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Invite Our Rigid, Reusable And Recyclable Plastic Boxes To YOUR Halloween Party

By October 29, 2019April 6th, 2022Rigid Plastic Boxes
halloween popcorn

It’s the spookiest time of the year! Halloween is upon us, and that means a plethora of creepy eyeballs, scary ghosts, cackling witches, giant spiders, and… yes, plastic boxes!

Like any good celebration, Halloween can benefit from our clear, rigid, reusable and recyclable plastic boxes. Wondering how our boxes can accompany zombies, vampires and other eerie phenomenons? We’ve got plenty of ghoulish inspiration right here!

eyelashes plastic boxesTo Store & Protect Costume Accessories

When it comes to Halloween costumes, there’s really an endless array of accessories and trinkets that can perfect a look. From oversized earrings for pirates, to bowties for dapper-looking characters, to pointy vampire and werewolf cuspids, costume accessories need a good, strong home to keep them clean and safe from year to year.

Our round containers with flush lids are perfect for storing costume jewelry, like this 705R or its slightly smaller cousin the 702R. Add a custom foam insert to safeguard items like necklaces, earrings and charms. Or try a square hinged container, like this 1×1 or 2×2 with a custom flock board insert to secure items inside.

Both round and square plastic boxes come in a variety of sizes so you can store anything from a flat medallion necklace to a tall, flashy ring.

For other accessories, like luxuriously long false eyelashes, the G1110 hinged plastic box comes in a variety of ideal widths and lengths. Any of our boxes can be custom imprinted or matched with a custom insert to provide just the right setting for unique and special halloween costume-wear.

makeup in plastic boxesSpecial Containers For Storing Costume Makeup

Halloween makeup can be as simple as a few shades of eyeshadow and lipstick for creating a 70s disco dancer look, or as vast as the shades used to craft the perfect zombie face. From pale vampires to colorful clowns, makeup is bound to make an appearance at any Halloween party!

When it comes to storage, makeup needs special treatment. It must be kept clean so the wearer will be safe from bacteria and other contamination, and it must be stored in containers that are suited to its chemical composition.

Our round containers can be manufactured in a special resin that makes an ideal makeup storage container. It won’t react chemically with makeup as other plastics might, and the sealed flush lids will keep contents dust- and contamination-free. This is especially important for makeup used around the eyes and other sensitive areas.

These containers can be personalized and customized to suit your needs, with crystal clear lids to give the aspiring zombie, clown, or other mythical creature at-a-glance access to contents inside.

For other makeup supplies, like colorful bottles of nail polish, our OMNI 543 is just the right size. It looks great, can be stacked and packaged with others to create a full set of color options for a particular costume, and adds a touch of elegance plus extra shatter-proof protection to fragile items.

candy cornTo Gift Candy & Sweets

All of our boxes are made of food-safe, BPA-free polypropylene. That makes them perfect storage containers for candy and treats of all kinds.

Our hinged compartment containers are great for presenting an assortment of treats, from gummy pumpkins to candy corn. They make the perfect baker’s accompaniment, too, filled with different colored sugars, sprinkles, and other unique cake or cupcake toppings like tiny eyes, mini spiders and sugar jack-o-lanterns.

These can be shrink-wrapped and adorned with seasonal ribbons and bows for an air-tight treat.

Our OMNI boxes are a favorite of food suppliers for all occasions, and they shine at Halloween with everything from a collection of candy corn to flavored popcorn. This OMNI 550 is the perfect size for individual treats, whether they’re party favors or gifts for special little goblins.

A tall OMNI like the 570X can beautifully hold a single artisan candy apple, or a collection of specialty pretzel rods dipped in chocolates and decorative holiday candy.

Our OMNI boxes are especially good for stacking and combining into grand and impressive towers of treats. During a holiday season dominated by flimsy paper containers and bulk candy in lightweight plastic bags, any treat that’s packaged in a crystal clear, rigid plastic box will be worlds above the competition in elegance and delight.

And all our boxes are reusable, which means the recipient can continue to fill them with candy or other items long after the last treat has been devoured.

To Organize & Store Craft Supplies

Holidays bring out the crafters, and crafters bring out myriad supplies to create their masterpieces. From scrapbooks to jewelry, it can be a challenge to keep all those supplies neat, clean and safe. But with our plastic boxes, that challenge disappears!

Our compartment containers come in a variety of configurations to suit all types of crafting collections. The G1157 or G1177 can hold everything from larger items like ribbons, stickers, and jewelry threading tools, to tiny ones like beads, pompoms and sequins. Each item is kept neatly organized in its own space and the hinged lid is easy to open and close, providing quick access to contents.

This 48718 has 18 compartments for a variety of tiny crafting treasures. Fill with beads and charms for jewelry making, or try tiny hard candy O’s, sugar hoops or gummies for making bracelets of the edible variety!

gourmet popcorn in rigid plastic boxesFor The Best Trunk-Or-Treat In The Neighborhood

It’s all the rage, and it’s gaining in popularity. Parents gather in a local parking lot, fill up their trunks with candy, and kids walk around collecting their treats. If you’ve never celebrated Halloween this way, you might be surprised by just how enthusiastic families can be about decorating their cars and offering amazing treats.

And when it comes to amazing treats, packaging them in a clear, rigid, reusable and recyclable plastic box is a great way to start.

Everything from our round boxes with flush lids to our elegant OMNI boxes can be filled with treats and offered to neighboring trunkers.

Our tiny 1×1 hinged square can hold a few small treats, one special treat, or even a special, non-edible toy. Our tiny OMNI 531 at just over 3 inches tall is ideal for holding candy in a container that the recipient can reuse later for school supplies or even as a lunchbox addition with a new tiny treat every day.

From party favors to holiday supplies, our plastic boxes can be configured and customized to meet a wide variety of product packaging needs. If you have an idea or a product to package, contact us and let us know. We’ll work with you to find the right solution for all your packaging needs.