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Good Things Come In Small, Reusable Plastic Boxes

Good Things Come In Small Plastic Boxes

Plastic boxes are great for shipping, storage and display of a wide variety of items across myriad industries – gifts for retailers, parts for manufacturers, components for labs, supplies for dentists. From wedding favors to sporting goods, toys to ethernet jacks, office supplies to medical components, plastic boxes have proven to be durable, protective, inexpensive and attractive.

They’re also versatile enough to house everything from large items – like a full size football – to a dainty pair of earrings. Today we’re highlighting the tiniest of all the boxes, from mini-rounds to even more-mini squares. These are just a few examples of what our customers have used our smallest boxes for, and what makes them a great choice in each scenario.

small square hinged plastic boxesSmall Squares

Coming in at the smallest dimensions in our product catalog, the 1×1 inch hinged plastic box may be tiny but it packs a big punch when it comes to offering an easy way to stack, store, display and ship products.

It’s popular with retailers because it’s the perfect size for earrings, charms, pins and keychains. Coupled with a custom flock board insert, these boxes allow tiny items to be secured and showcased effectively. Plus, they’re crystal clear on all sides which means products – and not packaging – will be the true focus.

These plastic boxes are also commonly used to contain O-rings, a product that can range from a few dollars for one that fits a kitchen sink, to several hundred dollars for those used in the aerospace industry. It makes sense that these parts require secure, safe packaging!

Even dentists favor the 1×1 hinged box for individual crowns. They can be easily fitted with foam inserts to protect products, are easy to store and inexpensive to ship.

small round plastic boxes flush lidSmall Round

The smallest round box in the collection is the 701R, with a flush lid and 1 3/8 inch diameter. This tiny round container can often be found holding rings, earrings and military pins.

Slightly larger yet still in the tiny family at 1 5/8 inch diameter, the 702R is the most popular size for small jewelry and charms.

Either of these two boxes (or any of our boxes for that matter!) can be fit with a custom foam or flock board insert. Foam with a center slit makes an ideal way to secure rings, and flock board with tiny pins are an excellent choice for charms and pins.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the 705R, which, while nearly twice the size of it’s mini-cousin, is truly a tiny favorite. A mere 2 1/2 inches in diameter, it’s just the right size to hold trinkets and trifles for arcade prizes, games and boardwalk vending machines.

small rectangle plastic boxesSmall Rectangles

One of the smallest boxes in our OMNI collection, the 531, is popular in the fashion and beauty industry. Why? Because it’s the perfect height for containing collar stays up to 3 inches long. These unique boxes have raised lids, which means that the stays will display above the top of the box when the lid is removed, making for easy access and retrieval of these small objects.

As an added advantage, these boxes, along with all the boxes in our collection, can be custom imprinted to display your brand or message.

Our tiny OMNI boxes are some of the most popular boxes for small items, especially collections of small items. They’re perfect for office supplies like paper clips, thumb tacks, and rubber bands, or crafting supplies like pompoms, sequins, and beads.

Since they’re BPA-free and food-safe, they’re also great filled with small candies. Fill several with a different candy each, or with different colors of the same candy to create party favors and charming table décor.

small compartment boxSmall Compartments

Our final major category is compartment containers, and even these come in some pretty small sizes. Leading the miniatures is a series of boxes measuring in at 2 7/8 by 2 inches. These include the G702 with two compartments, the G703 with three compartments, and the G704 with – we bet you guessed it – 4 compartments.

These are so versatile that they’re used across a surprising array of industries, from sports to medicine.

They’re ideal for small parts like screws, nails, nuts, bolts, and even various sizes of O-rings. They make great tackle boxes for specialty bait and hooks. They’re even used by medical suppliers for items like hearing aids and earplugs.

As with all our boxes, their clear sides and lids make them ideal for showcasing products, their light weight makes them inexpensive to ship, and their durable construction ensures that products are kept secure and protected.

From food to fragile specialty parts, our plastic boxes are suited to the occasion. Customize them with your logo, artwork or message in an array of colors and a variety of imprinting methods.

In short, turn our plastic boxes into the perfect packaging solution to meet your every last tiny need. If you have a small product to package, let us know. We’re here to provide recommendations and to offer products and customizations that work for you.