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Plastic Boxes Throughout The Seasons: Rigid, Reusable & Recyclable Packaging

By August 6, 2019April 6th, 2022Rigid Plastic Boxes

Whatever the season, if you’re a retailer, gift business, food and beverage company or in another consumer industry, then you’re always thinking ahead to the next season, and the next. Planning means better preparation, better management and of course more opportunity to get just the right branding, message and experience in front of your customers at just the right time.

If you’ve got a packaging need, we’ve got a solution! Here are some ways that our customers have used our plastic boxes to take advantage of seasonal events and occasions so that you can start thinking about how to most effectively package yours.


Quite possibly one of the most jam-packed seasons of the year, winter arrives with a host of opportunities to capitalize on popular events with beautiful packaging.

The season kicks off with two holidays that go hand in hand with packaging: Hanukkah and Christmas. And when it comes to options, you’ve got plenty.

yoyo plastic boxOur plastic boxes are fantastic gifting containers, with their sturdy, crystal clear sides that both highlight and protect the products inside. Our hinged 800 series is great for small gifts and stocking stuffers, like a deck of playing cards, a set of jacks, or any manner of small puzzles, brainteasers and toys.

No season is better suited for food gifts, whether they’re for family and friends, teachers, coworkers, the party hostess, or just those hard-to-shop-for folks.

For food items, our OMNI boxes can’t be beat. They’re strong and sturdy, and will protect even the most delicate, artisanal items from damage. Think craft chocolates, artisan cookies and other unique treats. They’re also air-tight for a protective seal and 100% food-safe and BPA-free. Perhaps best of all, when the treats inside are gone, our boxes can be reused and repurposed for whatever the recipient’s heart desires. No more bland, disposable packaging ending up in landfills!

jewelry in round rigid plastic boxesBut winter holidays don’t end there! Before you know it, Valentine’s Day is upon us and romantics everywhere will be looking for something to impress a loved one. While there isn’t much that’s impressive about a plain cardboard box, a crystal clear plastic one that showcases and highlights its product is sure to be received enthusiastically. For the retailer, that means a better shelf presentation and higher perceived value.

Our round containers are favorites for everything from pins and earrings, to charms, pendants and other jewelry. Our 701 round at 1 3/8 inches, and its slightly larger cousin the 702 round at 1 5/8 inches are both ideal for tiny and precious treasures. These containers have flush lids for a beautiful display, and are easy to stack and store.

Our hinged containers also make a fine choice for jewelry, including our 1×1 inch square. With the ability to add a custom insert in foam or flock board, these boxes can be designed to secure and stage any item that fits inside.

valentines day gift in plastic boxSince Valentine’s Day is for love across the spectrum – from romantic love to friendship to a heartfelt expression of gratitude – our boxes can be chosen to suit the mood. Once again our OMNI boxes shine for food gifts, like this collection of stackable, configurable boxes with a choice of raised or flush lids.

Get creative with popcorn flavors, hard candies, or a set of entirely unique treats.

Or choose a hinged compartment container to hold nuts, small candies, mints, dried fruits and other delectables. Like all of our boxes, they’re food-safe and BPA-free.

Wrap it all up with a pretty ribbon or bow and the presentation is sure to bring a smile to the faces of teachers, grandparents, neighbors or anyone who deserves a little special acknowledgement.


stacked plastic boxesSpring is no less jam-packed, starting with the two big holidays of the season: Purim and Easter. Our OMNI boxes are a decades-old favorite for Purim gifts that will delight and impress. They’re frequently used to hold a bottle of grape juice or other bottled beverage to give mishloach manot to teachers, friends, neighbors or that special someone.

Our tall round 590 can house any number of treats and our small round 735R with flushed lid has been delighting kids and adults alike as the preferred container for “cake in a box” – everything you need to make the perfect bite-sized treat.

Any of our boxes can be customized with a custom logo, message or imprint. We offer 20 standard foil colors, including metallic gold and silver, plus 25 standard ink colors. And you can customize to your heart’s content by adding a label, ribbon, insert or even shrink-wrapping.

Next up for spring: graduations! Of course you can choose any type of box, whether round or square, hinged or unhinged, for familiar gifts of jewelry, watches or pens. But why not think outside the box, so to speak?

The 735R round serves multiple purposes as gift, tabletop décor and party favor. Fill it with candy, coins or another thematic surprise then top with bold ribbons and colorful balloons. The box and gift serve as a sturdy base for the fun items above.

plastic box showcases watchFor creative gifting, our OMNI 540 4×4 cube has been used to roll, fan, stack and display paper money gifts. And if you still want to go the traditional route, the OMNI 536X is just the right width and height to hold and proudly display a wristwatch with a custom insert.

And finally, no springtime season would be complete without recognition for moms and dads. Everything from nuts to neckties can be displayed and gifted in one of our many styles of plastic boxes.

Try our OMNI 564 to display (and later carefully store) one amazing necktie, or this little raised-lid OMNI that’s the perfect size for collar stays.

Choose any of the boxes we’ve mentioned for jewelry, watches, charms and edibles. Add a custom insert and wait for the smiles.


Summer is for fun and relaxation, and plastic boxes are an ideal accompaniment for everything from backyard barbecues to boardwalk amusements.

Whether you’re hosting a Fourth of July picnic, a family reunion or just a Saturday afternoon pool party, plastic boxes can turn an ordinary occasion into a special event. For cookouts and camping nights, one customer got creative with “S’mores on a straw” using our airtight, food-safe OMNI boxes. No sweating over a fire pit required to enjoy this special treat!

Serve up single-serving treats in our OMNI 540X cube, perfect for popcorn, candy and other small edibles. Custom imprinted or decorated with a label or ribbon, these boxes make a fun presentation that can be used as tabletop décor, as well as parting gifts to be enjoyed and later reused by guests when the box is empty.

golf ball markersPlenty of sports make an appearance during summer, too, and our boxes are ready for action. The hinged G2600 is suited to hold several golf balls, and the G790 is just the right size for a golf ball marker. Either of these, like all our boxes, can be fitted with a custom cut insert that perfectly secures the items inside. Remember those OMNI boxes that work for collar stays? They’re just as ideal for golf tees, too! Whether you prefer a raised or flush lid, there’s a box for you.

Not only are these boxes protective and reusable, making them far more functional than cardboard or filmy paper, but they can also serve as homes for collectibles – think of that golf ball that landed a hole in one!

Other sports-lovers can benefit from plastic boxes, too. Equestrians can keep belts in one of our round boxes, fitness buffs can keep exercise bands and jump ropes in the 735R, and even spectators can enjoy them.

This OMNI cube, for example, is just the right size for displaying and showcasing that ball caught in the stands during the fourth inning.

plastic boxes for vending claw gameFinally, what summer would be complete without the iconic claw game, perennial arcade favorite of beachgoers and vacationers everywhere? Skip the machines stuffed with clunky plush toys and offer game enthusiasts more enticing gifts to try for.

Small toys and special prizes fit nicely and temptingly into our unhinged round 705R or 702R. Our hinged 1×1 square or 2×2 square are both preferred choices for costume jewelry like earrings, charms and pins, or other prizes like keychains.

In fact, any small box, with or without a custom insert, can be used to encourage gamers to keep on going for a chance to snag special toys and prizes.

Something as simple as a plastic charm, large sticker or a pair of dice is more attractive and has a higher perceived value when it is packaged well.


Any season can be wedding season, but fall is certainly one of the more popular. And plastic boxes are ready for the occasion.

By now you certainly know that there are myriad boxes that you can choose for food items, from airtight OMNI boxes to hinged compartment containers. There are endless ways to be creative about filling, stacking and bedecking boxes to suit any color, theme or creative desire. You can use containers filled with edibles for gifts, as part of the décor, and as favors for everyone from shower guests to wedding guests.

plastic boxes with inserts for long stem rosesBut there are other, even more unique ways that plastic boxes can complement this special occasion. This OMNI collection, for example, can be chosen with a specially designed plastic insert that is specifically designed to hold flower stems. Choose the OMNI 570 for long stem roses or other tall, favorite blooms, and the OMNI 540 for shorter stemmed flowers, corsages and boutonnieres. They range in height from two inches for miniature flower buds to eight inches for tall stems and other gifts.

You can add water to the bottom to keep flowers fresh, and these seamless boxes will be certain to prevent unpleasant leaks. Or fill the bottom with colored glass, seashells or stones for a thematic approach and added appeal.

With a little imagination, these boxes and inserts can be used to create uniquely attractive décor and party favors, too. The inserts can hold any item with a stem, like lollipops, cake pops, cookie bouquets or balloons secured to a narrow straw.

With weddings covered, it’s time to move on to perhaps the most iconic fall occasion of all: Halloween. And there’s one uniquely notable way that plastic boxes fit in: zombie makeup!

Our round containers can be molded in a special, makeup-friendly resin that’s perfect for holding everything from powders to eyeshadow, foundation, blush, creams and whatever else the undead need to create the scariest face at the party. Our special resin won’t react with the makeup inside, will protect it from chemical breakdown, and keep it safe from dust and other contaminants.

For other costume accessories, our G1110 is a favorite for storing dramatic faux lashes. Any hinged box can serve as home for fangs and long claws and nails. The hinges provide easy open-close access and the clear sides make contents easy to find.

plastic box for hunting call imprintedFinally, we’ll wrap up the season with one for the fall sportsman. Our G250 hinged plastic box is preferred by hunters to protect and store hunting calls for everything from ducks to turkey to deer and big game. Like all our boxes, they can be imprinted with a custom logo or artwork for a special branded experience.

With so many varieties of our clear, durable, reusable plastic boxes, you’re bound to find one to package your products no matter what season of the year. We’ve shared quite a few ways that our customers have used our boxes over the years, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you have a product to package and you’re looking for a lightweight, cost-effective and customizable option that will look great and add value to your items, contact us and let us know. We’re available to answer questions and make recommendations for your packaging needs.