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The OMNI Collection: Your Reusable, Recyclable Plastic Box For Gifting

By January 14, 2021October 4th, 2022Rigid Plastic Boxes
The OMNI Collection: Your Reusable, Recyclable Plastic Box For Gifting

Midwinter and spring holidays are coming, and if you’re in the retail, gifting or collectible industry, then the time to start planning is now. Great products need great packaging, especially if you want them to stand out on shelves and impress consumers.

food gifts in omni boxWhile many of our boxes have been used for gifting and packaging, including everything from 12-compartment containers for mixed goodies, to tiny cubes for tiny treasures, there’s nothing quite like our OMNI collection to turn even the most ordinary gift into a truly special delight.

Like all our boxes, those in the OMNI collection are crystal clear for beautiful display of the product inside, rigid for the protection of their contents, reusable by the recipient for a vast array of storage and display options, and recyclable to protect the environment.

What makes this collection so unique is the variety of sizes, the seamlessly fitting lids, and the myriad was they can be configured and stacked for an impressive packaging experience.

These features and more make them ideal for events and holidays, including Valentine’s Day, Purim, Easter and more. Keep reading to find out how this collection can benefit you and your product.

dried fruit in stacked plastic boxesShapes For Stacking

Why limit yourself to one box when you can have two, or three or four or more! Choose multiple smaller sized boxes, like this cube at just over three inches, or this one in two or four inches, to hold a different surprise in each one. Their uniform shape and snugly fitting lids make them perfect for stacking and wrapping into one exciting package.

Or get creative with sizes, and place multiple small boxes on top of a larger one, or top a tall box with a short one. Add shrink wrap, bows, ribbons and other decorations and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind gift that stands out on shelves and even looks impressive in photos for your online shop.

Our OMNI boxes are a favorite for Purim gifting, with sizes that are perfectly suited for a single bottled beverage, like the always-popular grape juice, water, or something a bit stronger. Configure several boxes with special food and beverage treats, and your gift will literally tower above the rest!

gourmet popcorn in rigid plastic boxesClear Sides For Imprinting

Want another way to make your gift stand out, and take advantage of a branding opportunity, too?

OMNI boxes are great for imprinting. With 20 standard ink colors, and 15 foil colors, including metallic gold and silver, you can add a logo, tagline, or message of your choosing. Customize with a “Happy Purim” message, add a special romantic design for Valentine’s Day, or get creative with a combination of message and artwork.

Boxes can be printed on all sides, including the lid. You can also choose your imprinting method – hot stamping, silk screening, pad printing, or digital printing, depending on your needs. A beautifully crafted box can be every bit as much of a gift as the contents inside.

plastic boxes stacked with chocolate bark360-Degree Views

One of the unique aspects of OMNI boxes is that they can stand on any side, including the lid. That means you can “think outside the box” so to speak, and arrange your gift however you choose.

Place the box on one side with the lid to the back for a slide-in-and-out experience. Or use the lid as the base, to hold a cake or cupcake, collectible figure or doll, flower arrangement or other centerpiece, with the box acting as the cover. With a little creative thinking, your gift will make a stately and exciting appearance.

For something really different, we also offer pine wood bases, specially grooved to fit OMNI boxes of various sizes, like this 4×4 box. They make a creative statement and can even double as an art project to be painted, stained, or decorated later. Package art supplies right in the box and it becomes part of the gift!

And don’t forget that OMNI boxes, like all our boxes, are rigid and protective. They’ll fare far better than soft packaging or flimsy plastic during shipping and on store shelves.

omni box for purimFood Safe

Valentine’s Day, Purim, Easter, and most holidays lend themselves to gifts of special food items, artisan creations and delectable treats. That means you need packaging that is not only sturdy and durable to protect delicate items, but that is also safe for food storage.

OMNI boxes fit that description perfectly. They are ideal for food gifts and completely BPA-free. Rest assured that your food gifts will look great, stay whole, and be safe for consumption.

These are just a few ways that you can get creative with OMNI boxes for upcoming holidays like Valentine’s Day, Purim, Easter, and beyond.

plastic boxes spring gifts

If you have a product to package, let us know how we can help. Our packaging specialists are available to answer your questions and help find a solution that elevates your product above the rest.