

Collar stays for dad help keep him looking sharp, and can be kept in our OMNI 531, with its sturdy design and flush, tight-fitting lid.

Round containers are perfectly suited for belts, rolled up and securely fitted.

Or showcase an artfully designed tie in a flat, hinged box.

Everything from socks, to scarves, hats and bow ties are all products that our customers have found creative ways to showcase and secure in one of our plastic boxes.

collectibles and toysFor Fun: Games, Collectibles & Hobby Items

You’re never too old for toys. But the older we get, the more careful we tend to be with our treasures. That’s why plastic boxes are great for toys, games and collectibles of all sorts.

OMNI boxes make a lovely showcase for dolls, model trains or cars, even prized books or a set of baseball cards. Their hard casing protects the items inside, and they keep collectibles free from dust and inadvertent damage from curious young hands.

For the avid golfer, the OMNI 539 makes for ideal storage and display of tees.

Choose a hinged plastic box for highlighting a few golf balls, or an OMNI box for gifting a bunch. Much like the balls themselves, their containers can be custom imprinted with a special image or message.

hunting callsFor the sportsman, present a hunting call in one of our G250 hinged plastic boxes. From turkey calls to duck calls and more, they’re easily imprinted with your company logo.

Or choose a hinged compartment container for displaying and storing fishing tackle.

There are boxes suited for playing cards, guitar picks, puzzle games or just about anything that you want to display and protect. Whatever their pastime, mom and dad will enjoy having a place to store it securely and beautifully.

Our plastic boxes come in myriad styles, shapes and sizes and can be fit with custom foam or flock board inserts to suit your product’s needs. Whatever your packaging needs, contact us and let us elevate your product display to gift-worthy levels.

Laboratories Use Plastic Boxes To Safeguard Optics, Mirrors, More

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We’ve written often about common uses for our polystyrene plastic boxes, from winter holidays to springtime gifts, spanning industries from retail to sports, electronics and more.

But the rigid, clear boxes that we manufacture have many specialized uses, too. One of the unique applications for our boxes is in the medical field, specifically for laboratories that manufacture and distribute high-end, sensitive specialty equipment. These are examples of the options they choose and why our hinged plastic boxes are ideal for shipping and safeguarding some of the most delicate, and valuable, components in the industry.

Rigid Plastic Boxes Protect Fragile Components

Laboratories Use Plastic Boxes To Safeguard Optics, Mirrors, MoreManufacturers of laboratory components for the medical industry know how important it is to protect these vital products. The tiniest chip, ding or dent can go unnoticed yet compromise and destabilize results for customers down the road.

Packaging for laboratory components is more than simply practical – it is key in assuring that the products that affect healthcare outcomes are delivered to their end destination flawlessly.

Our rigid plastic containers are ideally suited to protect sensitive parts including optical elements like lenses, dielectric mirrors, filters, prisms and more. Our G1400 series is the most popular option for optics and lenses, and come in a variety of heights from 1/2 inch to 3 7/8 inches to accommodate a range of products. Our 1×1 and 2×2 hinged boxes are also popular and are available in multiple heights depending on your needs.

The hard plastic keeps components safe, while the crystal clear nature of the boxes makes it easy to see contents without obscuring them.

Hinged boxes are especially beneficial because they comfortably snap open and closed without the risk of dislodging components inside. Where a box without hinges poses a risk that the item may be ejected if the lid is pulled off too forcefully, hinged boxes make it easy to open lids and remove items safely.

With the price points of some of these specialty components ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars for a single two-inch mirror, for example, it’s easy to see why the right box is so important.

Rigid plastic boxes are ideal for protecting products during shipping, too. As an added benefit, the square and rectangular shapes make them easy to stack and store, cutting down on shipping costs and saving on storage space.

For environmentally conscious companies, our boxes are also reusable and recyclable, making them a good choice for saving money and keeping them from landfills.

You can visit our full line of hinged plastic boxes here.

Customize Boxes To Suit Your Needs

With their smooth, crystal clear surfaces, our boxes are perfect for custom imprinting. Add your logo, artwork or design in any standard color with pad printing, hot stamping or silk screening. Hot stamping can also be used for gold or silver foil. Learn more about custom imprinting options here.

If you need foam inserts, we have a variety of options including ether foam, ester foam and anti-static foam. We can also custom die-cut and size foam inserts to work with your requirements.

For sensitive laboratory components, we find that our customers prefer to design and produce their own inserts. Our boxes are versatile enough to be custom-fit with the insert of your choice. Thermoformed plastic clamshell inserts are a popular choice among our medical customers because they are ideally suited to keep components protected and dust-free.

At Gary Plastic Packaging Corp., we understand that laboratories and medical customers have timely and specific needs. That’s why we are committed to a continuous production schedule for the boxes that our customers require most, so that they can fulfill their obligations to their customers. We also provide volume discounts so if you have a question about how we can provide your medical lab with rigid, hinged plastic boxes for the protection, storage and shipping of your products, contact us online or call our New York manufacturing facility at 718-893-2200. We’re available to work with you and provide for all of your plastic packaging needs.

7 Industries That Love Plastic Compartment Containers For Display & Storage

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Our hinged, plastic compartment containers have myriad uses across industries from retail to manufacturing, medical, automotive and more. They’re reusable and recyclable, making them a favorite of consumers, and can be imprinted with your logo or artwork, making them completely customizable and memorable.

They’re crystal clear, which means products displayed within are easily seen and highlighted. They are also food-safe and can be used as-is, or with foam inserts that can be custom-sized and die-cut to fit any product that you need secured.

Here is just a sampling of some of the industries that use our compartment containers and the unique uses that showcase and store their products.

7 Industries That Love Plastic Compartment Containers For Display & Storage

1. Food

We recently talked about how our OMNI boxes are often the ideal choice for food storage and display, due to a seamless and air-tight design that keeps food fresh.

But even compartment containers are highly popular among food retailers, thanks to individual sections that make it easy to display items separately. From individually flavored jelly beans to hard candies, colored sugars or sprinkles, even mixed nuts and chocolates, it’s easy to see how compartment containers can make products stand out and delight the recipient.

Since these boxes are hinged rather than fitted with flush lids like OMNI boxes, they are best used when shrink-wrapped with food items inside. Add a logo, custom label or decorative bow, and any item showcased in these boxes makes a great gift.

2. Arts And Crafts

Crafters know that any project can be accompanied by endless small pieces. And what better way to organize and display craft items than in the individual sections of a compartment box?

Compartment containers are ideally suited for beads, jewelry-making items like clasps, gems or thread, tiny scrapbooking items like lettering, stickers or adhesive tape, and even sewing or needlework supplies like spools, buttons, zippers, pins and more.

Plus, because these boxes are crystal clear, a view of the items inside won’t be obscured.

3. Sports

Hinged compartment containers are a perfect solution for shipping, storing and organizing fishing tackle. Hooks, lines, bobbers, sinkers, lures and even pliers can all be kept in a designated compartment and safely transported.

Plus, these containers are available in a variety of compartment configurations, which makes them versatile enough to store everything from small pieces to long tools.

4. Industrial Supplies

For everyone from contractors to home improvement DIYers, compartment containers offer an easy way to organize and store small parts. Separate the nuts from the bolts, and organize different sizes of screws, washers, nails and other supplies.

Store and organize networking supplies like Ethernet jacks, modular plugs, termination tools and testers.

From janitorial to electrical, compartment containers can house anything from utility knives to wire connectors. Choose ESD containers to store or ship static sensitive parts.

5. Music Companies

Guitar players know how easy it is to lose and even break picks. Add to the mix the myriad styles, colors, sizes, thicknesses and materials, and it’s clear where compartment containers fit in.

In addition to keeping small music supplies organized, the clear containers make it easy to find exactly the desired item inside.

Different configurations of compartments make room for other accessories, like strings, tuners, strap buttons, humidification supplies and more.

6. Office Supplies

Forget “the junk drawer” – our plastic compartment containers will keep an office stocked, supplied and organized, too. Compartment containers can’t be beat for offering easy display, storage and access to small office supplies like tacks, binder and paper clips, rubber bands, Velcro tabs, staples, and just about any small part you can imagine.

Uniformly sized compartments are great for separating similar items – whether paper clips from binder clips, or purple tacks from green ones.

For even more versatility, variable sized sections make it easy to store larger items like pens, scissors and tape strips.

7. Medical

Our two- and four- compartment boxes are a favorite of optometrists, labs and hearing aid suppliers.

Coupled with foam inserts, they are ideal for safeguarding and securing delicate items like lenses and other medical supplies.

Our crystal clear, plastic compartment containers are suited to many industries for many purposes. If you would like a catalog or a sample of one of our boxes, contact us online. We’re available to help with all of your product packaging needs.

OMNI Boxes Are The Perfect Packaging Choice For Spring Occasions

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omni bottle gift packagingAs the daffodils bloom and the weather warms up, there’s plenty of social activity going on. Mailboxes are filled with invitations to Christenings and Graduations. Families make plans for Purim and Easter. And along with the parties, holidays, and events, go gifts. What better way to package, protect and showcase those gifts than with beautiful, durable plastic boxes?

Our OMNI collection is exactly what retailers, party suppliers, and food companies need to create stunning gift and holiday displays worthy of any recipient. Here are just some of the reasons to love OMNI containers, and how they can be used for springtime festivities.

Package, Protect & Display Food

OMNI boxes are food-safe and BPA-free. They also have airtight lids which makes them ideal containers for preserving freshness. And they are made from durable, heavy duty and crystal clear plastic so their contents will really stand out.

Some of the food gifts that customers have assembled in OMNI boxes include specialty pretzel rods, caramel or chocolate drizzled popcorn, individually wrapped candies, whole or shelled nuts, gourmet cookies and more.

Our tall boxes even make great containers for specialty or customized water bottles, juices and other bottled beverages.

omni gift smoresOMNI boxes are the ideal companion to the Purim and Easter holidays. For gifting holiday foods, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Turn Packaging Into Art

The flat, clear surfaces of OMNI containers are well suited for custom imprinting so your gifts can be branded with your logo, personalized lettering or artwork.

From silk screening to pad printing, one color or four, printing on a single side or all sides, with standard inks or metallic foils, we have options to turn your boxes into masterpieces.

Plus, the shape and the smooth, seamless design of OMNI boxes makes them perfect for embellishing. Add bows, ribbons or even cellophane wrapping to turn any gift into something unique that will bring joy to its recipient, and keep them coming back for more.

omni plastic boxes candy giftsDesign Great Looking Gifts

Packaging is an important component of any gift. Choose wisely, and the gift will impress and delight. In fact, the right packaging adds class and elegance to even the humblest of gifts.

Our plastic OMNI boxes do more than just safeguard and showcase gifts. The brilliantly clear plastic turns any item into a high-end gift, whether you’re packaging chocolate bark, lollipops, bottled water or toys.

Just as their harmonious design makes for ideal imprinting and even embellishing, it also adds a touch of refinement. Hinged boxes have myriad uses but only the smooth design of OMNI boxes truly delivers style!

OMNI boxes have been a favorite of food companies, retailers, gifters, Kosher markets and specialty grocery stores for decades. Airtight, crystal clear, available in multiple sizes and shapes and perfect for imprinting – visit our collection and imagine your products showcased inside.

If you have questions or would like to discuss ordering these plastic boxes for your next holiday or event, let us know. We’re here to service all your packaging needs.

Why Are Polystyrene Boxes An Ideal Choice For Storage And Display?

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When it comes to choosing packaging materials for product shipping, display, protection or storage, you have plenty of options. From common cardboard to glass, stainless steel and myriad plastics, there’s no shortage of containers from which to choose.

But sometimes, the clear winner when it comes to packaging is the polystyrene plastic box. Here are 9 reasons that they make excellent containers and the advantages they have over other materials.

Ideal Visibility

Polystyrene can be molded into crystal clear plastic containers that make the perfect choice for displaying products. Whether they’re used to store and showcase collectibles, or stage items for sale on a retail shelf, these boxes will protect without getting in the way of the viewer.

Their clear plastic sides allow light to filter through from all directions, creating an ideal setting to highlight the product inside.

polystyrene box flocked insertRigid For Product Protection

A rigid plastic box protects far more effectively during shipping and storage than its cardboard or soft plastic counterparts. It won’t collapse, bend, flex or sag, but will keep its items safely tucked inside, reducing the likelihood of damage and loss.

Add in a standard or custom die-cut insert and you have an ideal protective environment.

Saves On Shipping Costs

Rigid polystyrene is lightweight enough to control shipping costs and sturdy enough to be stacked, saving on storage and transport space. Unlike glass, which is also much heavier and can be costly to ship, it won’t shatter under bumpy conditions.

polystyrene plastic box food safeSafe For Food

Crystal clear polystyrene boxes not only make a great display platform for food products but they don’t retain any unpleasant styrene smell and they are considered safe to be in contact with food according to FDA standards.

Plus, consumers buy with more confidence when they can see the product inside a container, and these containers – whether round, square or compartment – can be reused and repurposed by crafters, hobbyists, collectors or just enthusiastic bakers and candy makers.

Inexpensive Compared To Other Materials

Not only is it more cost effective to ship these lighter weight containers, but they are also less expensive to produce than, say a glass or steel product. Polystyrene is also less expensive than many other types of plastics.

Can Be Imprinted

If you want to create a branded or truly custom experience, polystyrene plastic boxes can be imprinted with your logo, artwork, message or just about anything you can imagine. You can choose from hot stamping, pad printing, silk screening, and digital imprinting.

Whether you want a single color or many, your image will stand out on its own against the clear container, allowing you to literally leave your mark on every box.

plastic box yoyo displaySpeaks To Quality

You’ve probably been told not to “judge a book by its cover” but the truth is that we do exactly that every day. People are quick to make snap decisions, and who can blame them, when their choices are so extensive and varied?

There’s no doubt that the quality of your product packaging speaks to the quality of your product and may just mean the difference between a good first impression or one that sends a customer moving on.

Display products in a crystal clear, rigid container – perhaps with the perfect foam insert – and quality is immediately imprinted upon your customer’s mind, giving your product a higher perceived value.

Can Be Shaped

Polystyrene can be molded into various shapes to perfectly suit your packaging needs. Choose from a wide variety of heights, widths, depths and sizes, hinged and unhinged, square, rectangular, compartment and even round. Looking for something entirely custom? Chances are you can get exactly what you need with molded polystyrene.

Can Be Recycled

Much is made of plastic’s impact on the environment, but these boxes can not only be reused but also be recycled. Environmentally conscious companies and consumers can rest easier knowing their products are safe and the plastic that protects them doesn’t need to end up in a landfill.

We’ve been providing the rigid plastic packaging that our customers need since 1963. If you have a packaging need, let us know how we can accommodate you.

Plastic Box Foam Inserts For Packaging & Display

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Whether you’re ordering round plastic boxes or square, hinged or unhinged, compartment containers, ESD boxes or more, you’ve got myriad options for inserts that can be included to secure, protect and showcase whatever you’re placing inside.

Here are some of the types of inserts that you can choose and when they may suit your packaging needs.

ether foam die cut inserts

Ether Foam

Ether is a polyurethane foam that is one of the most common insert choices. It is a low density, soft foam available in two of the most common and neutral color palettes: blue and charcoal gray. While custom colors are available on request, we find these two options to be selected for their aesthetic beauty and how well they highlight boxed products without competing for attention.

Ether foam inserts come in many thicknesses, from 1/8 inch up to 1 inch thick for maximum protection.

Our ether foam can be cut to fit any plastic box or container in our catalog, and can also be die cut to any custom shape and size to suit your packaging needs. Whether you’re packaging cosmetics or toys, collectibles or jewelry, ether foam can be precisely die cut so your product can be inserted and protected perfectly.

Ester Foam

Polyester (or ester) foam inserts are available in dark gray, and like its ether cousin, is available in many thicknesses, from 1/8 inch up to 1 inch thick. It is also a low-density foam, and differs from ether in that ester foam is more porous, not quite as soft as ether foam, and somewhat less likely to tear or discolor for a very long time.

Ester can also be sized and die cut to fit any plastic box and meet your packaging needs. So why choose ester or ether? For many, it comes down to color choice, but both are an inexpensive, customizable option for padding, protection and display.

flocked foam inserts


This higher-end packaging insert is typically used for packaging and displaying jewelry. Unlike the soft foams, it is thin and sturdy, often with pinholes to accommodate products like brooches, cuffs or earrings.

Flockboard is available in blue, red or black and can be die cut to fit any box, designed with or without pinholes, and has the added capability of being able to maintain a crease so it can be folded to stand up in a display box.

pink anti static foamAnti-Static Foam

This polyethylene insert is designed especially for protecting and displaying electronics components, from memory chips and motherboards to highly sensitive medical equipment.

Pink anti-static inserts are a relatively inexpensive option available in a single density, with three thickness choices: 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 inch.

Black conductive foam inserts are available in medium and high density, in thicknesses from 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8, up to 1/2 inch.

A low-density polyurethane black conductive foam is also available.

If you’re looking for a highly durable and exceptionally strong insert, choose a cross-linked black conductive foam, which is designed for scenarios that require a thicker foam. This foam will not tear, has a firm texture and is impervious to mold, mildew and bacteria, making it an ideal shock absorber and thermal insulator.

ether foamSpecial Order Inserts

If you have a particular application that requires a specific thickness, color or material, you can special order custom inserts designed exclusively for your packaging needs.

From specialized die cuts, to layered inserts, to adhesives and more, we can create the right packaging for your products.

You can even order our inserts alone for use in your own packaging, without ordering our plastic boxes. Contact us and let us know what you need, and we’ll design a packaging solution to fit.


Plastic Boxes For The Holiday Season

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It’s that most wonderful time of the year again!

The holiday season is upon us, a time when everyone’s thoughts turn to festive foods and gratifying gifts. During holiday season when a surplus of gifts explode across shelves everywhere, the right packaging can mean the difference between one that makes it to checkout and one that lays overlooked amidst the chaos.

The right containers will not only provide the right packaging and provide the benefit of long-lasting protective storage for many holiday treasures, but they can also give products that bit of extra visual pizzazz on the shelf.

plastic boxes for food

Gift Boxes For Food And Candy

The holiday rush has begun and shoppers fill stores with their lists in hand. They fill their carts and head for the checkout, confident in their planning skills. But who doesn’t need to have an extra gift box of food or candy on hand for those last minute social gatherings or that hard-to-shop-for relative?

Containers of holiday food, chocolates and candy that are beautifully packaged will not go unnoticed on retail shelves and will delight recipients with their brightly colored contents, clearly visible through the crystalline plastic.

candy compartment containers

Our OMNI collection offers a wide variety of containers that can be festively transformed with colorful ribbons and seasonal imprints, giving a thoughtful gift that much more of an eye-catching sparkle and appeal.

Most importantly, you can be assured that these BPA free containers with air tight lids are safe for food items.

plastic boxes for collectiblesPlastic Boxes For Preserving Memories

Cardboard boxes are often considered the standard for gift packaging, but in practice they don’t go nearly as far when it comes to protecting contents. Get them wet, and they break down. Stack too many beneath the tree and they can be crushed. Dust and dirt can also penetrate so easily.

Our plastic boxes provide a practical and durable storage alternative for things like pictures, collectible cards and other valuables.

Not only do plastic boxes make these items look great on retail shelves but they add long-term value to the product.

For collectible cards, our hinged 800-series containers come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate one card or a pack of cards.

Foam can be added as an insert beneath that special card to secure it and display it more effectively. Say goodbye to bent cards and dog-eared corners – plastic boxes will keep even the most delicate collectibles from damage.


yoyoPlastic Boxes Showcase Toys And Games

Remember the games and toys that came in a million pieces? Today’s computer games may get all the press, but the old-fashioned games still appeal to kids of all ages.

The right container will not only make products jump out on the shelf but will also be appreciated long after purchase when your customers have to put the pieces of favorites like pickup sticks and dominos away.

Bigger toys need a place to go too, and down the road, may be just the sort of thing to protect and preserve. Barbie dolls, Disney princess dolls, model cars and train cars are just some of the many toys that people want to keep safe and sound, and storing them in protective plastic containers will create that collectible aura while keeping them safe from sticky candycane fingers.

Our many options in both square and round containers can protect, display and organize a wide variety of games and toys, and look great in the process.

Plastic Boxes House Ideal Stocking Stuffers

You know the saying “good things come in small packages.” How much better will it be if those small things are kept safe and protected with great packaging?

There are the typical stocking stuffers: yoyos, jacks, spinning tops and puzzles. And then there are the unexpected stuffers, those small items that surprise and delight, like that ring or pair of earrings that she glanced at longingly in the store window.

Our small hinged containers provide the ideal container for those stuffers, and items like jewelry can be displayed effectively using custom cut foam inserts that come in a variety of colors.

These are just a few of the many ways our hinged and unhinged, round and square, tall and flat plastic boxes and containers can help you package your products this holiday season. If you have a speciality use and would like more information about ordering or custom imprinting and design, or if you’d like to see a sample, contact us online.

Why Plastic Boxes Are Perfect For Fall Storage And Display

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Throughout the year, there are countless ways that plastic boxes are the best way to organize and package a variety of products, but in the fall there are specific applications that make these versatile containers a top choice.

Hunting Season

Boxes for animal calls are one of our biggest sellers, and with good reason. What better way for the hunter to organize their calls for big game, bird, predator and turkey hunting?

Our clear plastic, hinged G250 box is not only lightweight but durable, making it an ideal choice for display, storage and easy access. Plus, it can be imprinted with your logo or design to perfectly customize it.

plastic boxes for hunting calls

Halloween Makeup

A makeup collection can grow in a hurry, especially for those whose passion is creating the perfect zombie face.

This is where our round containers can save the night. These can be molded in a specific makeup-friendly resin (SAN/NAS)—not the standard polystyrene—so makeup will not only be easy to see and access, it will also be safe from chemical breakdown.

Use these plastic boxes to store and display other accessories, eyelashes, and every other product imaginable.

omni food plastic boxesTasty Holiday Gifts

People are shopping for the holiday season earlier and earlier every year, and one of the staples everyone likes to have on hand for last minute get-togethers is a beautifully packaged assortment of candy, nuts, or chocolate.

We offer a wide variety of plastic containers that can be festively transformed with colorful ribbons, and customized with your logo or seasonal imprint, giving a thoughtful gift that much more sparkle and appeal.

Most importantly, you can be assured that these BPA free containers with air tight lids from our Omni or round collection are safe for food content.

Containing The Knickknacks

It’s inevitable – as the holiday season gets underway, knickknacks and decorations creep in and take over a home from Halloween straight through to the New Year.

Lights, decorations and vintage keepsakes will all find safe storage inside our plastic boxes, from compartment containers for organization, to our OMNI collection for beautiful display. They’re great for showcasing products, and their durability and reusability adds extra value for customers when they need a place to store those items at season’s end.

While these are some of the most popular ways our containers are used during the fall season, 53 years in the business has taught us that the possibilities are truly endless. So, if you have a specialty use in mind and would like more information, please contact us online and we’ll help you bring it together.

hunting calls in hinged plastic boxes

Top 10 Questions About Plastic Boxes

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For over 50 years, Gary Plastic packaging has been designing and manufacturing plastic boxes for storage, shipping, display and protection. We’ve serviced industries from retail to food, pharmaceuticals, government and more. While each of our customers has their own unique needs, a few questions often come up in our industry. These are the top ten questions we’re asked.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please get in touch and let us know. We’re here to serve your packaging needs.

1. What material are your boxes made of?

Our high quality plastic boxes are made of crystal polystyrene. It’s ideally suited for plastic packaging due to its rigidity, stability and insulating qualities. It is naturally transparent but can be colored if the application calls for it. Some of our products can be ordered in clear, black, white or blue coloring.

food safe plastic boxes2. Are they food safe?

Yes, our boxes are BPA-free and safe for food. If you plan to vacuum seal the boxes, our hinged compartment containers make great boxes for displaying and selling candies. Our OMNI collection or unhinged boxes are ideally suited for food because the lids fit securely, helping to keep food clean and fresh.

3. How do I purchase your plastic boxes?

Ordering is easy – you can call us directly at 718-893-2200 and one of our dedicated customer service reps will work with you to fulfill your packaging needs. Or, you can email your order to

If you’d like a sample prior to your purchase, you can request one online here.

4. Do you offer inserts?

Yes! Our customers include everyone from jewelry retailers to electronics manufacturers, many of whom want either a beautiful display or quality protection.

We cut inserts in many colors and sizes to fit all of our boxes. Foam, flocked or thermoformed inserts are available in a wide selection of colors and can easily be die cut to securely hold your product. In addition, the box can be inverted and the insert can serve as a platform to display your product.

5. How long will my order take to process?

Lead time is approximately 3 weeks for an order, unless we have your desired products in stock, in which case your order can ship in as little as 1-2 days after you place the order.

Many of our customers place their orders up to 3 months in advance to ensure that they have the packaging they need to plan ahead.

6. Are your measurements inside or outside dimensions?

Our hinged boxes are inside dimensions and our OMNI and unhinged collection are outside dimensions.

7. Do you sell individual pieces?

No, we only sell in carton increments. Check our product pages or catalog for the number of pieces that are included in a carton. Remember, if you’d like a single sample you can request one online.

imprinted plastic boxes8. Do you imprint on the boxes?

Yes, we do. We can customize your plastic boxes to include a logo, tagline or other artwork at your request. Our imprint methods include hot stamp, pad print, silkscreen and digital imprint.

For more information about the types of imprinting and their best use cases, you can read more on our blog here.

9. Is shipping free?

Shipping is not included and will be added to the order based on size and weight. We use common carriers depending on which provides us with the optimal cost and delivery time.

Alternatively, we can ship your order using your FedEx or UPS account number if you have one.

10.  What is the minimum order?

Our minimum quantity order is a single carton. Check our catalog or product pages for the number of pieces in a carton.

While there is no minimum dollar amount, we do add a $10 handling fee for any order under $100 (excluding freight charges).

Do you have another question about our plastic boxes, customizations, applications, ordering or something we haven’t covered here? Call us at 718-893-2200 or contact us online and let us know how we can help.

Features And Benefits Of ESD Plastic Boxes

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Since 1978, the Stat-Tech division of Gary Plastic Packaging Corp. has specialized in the development and manufacturing of injection molded, rigid plastic packaging for the protection of static sensitive electronic parts.

Our ESD boxes have been used across industries from the military to aerospace and engineering, protecting and securing highly sensitive and valuable components. They are ideal for tools, fiber optics, electronic components including memory chips, motherboards and hard drives, semiconductors, laser diodes, high precision resistors, circuit breakers, cabling and more.

We combine function and aesthetic to offer the highest quality products trusted by some of the largest names in top industries. Here is some important information about our ESD boxes and how they can be used for the safety and protection of your static sensitive products.

ESD plastic boxESD Boxes Are Available In A Wide Array Of Options

Our rigid and protective anti-static plastic boxes are available in over 65 sizes and a variety of materials, with a choice of four foam inserts, including low density, medium density and high density black conductive foam, and pink antistatic foam. Our full catalog has over 350 stock sizes that can be designed to perfectly suit your needs with custom die cut foam inserts.

Our ESD plastic boxes are also available in black conductive or transparent, amine-free ASFD.

Foams Can Be Die Cut To Your Specifications

All foams are anti-corrosive and can be sized and die cut to precisely cradle and protect your products. Foams are available in 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ thickness.

Our customers often choose the pink foam for its cost effectiveness and black for its display qualities, variety of densities and elegance. Whatever you choose, each type is designed to provide maximum protection for your sensitive items and components.

Each Foam Has Unique Characteristics

Our static dissipative foam is manufactured from polyethylene in the pink traditionally associated with ESD protection. It contains an additive that continually migrates to the surface of the foam, creating an anti-static layer that both dissipates electronic charges and repels dust. It is characterized by its long lifespan, uniform thickness and durability.

Our low density black conductive foam is manufactured from polyurethane. It is non-corrosive, displays antistatic properties even in humid conditions and has an indefinite lifespan. It’s an ideal choice for protecting components from vibrations and physical shocks during handling.

Finally, both our medium density and high density black conductive foams are made using nitrogen gas, rendering them C.F.C. free and H.C.F.C. free. Their purity and anti-sloughing characteristics have earned them a leading position in the electronics industry. Both are non-corrosive and engineered specifically for use in electronics industries.

Hinged ESD boxESD Boxes Can Be Imprinted

Enhance ESD protection with a custom imprint using the ESD warning logo on each box. Additional information can also be custom imprinted to suit your specific application, including your company name and address, logo and even product-specific information.

ESD Boxes Provide Surface Resistivity

Black conductive packaging has a surface resistivity of <10(5) ohms/sq. For high antistatic properties, our ASFD boxes are made of acrylic and have a surface resistivity of >10(5) and < 10(12).

If you have a static sensitive product that requires specialized ESD packaging, you can download our full catalog of plastic boxes and containers. Then call us at 718-893-2200 or contact us online and let us meet your packaging needs.