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Personal Protective Face Shields Made In The USA

By May 8, 2020October 4th, 2022Specialty Products
Personal Protective Face Shields: Covid-19 Barriers Made In The USA

We live in unprecedented times. We’re more connected than ever, but many suddenly find themselves isolated as we battle the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet even during the most challenging times, essential workers and healthcare professionals risk their own health and lives in service to all of us.

That’s why personal protective equipment is so vital at this time, and why we at Gary Plastic Packaging have converted production in our New York factory to produce Personal Protective Face Shields. Face shields are one component in an important safety protocol that includes maintaining an appropriate physical distance of at least six feet, avoiding touching your face, and regular thorough hand-washing.

These shields are simple yet effective at protecting those in high-risk scenarios, and are available in both small and large quantities at a time when everyone from nurses to drive-through employees are concerned about their continued health and safety.

Find out more about our three styles of face shields and contact us if you have questions or would like to purchase.

About Our Face Shields

All three styles of our face shields are manufactured in the USA, right in our New York facility, and authorized by the FDA under an EUA for use by healthcare providers as personal protective equipment. They are passed through a UV light sanitizer station prior to final packing and follow GMP and hygienic best practices.

In addition to being authorized for healthcare professionals, these face shields are ideal for grocery, retail, pharmacy, food service, takeout, and other service employees. They provide protective cover when in public and help to restrict touching the face with hands, two key components in an effective safety strategy.

How They’re Made

Our shields are made from a clear, fog-resistant  PETE  plastic with a  thickness  of 0.012″, offering crystal clear, undistorted vision both indoors and out.

The shields provide enough clearance that most glasses can be worn beneath without risk of scratching.  The plastic shield component measures 9″ high by 13″ wide and includes a comfortable polyurethane foam forehead rest.

face shield stylesThree Shield Types

Based on your budget and use case, there are three styles of face shield  to choose from.

The FS101 face shield comes fully assembled with an elastic headband that fits most.

The FS104 face shield comes assembled with an adjustable elastic polyisoprene band so that it can be fine-tuned to perfectly suit the comfort of the wearer.

For the budget-conscious, the FS105 face shield ships with an elastic band on the back with instructions for self-assembly.

All shields are a lightweight, comfortable and protect your face.

Additional Services

Each of the shield types can be optionally imprinted with the name of an organization, encouraging word, or other branding message. Imprints are done on the portion of the shield that overlaps the forehead rest so that they never interfere with visibility.

How To Buy

Our face shields are in stock and ready to ship.

The FS101 is available in small quantities as few as five or ten pieces through the link on our homepage.

All of our shields are available in large quantities as well, in cartons of 100 pieces each.

Call us at (800) 227-4279 or contact us online with questions or to purchase. For an even quicker ordering process, complete the order form online and enter the product number along with the quantity you desire and someone will be in touch promptly to finalize your order and take billing information.

If you, your organization, or someone you know needs protection against the new coronavirus or similarly transmitted disease, a face shield in combination with the CDC’s recommendations for safe conduct can literally save lives.

Please be safe and healthy as we navigate this unprecedented crisis.