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Celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day With Plastic Boxes

cookies in plastic boxes

If you have a sweet tooth you’re going to love July 9th, designated National Sugar Cookie Day. This delicious confection can be traced back to Pennsylvania’s German community in the 1700s, where it first found its way from bakeries into the heart and soul of America and spread to dessert tables everywhere.

As mouth-watering as that sounds, you may be wondering what that has to do with plastic boxes. Turns out, more than you might think! Whether you plan to gift, store, or ship them, bake or buy them, use them as party favors, centerpieces or just heavenly after-dinner treats, plastic boxes make excellent companions for these international sugary delights.

Here are some creative ways that our boxes can be cookie companions. If you’ve got a sweet treat, we’ve got a packaging solution!

For Crumble-Free Packaging

Sugar cookies may be delicious but nobody really wants to eat a handful of crumbs. Sadly, many a dessert has ended up broken, cracked or squashed in a bag or cardboard box.

Especially if you plan to transport cookies – whether they’re being shipped cross-country or packed into the trunk of a car on their way to a housewarming party – rigid packaging is a must.

Our OMNI collection makes an excellent choice for showcasing tasty treats. They’re so crystal clear that it will almost look like the cookies are floating in mid-air, as ethereal as they surely taste. And with rigid sides, they’re sure to protect the contents inside even if they’re stacked or jostled.

Flush lids make a seamless presentation and seal cookies in for freshness. Add shrink wrap and you’ve got an airtight case for crispy delicacy. Plus, all of our boxes are food-safe and BPA-free.

Best yet, they are all reusable, so after the cookie monsters finish their job, the box will be waiting for a whole new freshly baked batch.

For Gift-Worthy Display

When it comes to sugar cookies, artistry is almost a given. They’re glazed, sugared, iced, painted and decorated, often by hand and with exquisite care.

These are artisan creations, not something that should be tossed into a paper bag or cardboard box, not even one with a clear cellophane window. No, these cookies deserve a platform as lovely as they are, one that will showcase rather than obfuscate, highlight rather than eclipse.

Our rigid plastic boxes are just that – a platform for protecting and showcasing contents without getting in the way. Seamless and clear, they won’t upstage the stars of the show but will merely provide an elegant theater for letting the cookies shine.

There are many ways to customize our boxes, including imprints, inserts, the addition of ribbons, bows or balloons. They can be stacked, or packed in a complementary configuration and wrapped. Display a single perfect cookie or multiple rows of them. Whatever size and shape you need, there’s bound to be a box – hinged or unhinged, round, square or rectangle, tall or short – to fit.

As A Decorator’s Companion

Of course, there’s usually more to a cookie than the sugar-and-flour concoction itself. The decorations count, and there are plastic boxes for those, too.

Our compartment containers are ideal choices for tiny confections, from sprinkles to edible glitter, sanding sugar, confetti and more. Divide supplies by type, with a little bit of each in its own compartment, or create a multi colored display all of one kind, such as all sprinkles or all confetti, with red, blue, yellow and other colors confined safely to their own spaces.

Compartment containers can also hold other decorating necessities, like icing bags and decorating tips of various sizes and shapes.

And since all our boxes are food safe and reusable, a clever baker can use the individual compartments to mix icings with food coloring for hand-painted designs. The boxes won’t absorb the liquids, making cleanup with a little soap and water afterwards a breeze!

For Special Cookie Creations

What do you get when you combine our rigid boxes with a specially-bored plastic insert? The perfect container for cookie flowers!

Cookie bouquets are popular for everything from wedding tables to graduation celebrations, birthday parties, housewarming gifts or just about any occasion that demands a smile.

Just choose one of our OMNI boxes and include a special plastic insert to hold up to four “stems”. Add some beads or colorful glass stones, a bit of crinkle paper, or some carefully arranged metallic garland at the bottom and you’ve got a classy presentation for a unique treat.

These boxes with plastic inserts can be used to create table centerpieces, one-of-a-kind gifts, or simply protective and gorgeous displays for worthy products.

cookie brittlePackaging Sells

In a world where messages for food products bombard us from every direction, it’s critical to make sure that your product is not only protected during shipping and display, but is noticed by consumers who have more choices than ever.

Packaging can ultimately sell a product, by making it eye-catching, enticing, and instilling a sense of quality and value. The right packaging has been demonstrated in studies to increase excitement and happiness in the recipient, and to increase the perceived value of the product by as much as 50%.

Even when it comes to something as inherently enjoyable as the beloved sugar cookie, its packaging can actually make a difference in just how enjoyable the experience is.

A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but a cookie in low-end, unappealing or dull packaging won’t taste it!

If you have sweet treats, cookies or otherwise, that need high end but affordable packaging, contact us and let us know. Our packaging specialists can offer recommendations and find ways to design a solution that works for you.