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These Plastic Boxes & Products Are Trusted By The Medical Profession

medical products

Medical professionals and supplies are getting a lot of attention these days as the novel coronavirus pandemic plays out across the world. We here at Gary Plastics packaging have made key changes to our production facility that enable us to manufacture some essential supplies.

But did you also know that we regularly manufacture plastic boxes and products that have been trusted for decades by professionals across the medical industry? These are some of the boxes and other products used by professionals from dentists to lab researchers, and why they’re ideal choices for medical purposes.

face shield stylesPlastic Face Shields

This is one of the more timely products available to anyone who wants a physical barrier against airborne particles from coughs, sneezes and liquids. Rather than being designed to filter air, they’re designed to provide a protective barrier against droplets propelled through the air.

The shields that we manufacture are made in the USA, right in our New York facility. Made from crystal clear and fog resistant PETE plastic, they provide 360-degree unobstructed vision. Most glasses can be worn underneath without risk of scratching.

These masks are used in grocery, retail, food service and delivery, and other professions where contact with others is often necessary.

As an added safety measure, all masks are passed through a UV light sanitizing station before final packaging.

You can learn more about these masks and the various styles here.

Contact us online or via phone with questions or to purchase larger quantities.

ear savers for face masksEar Savers

Face masks are only as effective as your diligence in wearing them. After long periods of time, however, they can become restrictive and uncomfortable. Part of the problem is that everyone’s head, ears, and face are uniquely sized and shaped, and many protective face products are designed with a “one sized fits most” approach.

If you’re not “most” then you may become uncomfortable and find yourself tempted to remove the mask. Fortunately, there’s a better solution.

Our plastic ear saver is a band that hugs the back of your head and provides various hooking slots for those annoying ear bands. They’re designed to alleviate irritation and discomfort around the ears caused by wearing face masks for extended periods of time.

With three slots, these bands can turn a “one sized fits most” mask into one that truly does fit anyone. They’re available in multiple colors so you can wear your protective gear in style.

forehead thermometerForehead Thermometer

One of the indicators of good health is proper body temperature. As commercial locations begin to reopen, they’re being advised to take everyone’s temperature before allowing guests, customers, visitors or employees in.

A high temperature is a sure sign that someone should be home and quarantined, so it’s important not to skip this recommendation. That’s why we’ve included a reusable forehead thermometer with each order of face shields so that the wearer can easily check their temperature any time.

The thermometer is sealed in a white, plastic hinged case, and comes with instructions for your convenience. It is American-made and FDA registered medical device #1526410.

plastic boxes hinged for orthodontists and dentistsPlastic Boxes For Orthodontics

In the fields of orthodontics and dentistry, products and supplies come in a multitude of sizes. From tiny braces to tools like mirrors and distal cutters, these supplies need a safe, sturdy and clean storage container.

Rigid, hinged plastic boxes are an excellent choice for shipping, stacking, and even customizing with personal logos and imprints to represent your practice.

They’re suited for custom inserts, which can be exceptionally useful for separating and safeguarding crowns, brackets and more. Fit them with custom die-cut foam for protecting delicate items, or your own specialized cardboard or plastic inserts, and you can protect, easily see and access essential items.

Our 1×1 hinged box is popular for teeth and crowns, and our G1550 is often inset with custom-crafted interiors to keep tiny items like crowns and brackets separate.

Read more about plastic boxes used by dentists and orthodontists, and let us know how we can help package your products.

specialty color plastic boxesHinged Boxes For Specialty Lab Use

All of our boxes are crystal clear, rigid, reusable and recyclable. Quality and consistency is what makes them so trusted and widely used. Our boxes may share many characteristics, but one thing that’s always changing is how they’re used!

One person’s craft storage box is another person’s specialty lab research box. The beauty of our polypropylene boxes is that they’re as functional in retail as in bioscience.

In medical research and specialty lab use, our boxes have a special advantage. They’re resistant to corrosion, heat, compression, and organic impregnant, which makes them superior to other plastic options.

Our boxes are also injection-molded, which means they are formed seamlessly, and resistant to cracks, breaks and weaknesses that plague products that are glued together.

With sturdy hinges, they are easily opened and closed without breaking or spilling contents. They’re available in many sizes and shapes, with one or more compartments, as well as available in a variety of translucent colors that can be used to categorize samples.

The compartments of these boxes make ideal lanes for processing chemiluminescent blots or gels.

For more about lab use read this, and let us know what your lab needs are so we can provide a solution for you.

Boxes For Optics And Mirrors

The medical industry is responsible for some of the most delicate and valuable components known. Products like lenses, prisms, and mirrors can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single item that can fit in the palm of your hand.

Not only are these items costly, but a single dent or chip can render them useless. These products need serious protection, and that’s what our boxes provide.

Their rigid, injection-molded sides keep components secure, while custom die-cut foam inserts perfectly cradle valuable items in a safe environment. Sealed components are kept clean, and can be safely stored and transported.

Our G1400 series is a popular ice for optics and lenses, with heights from 1/2 inch to 3 7/8 inches for housing a variety of sizes.

Find out more about how our boxes are suited to protect specialty equipment.

two compartment plastic boxBoxes For Hearing Aids

Some of our smallest boxes, including the G702 in a two-compartment configuration, are a favorite for hearing aids. Couple them with foam inserts and they make the perfect environment for safely transporting and storing these important items.

Hinges make it easy to access the contents of the box, and their clear sides keep contents visible.

Gary Plastic Packaging has been manufacturing plastic products and packaging since 1963. There’s a reason our customers have trusted us with everything from nuts and chocolate to specialty medical equipment. If you have a medical use case and need a packaging provider, contact us and let us know. We’re available to answer questions, make recommendations, and find a solution that works for you.