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What Do You Do With A Reusable 12-Inch Clear Plastic Box? This!

omni reusable plastic box

From tiny rounds to large rectangles, we’ve got clear, rigid plastic boxes to store, showcase, protect and highlight just about anything you can imagine. Our polystyrene boxes are used in industries across retail, medical, government, food and beverage, automotive, gifts, pharmaceuticals and more. In all industries, our boxes are prized for being flawlessly clear, durable, reusable and recyclable.

But with all that said, it’s sometimes hard to imagine what a particular size or style might be used for. Today we’re highlighting one of the largest boxes in our catalog, the OMNI 800. At just over 12x8x8 with a flat lid and our trademark crystal clear sides, this OMNI has stacked up well for a unique variety of purposes.

Here are some of the ways that people and businesses have been using this particular plastic box and why it has worked so well.


Sometimes our plastic boxes don’t need to store anything at all! In one of their more unique use cases, they can be turned into the perfect little desktop aquarium. Fish, turtles and live plants can be set against gravel or pebbles, faux greenery and even fun aquarium-safe decorative items. These boxes can hold nearly three gallons of water, making them a perfect addition to your desktop or counter.

These boxes are lightweight, easy to clean and provide the perfect viewing space for enjoying tiny fish and other critters. You can even attach small filters, lights or aerators to the edges to customize your environment.

But what makes them especially perfect for this job is that they’re injection-molded and completely seamless. That means no chance you’ll spout a leak, endangering fish or furniture.


For school science projects, hobbyists and just those who enjoy some greenery on a desk or countertop, the OMNI box offers an excellent growing environment. It’s so lightweight that it’s much easier to transport and move around than glass, and it’s strong and sturdy enough to stand up to stacking and even jostling without cracking or breaking.

With its flat lid, it can be turned into a closed , air-tight aquarium and easily opened as needed to clean, or simply left open to the air. It’s clear on all sides, which means there is nothing to obstruct a 360-degree view, and with its seamless bottom, it’s sure to avoid leaks or cracks.

Other Habitats

From aquariums to terrariums, you’ve seen how the OMNI box can be used open or closed to bring a little wildlife into a room. But there’s a middle ground, too! This box is a perfect setting for other indoor habitats, including those for snakes, frogs, tarantulas and even hermit crabs.

For these critters, the OMNI box has all the same benefits – it’s strong, sturdy, seamless, easy to clean and crystal clear. But there’s another customization that can be made to work especially well here, and that’s drilling small holes into the lid that allow air to circulate while keeping inhabitants safe and sound without an escape route.

With a proper drill bit, you can easily create airflow in your tiny habitat without damaging or cracking the lid. That makes it incredibly easy to build the perfect pet sanctuary!

Wedding Memorabilia

In one of its more traditional roles, the OMNI box makes an excellent stage for showcasing and storing special keepsake items and collectibles.

It works here for all the same reasons as it does for fish, plants and snakes, with one additional twist: as a collectible case, it can be set on its lid, with the box placed over the contents for an even better showcasing effect. Without the seam at the lid, the view of the item inside is completely unobstructed. It can even be set on one side, with the lid at the back for showcasing taller items.

Keep a preserved floral bouquet, a pair of high heeled shoes, a cake topper, even a collection of smaller items like a guest book and feather pen, Champagne bottle and glasses, or any special memory that deserves preserving.

In its new dust-free home, your priceless item will be stored and displayed safely, cleanly and beautifully for years to come.

Other Memorabilia

Why stop with wedding memorabilia? The OMNI 800 can be used to protect and keep anything that can be placed within! Once again, by placing it either on its lid or on any side, it can accommodate the effect and view you want to achieve.

One popular use for this versatile box is to showcase a collectible football. It’s the perfect dimensions for a ball, including a display stand. Store a large collectible action figure, or several smaller ones in a diorama configuration. Protect a special arts and crafts project. Keep a special doll or plush toy. Save a personal sports item like a basketball shoe or boxing glove. The possibilities really are endless.

These are just a few of the unique ways that people are using one of our largest sizes of OMNI box. There are plenty of others, too – from Lego(R) constructions to artisan cookies (our boxes are also 100% food-safe and BPA free), these boxes are truly a multi-purpose favorite.

If you have an idea for the OMNI box, or if you’d like to know more about how it can serve your packaging needs, just get in touch with us and ask. One of our product specialists will be happy to answer your questions and provide a solution that works for whatever you’ve got to store!