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Rigid Plastic Boxes Protect & Showcase Museum Treasures

By August 24, 2021September 7th, 2022Rigid Plastic Boxes
Rigid Plastic Boxes Protect & Showcase Museum Treasures

Museum gift shops are alive with trinkets, treasures, and tokens of a memorable cultural and educational experience. Whether it’s a tiny slice of some geological formation, a replica of an ancient artifact, or just a fun gift, these unique items deserve to be protected and showcased.

For some of these special gifts and treasures, the best way to keep them safe and elevate their display is quite simple: plastic boxes!

In fact, you may have seen museum gift shop treasures in plastic boxes and never even noticed – that’s part of the beauty of plastic boxes.

They’re crystal clear, offering a 360-degree unobstructed view of the item inside. They’re easy to stack, which is great for gift shop shelves. And they can be displayed in creative ways, composed into towers, gathered into buckets, sealed with shrink wrap and highlighted on checkout counters, and myriad other options.

Today we’re sharing a few museum gift shop items that are suited for plastic boxes, whether to display, showcase, protect or simply elevate in style.

dinosaur fossil in plastic boxes
Dinosaur Fossils

What child visiting a museum with parents, or on a field trip with classmates, doesn’t love dinosaurs? These prehistoric creatures are beloved by kids and grownups alike, and gifts connected to them are hot sellers.

With plastic boxes it’s a snap to showcase these fascinating mementos. Our hinged G750 and G790 are popular choices, with their clear sides and sturdy hinges that make it easy to access items inside.

Rigid plastic means you can protect delicate items. And you don’t have to worry about displaying odd shapes – these rectangular or square shaped boxes can be stacked, stored and displayed with ease.

Fit them with custom-cut foam inserts to perfectly cradle and protect contents, or imprint a special logo or image on the outside for an extra branding experience.

turquoise in plastic boxesPrecious Gems And Stones

For everyday rough-and-tumble stones, a big bin with a drawstring bag to collect them is a fun and effective display. But for unique specimens, plastic boxes can offer a more elegant display, and a more effective storage container.

Our hinged plastic boxes are ideal for everything from a single gemstone, to a full collection. And once again, our 700 series shines, with sizes and configurations that are popular choices for housing small rocks and stones.

For the aspiring collector, these boxes make it easy to protect, sort and store their prized gems. Custom foam inserts can be included in various colors to further highlight items and keep them secure. And of course, all boxes can be imprinted with special images or logos, in a choice of 15 standard foil colors, including metallic gold and silver, and over 20 standard ink colors.


Museums and high fashion may not seem like a compatible pair, but there is plenty of beautiful jewelry, from amethyst, turquoise and quartz necklaces, to sterling silver pendants and cuffs, garnet, agate and silver earrings, and plenty more.

With treasures that can range in price from tens of dollars to many hundreds of dollars, protection and display are even more important. Our hinged plastic boxes, like the 1×1 square is perfect for earrings and pendants, especially when fitted with a custom flockboard insert. Choose from black, blue, red and charcoal inserts to complement the jewelry inside.

For a truly classy display, choose one of our tall OMNI boxes. Use the lid as a base and fit it with your own velvet, wood or other jewelry easel, and the seamless sides of the box will give a full 360-degree view of the contents. For protection and elegant display, it’s hard to beat.

shark teeth in plastic boxesShark Teeth

Watch out, they’re sharp! And our plastic boxes are ideally suited to keep them safe – and keep young fingers safe from them. Our hinged 800 series is a popular choice for these not-so-small chompers.

Like all of our boxes, they can be imprinted with your own special design, and fitted with foam inserts to keep products secure.


It doesn’t have to be Christmastime for keepsake ornaments to be a popular gift choice. Our OMNI squares are a great option for protecting fragile ornaments, and making storage, shipping and display a breeze.

In fact, our OMNI boxes can be paired with our pre-cut pine bases for a really lovely display. These bases are smooth and unfinished, and can be painted or stained, which makes them ideal as take-home craft projects for creative visitors. They also easily accept glued-on objects, like some of those loose colored stones or faux gems.

When it comes to displaying museum gifts, from toys to precious stones, plastic boxes offer a range of options in sizes, shapes, compartments and configurations. They can be imprinted and fitted with inserts, stacked, or complemented with other accessories for a memorable experience.

If you want your products to stand out and present an air of elegance and beauty, the crystal clear sides of these containers will certainly do them justice. Contact us to find out how one of our boxes can be designed to meet your product packaging needs. Our representatives are here to answer questions and offer solutions that will work for you.