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Plastic Boxes Are Valued Containers For Dentists & Orthodontists

plastic boxes for dentists and orthodontists

We’ve covered some unique industries that appreciate the clarity, durability and quality of rigid plastic boxes for packaging and protecting their products. From laboratory supplies to electronics, our boxes have been used in myriad applications.

Today we’re sharing how yet another industry finds value in plastic boxes: dental and orthodontics. If this is your niche, you can see how the dental industry is using plastic containers to package some unique items. Even if this isn’t your area of specialty, some of these examples can inspire you to consider how plastic boxes, from compartment containers to hinged, unhinged containers, and more can benefit you.

Whatever your industry, let us know how we can help with your packaging needs.

orthodontic brackets in plastic boxesPlastic Boxes Come In Many Sizes For Many Supplies

If there’s one industry that can benefit from a variety of sizes in packaging, it’s the dental industry! From tiny orthodontic necessities like separators, ligatures and brackets for braces, to larger tools like mirrors, distal cutters and pliers, there are boxes sized to suit your needs.

Our 1×1-inch hinged boxes are a popular choice for teeth and crowns. And even some of our larger hinged containers, like the G2280, are preferred for small parts since they are easily customized with your choice of insert.

From large items to small, adhesive kits to bridges, retainers, implants, wires, surgical instruments and more, you can find a box to package and protect your dental supplies.

plastic boxes for crownsCustomizable Interiors Make Packaging Simple

Many of our dental customers enjoy the flexibility to insert their own custom-crafted interiors into our plastic boxes.

Our hinged containers are ideally suited for plastic trays that separate cuspids from molars and more. The G1550, for example, can be inset with trays to keep everything from brackets to crowns neatly organized.

Some customers choose our soft ether foam inserts to support products, and still others choose custom die-cut foam specifically prepared to enfold and protect delicate and valuable components.

plastic boxes for orthodonticsProducts Are Protected

Customized interiors combined with the rigid exterior of our plastic boxes makes them a good choice for keeping everything from small parts to expensive equipment clean, safe and secure during storage. And the crystal-clear polyethylene makes it easy to see and identify products without constantly opening and closing boxes and potentially damaging or losing parts.

Consumers may be more familiar with the soft plastic containers for housing their bridges and retainers at home, but professionals and manufacturers in the dental and orthodontics industry know that these delicate components need to be secured and protected during shipping. That’s what makes rigid plastic boxes so vital. They’re durable, easily stacked, and can withstand the sometimes-rough conditions of shipping and handling.

plastic boxes with waxPlastic Boxes Can Be Imprinted

For dental labs, manufacturers, distributors and dental suppliers, custom imprinting can be an important way to make your brand visible and recognizable. Our plastic boxes can be custom imprinted with your logo, tagline or other artwork in a variety of methods depending on your needs.

Choose from hot stamp, pad print, silk screen and digital printing, in one color or full color. We also offer 50 standard foil colors for most printing methods (20 foil colors for hot stamping), including metallic gold and silver for an exclusive, high-end look.

Whatever your packaging needs, Gary Plastic Packaging has a solution. If you have questions about sizes, customizations or imprinting, contact us and let us know how we can fill your plastic packaging needs.