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More Than Plastic Boxes: 7 Specialty Products For Unique Needs

By December 28, 2020November 20th, 2023Specialty Products
More Than Plastic Boxes: 7 Specialty Products For Unique Needs

If you’ve browsed our catalog or website, you know that we offer high quality plastic boxes in hundreds of dimensions, shapes and configurations. Hinged and unhinged, round and square, compartment and ESD, with more options than we can list here.

But did you also know that in addition to our most recognized boxes, we offer a variety of other products designed for unique uses? Today we’re highlighting some of these products, from face masks to wood bases, including some very special plastic boxes that were made for uses all their own.

face shields and masks1. Shields & Masks

With Covid-19 still rampant, everyone from fast food workers to medical professionals are looking for ways to protect themselves. Earlier this year, we converted part of our New York factory to production for Personal Protective Face Shields. Since then, we’ve added other protective products to our line, but masks and shields remain an important first line of defense against the spread of airborne pathogens.

Our face shields are authorized by the FDA under an EUA for use by healthcare providers as personal protective equipment. There are several styles to choose from, including face shields assembled with elastic bands, adjustable bands, and folding frames.

Our shields with elastic bands have foam forehead protectors for all-day comfort. They’re made from fog-resistant PETE plastic for safety with a crystal clear view, and fit easily over most glasses.

Our shields with folding frames sit comfortably over the ears as easily as a pair of eyeglasses, and they’re made with 100% post-consumer recycled rPET.

All of our shields are reusable and washable with soap and water.

In addition to shields, we offer cloth face masks for times when social distancing is challenging. They’re made of a 3-ply cotton-polyester blend with a replaceable filter and adjustable ear loops. Masks are contoured to fit your nose and chin, with a bendable nose bridge.

counter and desk shieldsAnd that’s not all! For school administrators, teachers and students, office professionals, post office workers and anyone behind a counter or desk, we have a series of sneeze guards and desk shields.

They’re sturdy, clear, and easy to clean and disinfect. They come with or without a slot at the bottom for passing small objects, or in a 3-panel configuration for surround protection.

If you’re looking for personal protective products, we’ve got you covered!

ear savers for face masks2. Ear Savers

If you’ve already got a face mask but find yourself tugging at it constantly, adjusting the elastic and wishing you could pull it off, you may be tempted not to wear it. But given what we know about their protective value, we can offer a better solution: plastic ear savers.

These colorful plastic bands hug the back of your head and provide slots where the elastic can sit without digging in behind your ears. With three slots, these ear savers offer a way to adjust your mask to fit your face comfortably.

plastic inserts3. Plastic Inserts

You may already know that you can customize our boxes in myriad ways, from choosing lid types to imprinting. But did you also know that we manufacture other accessories to extend the use of your box?

Our plastic inserts are just what they sound like – plastic parts that can be inserted into your container, that are designed with small holes to hold flower stems or other thin objects, like lollipop sticks or narrow straws.

These inserts look great in a tall OMNI box, holding several long-stem roses. Use them in smaller boxes for cut flowers, or get creative and create party favors with cake pops, small balloons on stems, and other fun gifts.

Plastic Boxes And Wood Bases: A Match Made In Heaven4. Wood Bases

You might be surprised to know that not everything we offer is made of plastic! Our wood bases are designed to fit perfectly in a variety of boxes.

Made of smooth-sanded and unfinished pine, these bases have a pre-cut groove where you can perfectly insert one of our boxes to create a protective dome around collectibles, art projects and more. Our wood bases are available in both round and square shapes to accommodate your box of choice.

They can be painted or stained and there is a 1.5 inch outer edge that will be the delight of kids and crafters. Glue beads, silk flowers, gems or other small objects, write, draw, or design with puff paint, and you’ve got a uniquely custom gift worth sharing.

esd plastic boxes5. Static Sensitive Packaging

Our boxes are perfect for gifts, collectibles, and a variety of showcasing and packaging needs, but what if you have something more fragile, sensitive and delicate to protect? That’s where our ESD boxes come in.

For everything from the tiniest microchip to the most high-end medical equipment, we have boxes designed to preserve and protect. Use them for tools, fiber optics, electronic components, memory chips, motherboards, hard drives, semiconductors, laser diodes, high precision resistors, circuit breakers, cabling and more.

In addition, our black conductive packaging has a typical surface resistivity of < 105 Ω/sq. The volume resistivity is < 100 Ω-cm. For high antistatic properties, our AFSD boxes are made of acrylic and have a surface resistivity of < 1012 Ω/sq. and the surface resistance is < 1011 Ω.

We also offer a variety of foams to protect sensitive items, including the traditional pink static dissipative foam, as well as a high, medium, and low density black conductive foam.

Our static dissipative foam creates an anti-static layer that both dissipates electronic charges and repels dust. It is characterized by its long lifespan, uniform thickness and durability.

Our low density black conductive foam is manufactured from polyurethane, is non-corrosive, displays antistatic properties even in humid conditions and has an indefinite lifespan. It’s an ideal choice for protecting components from vibrations and physical shocks during handling.

Finally, both our medium density and high density black conductive foams are made using nitrogen gas, rendering them C.F.C. free and H.C.F.C. free. Both are non-corrosive and engineered specifically for use in electronics industries.

6. Tie Rider

tie riderThis small plastic product doesn’t get a lot of press but it does an important job! It’s designed to securely hold and display neckties so they lay smoothly and look great on retail racks everywhere.

Tie riders come in durable black plastic and their double bars prevent ties from slipping off. They’re neat and subtle, and they won’t detract from the product they secure. These small items may not attract attention, but their absence would surely be noticed!

7. Custom Molded Boxes

Did you know that in addition to our wide array of stock offerings, we also produce fully custom plastic packaging? Our in-house design and engineering staff is equipped with a full studio and the experience to work with you on your custom package or product.

Our engineers will work within your budget to produce cost effective tooling, meeting your production and design requirements. We can assist you with product design, prototype models, and sample prototype tooling, made in-house with the latest computer-assisted tooling.

Full production molds can be created in our own shop, or sourced from domestic or international tool makers. If you have a unique product to house, showcase, ship or package, we encourage you to create your own fully customized box. And if a box isn’t what you need, let us know what is on your wish list!

We hope we’ve inspired you to think about how Gary Plastic Packaging can help fill your product and packaging needs. If you can use any of these products or if you have questions about them, or about any of our offerings, contact us and let us know. We’re here to provide you with a solution that works for you.