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Get Back To The Office With Plastic Boxes

By September 30, 2021April 6th, 2022Benefits & Uses Of Plastic Boxes
Get Back To The Office With Plastic Boxes

When much of the world locked down back in early 2020 due to the pandemic, a lot of people found themselves working at home for a lot longer than expected. But as economies open back up and office spaces get back to business, people are reacclimating all over again with their work environment.

Part of that process means setting up workspaces, getting organized, and making sure supplies are at hand. That’s where plastic boxes can really make a difference. From round and square, hinged and unhinged, compartment and static-sensitive, plastic boxes come in an array of sizes, shapes and configurations to make getting back to the office easier.

These are some of the office supplies that can be packaged, shipped and stored in our plastic boxes. See some of the ways our rigid boxes can benefit your products.

pens in rigid plastic boxesPens, Pencils, Markers & Other Writing Tools

What’s a more iconic office supply than a writing utensil? Even in this digital age, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t jot a few notes, highlight a sentence in a book, or scribble reminders on sticky paper.

Pens, pencils and other writing tools just beg for good packaging. Cardboard and cellophane only end up in the garbage, while the writer is left with a bunch of loose pens and pencils rolling around or landing on the floor.

With a reusable and rigid plastic box, everything from pens to dry erase markers, highlighters and pencils of all kinds can be packaged, shipped, displayed and stored safely and neatly in office cabinets, on desks and in drawers.

Our OMNI 553X with its raised lid is designed to the perfect dimensions to accommodate a collection of the most common sizes of writing tools.

Or choose another OMNI, hinged box, or flush rectangle for showcasing and storing a single special writing tool. Custom foam inserts will elevate any display, and all of our boxes can be custom imprinted with your choice of 15 standard foil colors and 20 standard ink colors.

And while we’re on the subject of writing, don’t forget erasers! One of our tiniest boxes, the OMNI 531, is perfect for storing a collection of small erasers. Great for office desks and school desks, too!

paper clips in plastic boxesPaper Clips, Thumbtacks And Rubber Bands

Forget “the junk drawer” – our plastic boxes come in so many sizes and shapes that they make it hard to be disorganized.

Choose a compartment container for attractive display and easy storage of small office supplies like tacks, binder and paper clips, rubber bands, paper tabs, staples, and just about any small part you can imagine.

Uniformly sized compartments are great for separating similar items – whether paper clips from binder clips, or purple tacks from green ones. For even more versatility, variable sized sections make it easy to store larger items like staplers, scissors, sticky notes and tape.

Our small round containers with flush lids are also an excellent choice for similar small items. Rubber bands, paper clips, and everything in between can find a home in one of these sturdy, clear, stackable and reusable containers.

candy in plastic boxesCandy And Snacks

Let’s face it, a day at the office can be draining. Whether it’s spent in a cubicle or a corner suite, everyone from receptionists to executives, attorneys, creatives, and every professional in between needs a break and an occasional pick-me-up.

What’s more enticing on the corner of a desk than a container full of a favorite candy, nut, or snack to munch? Our OMNI boxes with their flush lids are perfect for storing and showcasing enticing treats, whether it’s a single box full of a colorful batch of candy, or a collection of smaller boxes each with a unique color inside. Offer everything from pretzels and dried fruits, to popcorn, peanuts, hard candies, gummies or just about anything snackable.

All of our boxes are BPA-free and food safe. They can be imprinted with your choice of logo or design, and reused for future office treats for a long time to come.

desk sneeze guardNot Just Boxes!

Yes, plastic boxes can make getting back to work a lot more organized, but boxes aren’t the only things we offer for businesses of all kinds. For those concerned with health and safety, we have a series of sneeze guards and desk shields.

They’re ideal for reception areas, checkout lanes, school administrators, office professionals, post office workers and anyone behind a counter or desk.

These shields are sturdy, clear, and easy to clean and disinfect. They come with or without a slot at the bottom for passing small objects, or in a 3-panel configuration for surround protection.

In addition to desk shields, we also offer face shields and other protective products, so if you’re looking for supplies to protect employees, guests and customers, just ask.

Getting back to the office may be a welcome or not-so-welcome change, but with great organization and storage options for everyday supplies, the transition can be a little bit easier.

If you have office supplies to store, showcase and ship, let us know how we can help serve your packaging needs. Our product designers and representatives are here to help you find the ideal box, imprint, or insert to elevate, protect and highlight your products.