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Plastic Boxes And Wood Bases: A Match Made In Heaven

By September 12, 2019July 22nd, 2024Customizations
wood bases for plastic boxes

You may already know that you can customize our boxes for your products by adding custom-cut foam and flockboard inserts. For fresh flowers or other stemmed items, we offer plastic inserts with pre-cut holes to secure and showcase the contents inside.

You may also be aware of the myriad ways you can custom imprint our boxes with your logo, brand or artwork, whether in a single color, multiple colors, or PMS-matched right to your specifications.

In fact, there are so many ways to customize our boxes that you may want to brush up on your options! From size, shape and color, to lid style and more, our reusable, recyclable, lightweight and injection-molded plastic boxes can be designed to suit your precise packaging needs.

And now there’s yet another way to extend our plastic boxes, turning them into the perfect showcase and storage option for a wide variety of products. See how adding one of our pre-grooved wood bases to select plastic boxes can enhance and highlight your products.

plastic box display case collectibleAs Inexpensive & Lightweight Display Cases

Glass is the traditional option used as a display case for collectibles, and while it may be clear and lovely, glass has several disadvantages. It’s heavy, comparably expensive, and of course it can break if accidentally hit or dropped.

Recyclable polystyrene, on the other hand, is equally crystal clear, but it is far less expensive and far more durable than its glass counterpart. Plus, our plastic boxes are injection-molded which means they are as seamless as glass, with no awkward edges or seals.

Combined with our lightweight, unfinished pine bases, they make perfect display cases for special treasures and collectibles, from action figures and bobbleheads, to autographed baseballs and wedding bouquets.

The groove in the base can be fitted with a variety of our standard boxes, like the tall 570X (for those dolls and action figures) or the 540 square (ideal for commemorative baseballs).

Square is not the only option, however. Our bases can be chosen in a round configuration and fitted with our tall round 590, for example, for a beautiful, durable display.

round display baseFor Kids’ Parties, Craft Fairs And Classrooms

These pine bases are sanded, smoothed, and left unfinished, so whether you’re storing collectibles or using them for an art project, you can customize them to perfectly complement the contents of the display.

Paint or stain them, even glue items to the outer edges. The outer edge, at approximately 1.5 inches wide, is perfect for adding a name and date, or for decorating.

The versatility of these bases makes them great for crafts, classrooms and as activities for children’s parties. These bases are available in small quantities for personal use. Just contact us and let us know what size and shape you’re looking for, and we’ll put together a package for you.

If you have questions about how these bases can be used with our boxes, or would like to purchase bases or boxes for your products or personal use, let us know. Our product specialists are available to design a solution that works for you.