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October Occasions Are More Fun With Plastic Boxes

October Occasions Are More Fun With Plastic Boxes

Fall is a great season for rigid plastic boxes! October in particular is full of unique holidays, all just begging for some attractive, durable packaging. Whether it’s for a gift, for storage, or for display, our plastic boxes have a lot to offer for everything from special occasions to everyday fun.

Check out some of these October events and how our containers can make them even more special. See if any of these ideas inspire you to think about packaging your products!

school photo plastic boxFamily History Month

Each autumn since it was officially recognized in 2001, family history month has been observed throughout the month of October. It’s a great time to explore ancestry, put together a family tree, and preserve memories.

Plastic boxes can help with all of that! Preserve and display individual photos in one of our G800 hinged boxes. They are crystal clear so you can fully enjoy the photo inside, and completely protective so you can keep treasured old photos free from dust and fingerprints.

Our small OMNI cubes with flush lids are great for housing an entire framed photo, and can even be paired with an unfinished pine wood base that can double as art project and display case.

Our larger OMNI boxes are perfect for preserving collectibles, from family antiques to special mementos. With their clear, riding sides, you know that your heritage will be safely and beautifully protected.

smile balloon plastic boxesWorld Smile Day

What better way to usher in the month than with a big, happy smile? The original smiley face (and holiday) was created by Harvey Ball in 1963, and his legacy lives on, everywhere from t-shirts to text messages.

And it’s easy to make someone smile when you’ve got a great plastic box on your side. Bring a smile wherever you go with a random act of kindness – a small charm, pair of earrings, or keychain in one of our hinged cubes, for example. They can be fit with custom foam or flock board to turn a simple gift into an elevated one through a lovely presentation.

Or fill one of our round boxes with a fun treat and top with ribbons, bows and a big, smiling balloon for an aptly themed gift. Once the gift is unwrapped, our boxes can be reused for storing other treasures, or recycled. Make someone smile with a beautifully presented gift – and keep on smiling as they continue to enjoy the packaging!

dinosaur fossil in plastic boxesFossil Day

Science lovers, rejoice! There is a day for celebrating fossils, and it happens the second week of October each year. Naturally, our plastic boxes are there to help.

Our hinged G750 and G790 are popular choices for museums, as they are ideally suited to hold small fossils of all kinds. The clear lids mean that the item inside is on full display, and the rigid sides keep fossils protected and clean.

It’s easy to snap and unsnap the hinges for closer viewing, and boxes can be fit with custom foam inserts in a variety of colors to securely hold museum treasures.

American Frog Day

It may not seem like plastic boxes have anything in common with frogs, but you might be surprised! In one of the more unique use cases for our boxes, some customers have turned them into into aquariums for everything from fish to turtles, and yes, frogs!

The OMNI 800X, one of the largest boxes in our catalog at just over 12x8x8, is perfectly suited to support aquatic habitats. These boxes are injection-molded, which means there are no seams to spring potential leaks. The sides are crystal clear, which makes viewing a perfect experience for a full 360 degrees. And they are both food-safe and BPA-free which means no toxic chemicals leaking into your living environment.

These boxes are so sturdy that they can even be drilled with air holes if a lid is needed to create a full enclosure. Add some stone, a few plants, and these boxes can sit atop a desk, countertop, or anywhere that our croaking friends can be enjoyed.

Plastic Boxes For Mother’s Day & Father’s Day GiftsNational Nut Day

It’s been around for just under a decade, but this annual celebration makes nutty snackers very happy! Nuts are nutritious, delicious, and come in so many varieties that it would be hard to choose a favorite.

Fortunately, with our rigid compartment containers, nobody has to choose just one. Ranging from two all the way up to eighteen compartments, these boxes make the perfect packaging for collections of treats. Separate walnuts from peanuts and almonds, add a few pistachios and hazelnuts, and you’ve got a presentation worthy of a hostess gift, party favor, or just an everyday special surprise.

As all of our boxes, they can be wrapped, stacked, imprinted and decorated to include the branding and presentation of your choice. With options for 15 standard foil colors, including metallic gold and silver, and a choice of over 20 standard ink colors, your recipient will go nuts for these gifts.

makeup safe plastic containersFrankenstein Friday

You already know that Halloween is the big October holiday, but did you also know that the last Friday of the month is designated Frankenstein Friday? It may be an “unofficial” holiday but that doesn’t stop monster aficionados all over from celebrating this iconic figure.

Bring some pizzaz to the party with a full stock of Frankenstein makeup – stored and protected in plastic boxes, of course! Our round containers are ideal makeup boxes, from the tiny one-inch round, up to four-plus inches. And they can be manufactured in a special resin that makes an ideal makeup storage container. It won’t react chemically with makeup as other plastics might, and the sealed flush lids will keep contents dust- and contamination-free.

candy cornCandy Corn Day

October wouldn’t be complete without a nod to one of its most iconic treats: candy corn! Love it or hate it, it’s one of the most widely recognizable candies on the market, made from the same recipe that was used when it was first created in the 1800s. Fun fact: candy corn’s original name was “Chicken Feed”!

Celebrate candy corn day with a box full of these colorful confections, perfect for gifting and sharing the fun. The OMNI 550 in particular, at just over three inches square, is a popular favorite for packaging a collection of small, individual treats.

These boxes are great for stacking, shrink wrapping, and decorating with ribbons and bows. Or imprint them with a special logo or message for an extra branding opportunity.

These are just a few ways that our boxes can be used to package, store and display products for myriad events and occasions. In addition to their many other benefits, they are also lightweight to help keep shipping costs down.

If you’re interested in packaging your products beautifully, contact us to speak with one of our representatives. We can help you find the right box, insert, customization, and more. Or if you have a completely unique need, ask us about creating a special size and shape just for you. We look forward to helping with all of your packaging needs.